Tuesday, November 2, 2021

#Pinktober 2021 Update

The month of October is now behind us and so is #Pinktober2021. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, this time we are here to inform you about the amount that has been raised over the past year. 

Thanks to the continuous support from the #BestCommunityEver, the total amount is 60,000 USD! That sum is truly exceptional and we thank each and every single one of you. This final sum will be evenly split into 15,000 USD and donated to the following 4 charities:

Keep in mind, you are free to support these, or any other organizations throughout the whole year. However, during this entire period donating money is not the primary way that you can join the fight! Spreading awareness, or making sure that those you hold dear will get their regular doctor and self-checks done is what matters the most! If you or anyone around you feels that something is not right, not being shy and seeking help is always strongly suggested!

And finally, we greatly appreciate the collective effort to raise awareness for this issue. Apart from the support on our special #Pinktober2021 live stream, we have also noticed numerous social media posts that were spreading the word about the fight against Breast Cancer, and about health overall. Thank you very much!

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