Thursday, March 31, 2011

Resting area near Prague

Work on the map continues at solid pace, but we are not through yet even with the initial pass over the virtual world. Once the map reaches alpha (which is still going to take several months), we'll start with finalizing and polishing.

We'll also need to go over the whole map and put signs everywhere where they should be. As there are now several countries covered and each should get specific road signage, we expect this to be a major task. Fortunately we hope that by this stage we'll have a new smart road sign editor available to create signs in a WYSISYG manner from sets of country-specific building blocks, and then spawn them into the world dynamically at run-time.


  1. please make realistic road signage, different for every country! i hope we could buy our own trailer! :D
    keep up the good work!

  2. Nice crash barrier but the trees are looking a little bit ugly.

  3. Nice Picture, the railing in the middle looks great;)
    "a new smart road sign editor available"
    sounds nice, specially for people creating an own map or expending yours.
    Keep it up!

  4. What a beautiful picture, what a beautiful road, beautiful exit on the right and left!!! Guys it's all wonderful!!

  5. could be there bushes between roads ? :)

  6. make a good job and dont worries about time...take your time and make a good simulator.

    keep up the good work guys.

    England - Brasil

  7. Not looking bad. Wich are the countries included in the map? Please change the sounds and add more realistic features in the game.

    Regards, Danyiel


    DEVELOPERS, we hope that this type of resting places will be on the standard roads too, not only on highways ;). Impressive progress, really!


    Grtz Michael K.

  9. Lovely screenshot and an interesting read as always.
    Keep up the amazing work SCS Software team.

  10. wow,thats really nice screenshot,if its in higher resolution,it will definitelly be mine desktop wallpaper :D

    Keep up the good work,SCS

  11. Very nice

    keep up the good work, scs

  12. reality comes true more and more


  13. Awesome!
    Great Work!

  14. SCS is beautiful work!
    Good to see you that you move nicely with him, and they tried to contribute everything to him because of this my acknowledgement !
    Will he be Hungary on him on a map?
    From Hungary :)

  15. Awesome lightning! Congratulations!!!
    Keep up the good work SCS!!!

  16. Nice picture!
    Hope that you will make the uit(exit)signs of the Netherlands

  17. Super detailed:
    There are even the reflectors in the middle of the road between the guard rail!

    PS: Have fun with the signs. :-)

  18. beautiful :D
    Make the suspension to work on the shoulder

    please, show to us how is the rain :)

    can you put 2 or more speeds for wipers?
    can you put rain at left and right glass?

    ETS 2 Brazil

  19. Let us see the map.

  20. i would like very much that Romania will be :)

  21. SCS great job, please gearbox halves with degrees

  22. Nicework!
    I see much improvement on scenery! It looks wonderful.
    Also, keep posting pictures in supersampling like you have been for the last two posts, because I am used to playing your games with it enabled.

  23. Dynamically generated road signs is what the editor lacked!!!
    And, for the humble modder, please make those signs use real fonts, with letters, not pictures of a blue board with a drawing of a word on top. This way we could create our own signs when extending the map, not having to create another hundred files just to put "Belgrade" or "Bucharest" on a board, but directly writing it, using the extraordinarily-special-very-appreciated-brand-new sign editor!!!
    PS I love that sky!

  24. Great job guys, this allready looks awsome. Im really happy to see only 2 lanes. Keep up the good work, and keep us feeding with screenies and info's cause reading this blog is allready a small addiction.

    Greeting from Croatia, Ivan

  25. Simply fabulous!
    It's unbelievable the progress of work from you.
    Really deserve a round of applause.

    Keep it up guys!

    And they could publish a photo of the team's work Scs? It would be great to meet you guys for real.

    Congratulations always

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  26. Hey SCS!

    Again another pretty picture. Well done!

    But please change it the textures of the roads, because it's too sterile. Be realistic dirty textures for the roads!

    Keep it up!

  27. Roads is ok !!! you make on change seasons, summer winter, snow, ice.
    The SCS are the Kings of programing
    They work is The Best Work :)

  28. Now that I see this picture, the road don't seems too wide than in this picture:

    Please Add Single Roads!

  29. I got two words only - fucking nice!!
    SCS team!! Please, don't stop map development!!
    And pics of more trailers.
    Thanks SCS team!!

  30. Great news! I think we all be grateful if every country will have it's specific road signs! That tool for editing signs right in editor sounds very interestig (and yes, tools like that is what editor needs for years), hope you will keep it in commercial version of game. :-)

  31. s'il vous plait créer un systeme différent que celui de ETS1 pour controler la vitesse , comme des radar sur les route pour arreter les conducteur et payer l'amende

    Please create a different system than ETS1 to control speed, such as radar on the road to stop the driver and pay the penalty.

    thanks for your job and your work.

