Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Steering Wheel Roll-Out Event Conclusion

A couple of weeks ago we brought to you a rather special event to celebrate the release of Thrustmaster’s new T248 Steering Wheel. In addition to receiving your reward for completing the World of Trucks personal goal, there were numerous ways that you could enter to win the real T248! It is now time to conclude the event and present to you the winners.

The statistics of this short event are really cool. Over 100,000 players have participated in the event, with over 380,000 combined jobs completed and over 2,000,000 km (1,242,742 miles) combined distance driven. That is just massive, especially considering the time period in which this event was active. We’d like to thank each and every single one of you for taking part!

Let us mention here that we are delighted that we have had the opportunity to join forces with Thrustmaster in the celebration of their new product. Using a World of Trucks event to bring some extra entertainment to our community while also helping our partners with promotion was something fresh and we hope that you have enjoyed this idea.

In total, we had 11 special limited edition T248 Steering Wheels to give away to our #BestCommunityEver, and we started by picking a winner for the first one during our stream with game designer Gavin. Once again, congratulations to the winner!

We have absolutely loved seeing all the social media posts under the #T248RollOut hashtag (Twitter, Instagram), and it was really difficult to pick just two winning screenshots out of all valid entries. After long consideration, due to their amazing creativity, we are happy to announce these two winning screenshots! We will be in touch with you both soon to ask you for your shipping details as you’ve just won yourselves a new, very exclusive, ATS/ETS2 limited edition T248 Steering Wheel. Congratulations!

Next, we would also like to reveal the lucky winners that have been randomly picked from the list of World of Trucks’ account names of the players who have participated in the event and completed their personal goals. The list was provided to us by our World of Trucks team and we have randomly selected 5 lucky winners who will all be contacted soon, since they too will receive their own special ATS/ETS2 limited edition T248 Steering Wheel - just as was promised. Congratulations and well done on completing the event goal!

And finally, it’s also time to wrap up the Gleam.io part of the giveaway, which was the fourth way how players and members of the community could test their luck to win one of the special steering wheels. There were more than 60,000 entries that were made by more than 5,300 participants. In the end, we have used the Gleam.io random winner picker feature to select the last 3 winners of the ATS/ETS2 limited edition T248 Steering Wheel.

We urge all the winners to check their email/social media inboxes and reply to our message with the shipping details. If you do not get back to us, you might lose the right to claim the prize!

We are grateful to our #BestCommunityEver for joining the event. The number of participants was truly impressive! Please let us know if you have enjoyed such a small, extra-ish event in which you were able to get some in-game rewards as well as having the chance to enter a huge giveaway in which you could test your luck to get your hands on a cool reward too. Would you like to see similar events in the future?

Speaking of the future, we have another World of Trucks event already in preparation for you to participate in, coming very soon. Keep an eye on our blog and social media and you will soon find out more!

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