Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Heart of Russia - Water Bodies

Did you know that Russia possesses one-fifth of the world’s freshwater reserves? Knowing this information, the motivation for today’s blog becomes quite clear. Hold your breath for a moment and dive with us into the interesting topic of water bodies in the upcoming Heart of Russia DLC.

Russia is a country exceptionally wealthy in water, boasting approximately 2 million lakes and about 210,000 rivers. Some of the rather famous rivers will be featured in the upcoming map expansion and truckers will pass them by, or travel over them by bridges, fairly often. These include rivers such as Volga or Oka. Additionally, reservoirs are also a must; for example, the Vyshnevolotsk Reservoir which has a history dating back to Peter I and has an important social value due to fishing and water energy generation.

Quite uniquely, there will also be a ferry dedicated to transporting you to the other side of the river Svir. Even though this ferry is not used for trucks in real life, we figured that due to the map layout and to boost the gameplay experience a little bit, it would be a good idea to allow trucks to be transported as well.

It’s difficult to express with words the beauty of the charming and magnificent water bodies in Russia, but we hope the short description and screenshots have done the job! If they did, don’t forget to add Heart of Russia to your Steam Wishlist, so you can always keep your "head above the water" and stay in touch with the latest updates.

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