  32. Hello SCS!
    First of all, nice work and in right direction!
    Now I absolutely agree with speedz -
    Please, make more real offence-charge system!
    1). MAKE working network of STATIC PHOTORADARS, which would be actual VISIBLE objects by the road. With signs warning about them with text like this (example for Lithuania):
    (white caps text on top blue background) JŪSŲ SAUGUMUI (eng - FOR YOUR SAFETY)
    (black icons of radar, radiowaves, car and bike on white background at the center)
    (white caps text on bottom blue background).
    AND make that famous RED FLASH when you are photographed/reported breaking speed limit!
    2). The feature what many of us were missing in your previous games - it's 'crossing (double) solid (line)'. You must add this type of offense, so you can't just freely cross anywhere you want with no consequences anymore - this strongly adds to realism!
    3). Also, as you probably have noticed it, MANY people are asking to return the POLICE! I'm also for it AND with some suggestions:
    - make police cars appear in traffic to, not only resting somewhere near the intersection;
    - make cops, even those in traffic, chase, STOP and ONLY then charge you for offending;
    - also increase charges for not stoping/not obeying - up to the point where you are arrested (w jail sequence) with most of your money being ripped off (and your drivers left if you have company);
    - make probability of not being charged for offending sth in situation when there are no cops around - big chances, like 9-to-1, if there are no other cars nearby, or just some cars nearby and mid chances (50/50) when there're lots of cars around you (suggest where can be some law-abiding drivers among them who can report you).
    Also have a question - are there planned some non-linear events/fun stuff in game, like truck fests, show-offs drug races, pull 'races', challenges and other? It's cool that we will be able to customize and tune our trucks, but it's just not enough for good game, while this stuff can attract more broad audiences to the game too!
    And for graphics - please, can you add options to control lightning/shadowing, all that HDR-effects and color temperature - just because we have different comps (specs), diff. tastes and diff. monitors! (I, for example, don't like the way how contrasty are those reflections and shadows and how shiny/bright are some objects, trees and plants at the same time - especially road surface which feels like being spoiled with oil... that looks a lil bit too surreal on a hi-contrast monitor.. also don't like how headlamps overlighten bright objects on a summy day - in reality they are barely visible as 'being on' at all in the daytime, not even standing a chance to lighten something up to the sun or bright sky)
    If you do this and other things, wishes, suggestions (the most important would be MULTIPLAYER in ANY form, like for example, in LFS) from all the community, your game when definitely will be a hit compared to previous ones AND your team will gain much more respect and recognition from international community and companies (especially in Europe)) as a quality game developer. If you need some help or questiond (that is in the case you want to do Lithuania) - you can reply or contact me any time, would be happy to help at my freetime, and I also have many more suggestions how to make game more real and fun to play)
    So best wishes to all SCS team, from Waldek, LTU!

  33. now we need interior tune too :)

    we must need classic steering wheel, and others material

  34. I have a question why do anti-aliasing pictures that they see very little of the horrible texture 3d grass or trees would look like if the game will be horrible in my opinion ...

  35. So many ideas, so little time to make them true...
    Now, if we're talking vegetation, here's a suggestion that would keep you guys busy, if you'd consider implementing it: wind blown vegetation! Trees and bushes on the side of the road, swinging in the wind, or even in the draft created by passing traffic. I'm sure everyone's noticed the effect of a big trailer passing by trees. How's that for a crazy idea? :D
    Unfortunately that would imply loads and loads of animated models, all synchronized to deform and move as if the wind bends them. I'm sure the realistic effect would be enormous, but I'm equally aware that would require years to accomplish. :)
    Any update on the list of the proposed cargoes to put on the goose-neck featured in a previous post?

  36. i like the games of scs the trucks using in this games more graphics and designs

  37. BONJOUR , l'idée des panneaux est super, mais comme dit speedz, il faudrait créer d'autres façon d'arrestation !!! Bon courage !!

  38. Hello my name is Frank and I am a fan of real truck and now I have played with GTS fi but now I want more with ETS2, I wanted to congratulate on a job well done.
    I'm anxiously awaiting the release of ETS2 pais as I was wondering if there was even Italy or not and if in addition to the tractor we were also the only truck with trailer or truck.
    but do you think will debut on 01/01/2012? thanks

  39. I was the one who complained about the lack of realism.

    I take it back if they state to make signs specific for each country.

    I dont want the whole map to look the same everywhere and if they change the signs, that's a beginning !

    Very glad to hear this SCS.

    Try to place some objects on the roads too, like those green things with white arrows on it (you see it in every exit in france and I saw it on your tollbooth...).

    I hope you guys don't underestimate the signs, because it takes more time to get the signs right than to make the whole map...

    Anyway I got my confidence in this project back, but I am still eager to see some country specific things.
    Also make sure the exits look realistic, not 1 single thin line, but a thicker one and the middle should be filled with white paint too.

