Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Kansas - Topeka & Wichita & Kansas City

Get ready for an exciting drive in the upcoming Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator, featuring three standout cities at the core of the Sunflower State. We are happy to bring you some more information about Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City which are some of the most important settlements in Kansas.


Wichita takes the spotlight, a lively city where your trucking adventure comes to life. Explore the action at Aerosystem, a key player in airplane manufacturing. Enjoy the beautiful view of downtown Wichita, catching sight of landmarks like the Intrust Bank Arena, The Epic Center, or 250 Douglas Place. Deliver cargo to two busy industrial zones, the Eisenhower airport, a personal jet service, and roll along the unique channel cutting through the highway. Wichita's mix of industry and city vibes promises a memorable journey.

Kansas City

Get ready for a unique trucking adventure in Kansas City, which is split between Kansas and Missouri. Truckers will cruise through the Kansas side, catching a glimpse of Missouri's downtown. The economic spotlight shines on the new Caliber Motors car factory, alongside a bustling scene with a custom grain elevator, trailer service, and a general warehouse. Reflecting its historical railroad significance, Kansas City features rail-related depots, including the rail supply depot and railroad construction depot. Beyond the city limits, the Railroad Intermodal awaits. During your journey, catch a glimpse of the iconic Strawberry Hill!


Topeka, the capital of the state is a must-visit destination for truckers seeking a taste of city life. As players cruise through downtown, they'll be greeted by the iconic Capitol building, a beloved symbol of Topeka. The city offers more than just a scenic drive - truckers can invest in a garage, explore the bustling food manufacturing plant, or take a detour to the truck stop at Lower Silver Lake Rd exit. A new custom depot awaits adventurous players next to the truck stop, featuring a colossal grain elevator that adds to the city's industrial charm. For those willing to explore further, the 42nd St Burlingame Rd exit on US-75 leads to an expansive industrial area, with plenty of depots waiting to be discovered.

We hope you are excited to check out these three major cities that the Kansas DLC has to offer. If you are, you can add the Kansas DLC to your Steam Wishlist. Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for our microsite, which contains a lot of interesting and exclusive content. Keep in mind to check out our social media profiles (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) and give them a follow to stay in touch with the latest news!

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