Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cool Liner almost done

A few extra hours of work, and the model nears completion...

Just as with the tractors, now that we'll have a few decent-looking models, it is time to approach the owners of the brands and try to persuade them to allow them being featured in our game.

Is it not a simple process - even just identifying the right person to talk to, and finding a way to present our case, reaching the ears of the decision makers, is a major hurdle.

We like to think that it can only be beneficial for the brands to appear in our simulations - after all there are many many fans of real trucks who play our games. The amount of free publicity focused at the right audience alone is something that money could hardly buy. But it is not so simple, for many people computer games are still too new media, often perceived as something controversial. So we need a little luck too usually - establishing the dialogue first and then meeting with somebody who is a bit of a computer games fan too, somebody who can appreciate the benefits versus risks, and trusts us enough to see it worth investing their time into work on a licensing arrangement. Sometimes, these negotiations take months and months, we go through highs and lows, sometimes a step forward is followed by two steps back. We are taking this very seriously, but we just cannot guarantee to you yet that all the brands and models that we are presenting here on the blog will eventually make it into the game in full glory.