    Anyway thumbs up

  40. Well, we can't see much more in this photo... Anyway, thanks.

  41. Bonjour,

    J'en bave tellement c'est beau !
    Je trouve que l'idée des radars est une super bonne idée. Pourquoi ne pas l'exploiter ? Prenez l'exemple de la France, avec des panneau pour prévenir et ensuite les radar. Car dans ETS1 ce n'est pas très réaliste d'avoir une amende sortie de nul part.

    Je trouve super de mettre des signalisation specifique à chaque pays !!

    Le ciel est super beau. Ainsi que les reflets sur la route. Magnifique !!!

    J'espère aussi qu'il y aura des travaux sur les routes.


    I drool so beautiful!
    I think the idea of speed cameras is a super good idea. Why not exploit it? Take the example of France, with the panel and then to prevent the radar. For in ETS1 is not very realistic to have a fine output of nowhere.

    I find it great to put signage specific to each country!

    The sky is super nice. And reflections on the road. Wonderful!

    I hope it will work on the roads.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

  42. its fantastic! you did a very good work scs team!! i cant wait any longer for eurotrucksimulator 2. :)

  43. for you scs!

  44. Is possible to put text onto the roads with speed limits in a white circle like in the UK road network if possible or if it is the same for other countries. I am more and more impressed with the progression of the work your team is putting into making this one of the better sims we have seen for along time.

  45. Great work Scs, Im glad your taking your time on this simulator as on other where a bit rushed!, but yes as someone said take as long as the money can go on for this has got to be the best simulator, with this time you could look at adding a MULTIPLAYER! to the game please scs if you do this ETS2 will rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many thanks

  46. take your time and make a nice simulator . I have been tracking ur development and i am very happy to see trains and other cool stuff.
    however make realistic horns and engine sounds and no drifting trucks please!

  47. Great picture! Thanks for sharing.

  48. very nice scsteam

  49. Hey, I heard that the official realize of the game Trucks and Trailers is 20 May, 2011.

    I also heard that Euro truck simulator 2 will come out in September og October 2011.

  50. One suggestion for direction road signs: in some countries (Germany, Poland, Spain etc), only first letter of city name is in upper case, rest are lower. Like it was in ETS1. But in other countries (France, Czech Republic, Italy etc), cities on direction signs are whole in upper case letters. If it could be possible to manage that in your new "wysiwyg" editor without excessive waste of time, it would be great.

  51. Please make the editor more comfortable,it is too confused and difficult!

  52. Perfect Job SCS!Keep up and take your time to do this as better as you can!Please Add GREECE!

  53. gizmosellschickensApril 1, 2011 at 2:08 PM

    Take your time making the map and the signage if it can be auto generated it would step in the right direction. Think improvements in turck handling and realism like can do 700km to 1000km a day driving truck. Advise take your time making the game, and small improvements and adding couple new AI cars and making different types of fencing, and road types. Like to see bring back the flyover ramps prefabs from 18 Haulin and 18 wos ALH series be brought back at least for mappers to create complex freeway to freeway connections etc. more urban type road way with more lighting on the road and road textures and rough roads.


  55. Renault Magnum and Premium screen please scsteam

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    I choose Trucks and Trailers.

  58. lool...martin hernes: dupe!!

  59. we need multiplayer that would make this game the best ever easy you could have it so new players work for players companys etc that wud be soooooo cool

  60. I hope this means you can type your own signs. It would be great if the map editor was a proper feature that was built into the game, rather than a confusing and awkward tool that you have to use console commands to use. I would also like it to be easier to add your own cities. Think how much more replay value this game would have if people could easily make their own maps using a proper built in map editor (e.g. tidy up the interface a bit and remove all those redundant buttons, make it so it can run in full screen mode and add a proper button to open it on the start menu). Please make sure you research your signs properly. In UKTS alot of the signs were european and wrong for the UK, plus the speed limits were unrealistic (a 60mph sign wouldn't be used in the UK, you would have a 'national speed limit' sign instead) also give cities a variety of speed limits e.g. 40mph for main city roads and 30mph for city back streets. Also make AI cars go a decent speed on country roads and slow down for corners, ai going 30mph all the time on country roads then randomly speeding up when the centre marking changed to a double white line (usually round a tight corner!) was just annoying and unrealistic.



  63. Just so you know anonymous "lool...martin hernes: dupe!!"
    This is incorrect, you are the dud. I am the one who wrote that you could get an free game. Either Trucks and Trailers or Extreme Trucker. I am also Martin Hernes (not real name) so you are dupe!! And sorry for your bad English it’s stupid.

    This was an April punk. Sorry to; you see in western country we have this thing on April 1. And well you're stupid.

    This comment where deleted by the blog administrator, this means that they are in on the blog and read it, that’s good to know.

    I also printed a comment about the release date of Trucks and Trailers and ETS2. The date is maybe true, but I do not know.


  65. I hope you've taken into account that the resting areas aren't small and that the size of realisitic resting on highways and such differ


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