Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wyoming: Cheyenne - Magic City of the Plains

As promised in our previous blog regarding cities along I-80, today we’ll present to you the amazing capital of Wyoming - Cheyenne. The so-called Magic City of the Plains is located in the southeastern corner of the state and it sprawls over a high prairie that descends westward to the Laramie Mountains. While the name itself may evoke images of cowboys, trains, and wide-open natural spaces, today’s city is much more than that!

The city was founded in the year of 1867 and its history is strongly intertwined with the local railroad system and the area called Crow Creek. Residents named the town Cheyenne for the Cheyenne Native American people, even though some of you may have speculated that it’s somehow connected to a character from the movie Once Upon a Time in the West. Due to its extremely quick growth, which was possible mainly because of the railroad, the city eventually earned the nickname Magic City of the Plains. It is therefore hardly a surprise that today it’s the most populous city of Wyoming.

The local residents are well aware and proud of their history. One of the main historical landmarks, which will make an appearance in the map expansion as well, is the city’s railroad depot (American Lines depot in our game). This depot used to be the railroad’s largest station and also a beautiful example of a classical architectural style. But it’s not only the main building that you will be able to see in the game - the entire complex with the nearby railway roundhouse and a machine shop will also be present. There's a viewpoint close by too!

Furthermore, apart from passing by the frequently visited Cheyenne Depot Plaza which surroundings will feature a couple of the famous "big boots", the importance and historical meaning of this magical city can be seen at every turn and in many of the structures.

If you are feeling as if you’ve been put under a spell and you can’t wait to drive through the amazing capital city of the upcoming Wyoming DLC, point your wands (wait, what?) at the Steam Wishlist button and stay in touch with the latest news.

If you’d like to see more from Wyoming, check out the recording from our yesterday’s live stream here

Also, we are extremely delighted to see our community express the hype and excitement for driving on the roads of Wyoming, and don’t worry, we see your hunger to receive some information about the release date. However, we still need to tighten up the last couple of screws and put the icing on the cake, so that in the end everything will be perfect. For now, all that we can say with certainty is that Wyoming DLC will not come out this August, but very shortly after. A more specific release date will be revealed with a special video trailer very soon!

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