Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kansas DLC Release

Get ready to rev up your engines and start an exciting journey as the Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator is releasing today. Explore breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities in this latest expansion!

Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator is released!

Start a big adventure with the Kansas map expansion. Take your time and enjoy every moment as you discover these features:

  • Deliver to 14 explorable cities including Kansas City, Wichita, or Topeka
  • See several landmarks unique to Kansas such as the historic Dodge City, Monument Rocks, and Mount Sunflower
  • Become a trucker transporting goods for Kansas' key industries - Salt Mine, Food Factory, Car Factory, Building Material Factory, and Battery Factory
  • Deliver cargo to Aerosystem, playing a key role in Wichita's aerospace industry
  • Visit Hutchinson and admire the world's largest silos
  • Play a crucial role in one of America's major agricultural states. Transport goods that sustain Kansas' farming legacy
  • Enjoy trucking through several scenic towns (settlements)
  • Drive through expansive prairies, providing unforgettable views

Transforming from its agricultural origins, Kansas has developed into a bustling industrial center, enticing major enterprises with its strategic placement and well-organized logistics. 

Truckers can contribute to and experience a range of industries, spanning from the flourishing aviation domain, and agricultural depots to automobile manufacturing, the famed salt mine, and more.

The Kansas DLC is also a part of The Great Plains Calling! bundle on Steam. It's a convenient way to fill in the gaps in your DLC collection for American Truck Simulator. Dive into the diverse landscapes of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and now Kansas - all part of the package we've crafted. 

This bundle operates on a "Complete the set" basis, ensuring you only pay for the DLCs that are not already in your library!

Cruising Kansas Event

Starting with the release, there will be a special #CruisingKansas World of Trucks event, where you can earn unique rewards. We are asking our #BestCommunityEver to achieve the community goal of driving 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) while delivering cargo to or from any city in Kansas. You can read more about this event in the dedicated blog post.

We also have a unique gift for you. If you take any External Contract or External Market job TO or FROM the city of Topeka, you'll earn the Tiger Salamander Plush, which can be used as a cabin accessory. Kansas is the home to salamanders so you should definitely consider inviting one to ride along with you during long journeys.

Farm Machinery DLC

Along with the Kansas DLC, we are also releasing the Farm Machinery DLC. This DLC presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the agricultural landscape, especially in the newly added Kansas, where agriculture takes center stage. Haul everything from tractors to spreaders with two in-game brands Owl & Greenler and don't forget to decorate your cabin with special accessories. Read more about this DLC in the dedicated blog post.

Special Transport DLC Update

With the Kansas expansion, you'll be able to haul special cargo on 6 new routes, of which 4 are located within the state, but two of them will be a bit more special, as they start in Pueblo (CO) and lead to either Marysville (707 miles) or Dodge City (313 miles). You will also be able to transport the newly added 39-meter-long (over 129 feet) wind turbine blade and a massive articulated hauler. Find out more about the update here.

Release Live Stream

Catch our special reveal stream on our official Twitch or Youtube channel at 4:00 PM CET. Get a sneak peek of what's coming up in Kansas, along with exclusive insights and chats with the developers!

We are excited to have you hit the roads of Kansas! Share your initial adventures with us by using #CruisingKansas. Stay tuned for more updates by following our social media channels (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok). And don't forget, the Sunflower State has surprises beyond the surface - your next fantastic journey might be just around the corner. See you on the road!

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