Friday, November 24, 2023

Big in Kansas + Turnpike Tolls

With the arrival of the Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator on November 30th, the Special Transport DLC will be receiving an update that includes some new routes, missions and the addition of a new feature. Plus, we would also like to share with you a preview of the tolls which you'll encounter this new state, along with a new payment system!

BIG In Kansas!

With the Kansas expansion, you'll be able to answer the call of Special Transport missions on 6 new routes, of which 4 are located within the state, but two of them will be a bit more special, as they start in Pueblo (CO) and leads to either Marysville (707 miles) or Dodge City (313 miles). These range from delivering helicopters to airports, to delivering special cargo to the salt mines, as well as hauling new cargoes such as Wind Turbine Blades that need to be transported from Colorado to Kansas! 

The other 4 routes will take you from: 

  • Colby to Hutchinson 
  • Topeka to Pittsburg
  • Dodge City to Emporia 
  • Wichita to Salina 

As you browse the job market, you may notice that some of these new contracts require a lot of travelling, even going as far as travelling to another state! This is why we have introduced the ability to take a rest stop and even refill your fuel tanks during longer routes on a Special Transport contract. It ain't easy work moving around these oversized loads, so make sure to take a break when you can!  

We look forward to seeing how you get on with the new routes and oversized loads!

Turnpike Tolls in Kansas

If you've been trucking in some of our recent expansions, you'll be no stranger to Turnpike Tolls. As an important source of highway funding in many states in the US, these tolls benefit the local economy, support road maintenance and cleanliness of the stretch of the road. 

However, in Kansas, these will differ a little payment wise from other pre-existing tolls in American Truck Simulator. Rather than a set priced fee, you will now only be charged for the distance you've travelled along the toll road. This means if you only travel a short distance before exiting, you'll be charged a smaller amount versus a driver who travels the entire length of the road. 

So if you happen to be counting dollars and pennies (like on our Twitch Let's Play! Series), You can always check the set route to see if you can't save yourself a little extra cash on your journey by making a detour onto another route.

We hope you enjoy this small, but practical change coming to our upcoming map expansion. If you cannot wait to get trucking, then be sure to add the Kansas DLC to your Steam Wishlist! We appreciate all your support and we look forward to welcoming you across the State border very soon. Until next time, keep on truckin'! 

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