Monday, November 6, 2023

California Rework - US-50 Connecting Sacramento & Carson City

Today, we're excited to announce that the US-50 connecting Sacramento & Carson City will be included in Phase 3 of our California Rework! This major east-west highway will be one of the new routes that you will be able to travel on. Let's take a closer look at the work that has been undertaken, shall we? 

Many of you might be familiar with this historical and major highway. Stretching coast to coast and cutting across the midsection of America's Lower 48, the US-50 has rightly earned its legendary status. Naturally, our team couldn't go without adding this famous highway into this phase of the rework. 

Since a majority of our rework consists of deleting old areas and rebuilding road networks, cities and more from scratch, we've been able to create and include extra details and routes we were not previously able to due to limitations. As with all our rework phases so far, we've also brought up the quality of the areas to match those of newly released DLC addons. 

The US-50 in California will run through a variety of different locations such as the Placerville and Tahoe Valley settlements. Drivers can also expect these parts of the Highway to be very scenic too, with sections running through mountains and hills. 

Along this route, truckers will also be subject to checks from one of the state's Agriculture Checkpoints. These special stations are the first line of defence in pest exclusion efforts. All drivers hauling goods into the state will have to undergo special checks from the control station where vehicles are inspected for commodities that may be infested with invasive species, and for the correct documentation for their cargo.

Phase 3 of the California Rework is an ongoing project that will come as a free update to all owners of American Truck Simulator. We look forward to sharing more news on our work in the future as we continue to progress with this significant overhaul of California. Looking forward to driving on the US-50? Let us know in the comments below! Until then, keep on truckin'.

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