Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Wyoming - Welcome Areas and Rest Stations

Hours upon hours of driving through vast and massive states tend to take their toll, and a trucker’s life is not simply pressing the pedal and moving forward. Whether you are longing for a small change of scenery or it’s that time of your travels to rest your weary head and take a break for some time, welcome areas and rest stops in the upcoming Wyoming DLC will allow for just that. 

The Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center is a fairly aesthetically-pleasing complex consisting of the main building structure and adjacent rest area. This particular center tends to serve about two thousand people a day during the height of the tourism season; it’s no wonder that picnic tables, placards and other items of historical value are all present. Upon entering the parking zone you will be greeted by a prominent sign, and prior to that you will also be able to pass by the so called "The Greetings and the Gift" sculptures, which depict a meeting of a friendship offering between a Native American and a Mountain Man. This truly sounds like a unique welcome center, doesn’t it?

You will also be able to "cool your engine" in several Rest Stations found throughout Wyoming. These areas are a convenient feature especially for those who do not wish to be a part of the rush of usual gas stations, or perhaps for others who’d like to avoid a parking challenge with eyes already half closed, as these stations offer much more space for manouvering. And no matter if it is a bright and sunny day, or a gloomy and rainy late evening, stations so close to the natural environment are always a good choice to take a break for a while.

We know that resting is as necessary for a trucker’s story as driving on the road itself, so hopefully these areas will provide the comfort needed to continue your journey, which you will be able to fully experience in the upcoming Wyoming DLC. Make sure to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist and once you turn your engine back on, we’ll see you back on the road!

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