Monday, November 15, 2021

Czech & Slovak Games Week 2021

Last year, SCS Software participated in the Czech & Slovak Games Week, a sale on Steam with around 160 games celebrating Czech and Slovak games. It was a tremendous success so the event is happening again, but it's getting bigger and better!

Our role in the genesis of this special week for the Czech and Slovak games industry has been substantial. A tiny team here at SCS has been the catalyst and the organizing element for coordinating so many interests of so many companies scattered around our countries. To this day the coordination, communication, and Steam page design including all the graphics is up to us to handle.

Games Week isn't a simple Steam sale anymore, it's shaping up as a fully-fledged event spanning multiple platforms and multiple related events happening throughout the week, inspired by gamesweekberlin or Melbourne International Games Week.

We already mentioned the event had been a huge success the previous year. And just how much of a success had it been? You can take a look at how Charles Games was doing with its serious indie game Attentat 1942 during last year’s Games Week. Here's the backstory about last year's event, which was centered around the Czechoslovak Independence Day.

November 17 marks the anniversary of the 1989's Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution so we have decided to focus the Games Week around this date. So, what's going to happen during the Games Week?

Game discounts

261 games from 116 game developers are taking a part in the sale, most of these games are discounted. Sales are available on Steam, GOG,, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android and Huawei AppGallery. Plenty of platforms to play Czech and Slovak games on!

The best game from the CZ/SK game jam

This year, the game development program at the Charles University and the Game Developers Session conference are joining forces with the Game Days Košice conference and Bratislava Game Jam to create CZ/SK Game Jam Week 2021. There's a common opening ceremony, a keynote speaker and even some diplomas! On Monday, November 15 at 18:00 UTC, a panel of Czech and Slovak judges will be choosing the best game of CZ/SK Game Jam Week 2021!

You can play the games here: Czech GDS Jam, Slovak Bratislava Game Jam.

Czech Game of the Year nominations

2020 was a year when some really great Czech games were released. To name a few: Mafia: Definitive Edition, Creaks, Someday You'll Return, Jets'n'Guns 2, or Ministry of Broadcast. Which games will get nominated for the prestigious Czech Game of the Year award? You can find out on Tuesday, November 16 at 18:00 UTC.

Games Week Direct

Inspired by the Nintendo Direct, the Games Week Direct will showcase upcoming games with exclusive trailers, updates for already released games, and more. Tune in on Wednesday, November 17 at 18:00 UTC to watch this show and make sure to not miss some news from us, too. ;)

Game Developers Session

The annual GDS conference, which started in 2003 and is the oldest game developers conference in Europe, is happening on November 19-20. The tickets are "pay what you want", so make sure to check out the Game Developers Session website, grab a ticket and watch talks by David Gilbert, Kate Edwards, Don Daglow, and many more speakers.

 Now, go play some Czech & Slovak games on Steam and on other platforms!

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