Friday, March 18, 2011

Pictures taken along the way to Praha

Time to show a couple of pictures from the map again. These images are from the Czech Republic.

Our ambition is to make railroad crossings fully functional in Euro Truck Simulator 2, with the lights flashing and the bar going down and up again after the train has passed. The second picture is a simple resting place along the road. Again the goal is more realism and more freedom for the player at the same time, we want to give you a chance to park and rest anywhere where it would be legal in reality, not just at a few "icon spots" as in the past games.


  1. very nice SCS! hopefully you will show us the process of the dutch part too!

  2. This is awesome. It looks like you guys really listened to us "Simulation gamers" I can see you are working hard on the realism - and thats great because thats how a simulation should be. It looks very good. I love both the ideas here - Its incredible that you have/will acctually made/make real trains passing. Great work!

    Greeting from Denmark!

  3. nn wonderful wait to come out great keep it up! questions, you can know what time to go out? and if you come anke in Italian shops?

  4. Simply amazing work!

    The functional system of cross-trains will be very good for the realism of the simulation. What about the points of rest, it will be like in the games were 18 Wos Haulin and ALH?

    I really like what you are doing ... I am also promoting the future purchase of the game here in Brazil, promoting on my site. I believe we will have many joys in game sales.

    Congratulations again for work!

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  5. Looks great, SCS! :)

    Also, Hungary and Romania would be nice additions to the map.

  6. its verry verry nice but make really trains that passing and the lights go flashing and barriers also decrease

  7. Good job guys. I'm sure I won't sleep wirst 24h after I buy the game. I hope the requeriments are similar to GTS so I can run it on my laptop.

    Next time show us the XF 105 6x2, you never showed us DAF from ETS2.

  8. whe need more lands a nice land is sweden and denemarken whit snow and hungarie and romanian than its a great game but when is the release

  9. please make all stades bigger, bigger !! not a square or a round please make it bigger

    GR Netherlands

  10. wwwow that sounds great

  11. With all due respect to yours boys, shows that there are very tried to make a fantastic game! I congratulate you, keep it up!

    Greetings from Hungary!

  12. wonderful...

    nothing more I have to add...

  13. up comment ^
    100 % agree
    Greetings from Poland!

  14. AWESOME AWESOME, developers, i hope that czech roads will be done real based... hehehe keep it going up, looks it really lovely!

    GRTZ Michael K. CZE.

  15. again me, btw, i hope that you didn´t forget enough long connection plugs for the rest places xD.. TY

    grtz. Michael.

  16. I really like the addition of being able to sit in the passenger seat while resting. It would be great if u also added an "unlocked 1st person camera" so that it would feel like the player could exit the cab and walk around the cab and trailer

  17. Awesome!!! THX!!! U R BEST programmers of da world!!!
    Fan from CZ

  18. This looks fantastic!!! I can't wait for the release!! Please add functional headlight bars on the trucks(and snow). Maybe you could make a short movie of the trip to Praga, you know, to "feed" the hunger of the fans. That would be great!!! Good luck in the future. SCS Software ROCKS!!!

  19. This is amazing! O.o
    I like that you are posting updates everyday, keep it up! And, I hope you will add some Balkan countries like Greece, Serbia, Romania, Hungary...
    Can't wait for more updates!

    Keep up the good work!


  20. Good job you guys again managed to get these pictures, well pleased with what you do and your work will be a full satisfaction with this game as realistic as you can see great progress in what I hope to do only good and do not forget your map romania

  21. Good work, train crossings in a very good idea, it will be real soon;-)
    I have one question will be enhanced effects of rain on glass??
    The best thing would be such as are in the video here Rig'n'Roll
    Otherwise, whatever you are doing:)
    D e j v

  22. have thought about "we want to give you a chance to park and rest anywhere where it would be legal in reality, not just at a few "icon spots" as in the past games."

    do that in this way:
    you can park and rest everywhere, but if you park anywhere, where it is not legal, you will get a "talk with the police officer"...

  23. Be finish! I can't wait anymore! :D Keep up the good work! :D

  24. U are the best Truck simulators maker!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Nice but where are the pedals???

  26. That's awesome SCS!!! You are the best!!!
    8x4 truck pls scs!!!! And stein branch!!!

  27. hi scs can you make the board clocks in 3d
    in 2d is sucks
    and can you make to see the driver hand's on the wheel that's more realistic
    good luck

  28. It looks great!
    Hopefully you will make different railroad crossing for every country-like in real.

  29. For better realism, you could wait more at the railroad crossings for the cargo trains as they usually go slower, and less for the high speed passengers trains.

