Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Wyoming - Gameplay Video #2

It seems that we may have underestimated the horsepower of the hype train. With tens of thousands of views in less than 24 hours after releasing the previous gameplay video and hundreds of positive opinions shared in the blog comments section and the video itself (we counted it), it would be a shame to not reward our #BestCommunityEver with a second gameplay video for this great reception. So once again, grab a bucket full of popcorn, relax and this time enjoy the ride from Kemmerer Point of Entry to an area close to the Alpine Truck Stop.

Please keep in mind that while parts of this gameplay video routes through the States of Utah and Idaho, all content shown will be included in the Wyoming DLC. 

In addition to the gameplay video, you can now take a look at the full map and plan your first trip through Wyoming once it becomes available. Do you already have the perfect route in your mind after taking a look at this map?

Once more, if you can’t wait to drive on the same road shown in the video yourself, add Wyoming DLC to your Steam Wishlist and you can be one of the first to try it out. We know you are all extremely excited for the hype train to pull into its final station and trust us, we will not be teasing you for much longer, because the long-awaited release date announcement is coming really soon!

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