Monday, November 22, 2021

Heart of Russia - Monuments

The history of Russia is incredibly rich. The largest country in the world used to be a land of tsars and colorful family sagas. And since the state stretches over an enormous landscape, the land is logically filled with numerous monuments referencing the rich past. Let’s take look at some of these historically important creations that you will be able to see in the upcoming Heart of Russia DLC for ETS2!

There are many monuments you will be able to see on your journey through this map expansion. Ranging from statues to unusual structures and locations, no shortage of history and art is guaranteed. After all, it’s difficult not to be in awe when seeing the Rzhev memorial statue.

The heritage of the past is also visible on a great amount of large memorial stones, which will be quite a common occurrence in the country.  However, the word "monument" reaches further, and the great art of the Veliky Novgorod airplane falls into this category as well. 

In addition to all that was mentioned, Russia is also very proud of its military history and it is no surprise that there will be numerous opportunities to notice some army vehicle monuments along the roads. 

Despite where your trucking story takes you, will you pay any of these a visit?

Whether your job will take you through city roads or country ones, you will most certainly be able to witness at least some of the unique Russian monuments. And if this blog has taught us anything, it is important to remember our past, therefore make sure to add the upcoming Heart of Russia DLC to your Steam Wishlist so you will always have it in mind until it will be available.

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