  30. first told about it
    more realism:
    - dirty and dirty roads
    - emergency services, traffic police, ambulance
    - changing seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring; severe weather conditions - strong winds, heavy rain, snow
    - bad roads, wells, repair work on highway, poor visibility road markings
    - full compliance with all traffic rules by all road users

    more freedom
    - flexible economy, an ever-changing, many variants of the replenishment of finance
    - the possibility of riding (working) for passenger cars, medium-, bus, car special-purpose service

  31. Fu***** hell! :D I love you SCS !! Weeeeeee :D cant cant cant cant wait for ets2 !!! :D

  32. Good work SCS team!
    Can't wait for the game release! :)

  33. .!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. WOW .!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.
    .!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. AWESOME .!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

    ...speechless over here!!!! Thank you!!!

  34. Very very very Nice SCS Softvare !!
    God job!
    Map editing Hungary will be in him ?? we would be glad about him very much.

  35. Looks as though you're really gonna give us the game we hope for. Great job.

  36. Sounds great!

    but one question:
    you're making your photos in other display solution. So will it be able to change it again up to 1280x1024? or even bigger.

    In your previous game, Extreme Trucker 2, the resolution was 16:9
    I didn't like it, because i haven't a 16:9 display. But I want to play your games in 16:9 AND 4:3

    please add this feature in this wonderful game too

    Yours sincerely

  37. I am envious of the Scania cabine. naughty you
    maby put you mobilhome/workcontainer in what trailer instead of the gooseneck
    and when put whis on the gooseneck ..

    keep up the good work

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  39. It's amazing, but SCS please new pictures with Mercedes-Benz Actros interior! Thanx!

    Good luck from Republic of Moldova!

  40. perfect job scs !!! we want to see the map of the game pleaseeeee !!!!!!! keep up the good work !! :):)

  41. The Trees Looks veryvery Bad,Where is the New Graphics??Thats Looks NO GOOD

  42. Wonderful! The Scania inside looks great! I love the idea of train crossings that actually have trains, not nothing!

  43. PERFECT!!!!KEEP IT UP!!!


  44. trés bien bon travail scs .....good

    pourriez vous mettre le daf xf 95 380

  45. Please do not write one for me (Roli, Hungary), rather than under other names such as Roli1 or Roli2. Thank you!

    I congratulate you SCS. Super game! Keep it up. There's no hurry. Rather, the game is beautiful and good.


    vous pourriez mettre un chauffeur avec le passage de vitesse et le bruit ...

  47. avec des mains de homme et femme ...blanc,noir, bronzé ....

  48. This is the best simulator game ever,can we change camera to passenger side?

  49. You should put tires changing options....

  50. great job SCS

    If you designed to rail crossing in Hungary:

    Typical Hungarian locomotive:

    Typical Hungarian railway crossing:

    stalled, i help you :):D:P
    (sorry,bad english)

  51. GUYS!!!! Do i see passenger in that volvo ? Or its a seat ? ;p Please answer SCS ! ;)

  52. SCS please!
    Separate speedometer, seperate tachometer, and seperate fuel level gauge!

  53. Great Jobs scs team

  54. norwegian map please. great work SCS!

  55. Hello Guys from SCS,
    This is my first comment, and to summarize what you have done so far, I have to say : big congratulations and please carry on giving us the opportunity to drive in a real environement, with truck and trailers which look like real vehicles, with real goods to transport, with a traffic AI vehicles behaving as if they had a driving license and to finish, all kind of details making us, truck drivers totally addictive of ETS2. Cheers. Olivier


    pourriez vous mettre plus d'effets pour la pluie ...

  57. YEY single roads and please make some bad roads with cracks and potholes. Greatings from the land with bad roads ROMANIA

  58. YOU ARE VERY GOOD, SCS!!!!!!!!!!


    But plese make real highway roads!!

  59. I would like to see more information signs and road markings.

    Just the other drivers out of town on vacation spots.

    In about traffic, I would like to draw attention to the following:

    Whatever car traffic could randomly stop along the road (complete cessation of movement), and just as suddenly leave a parking space.
    I would like to see the buses in the traffic capacity of large and small. Small trucks in the cities.

    Demonstrate a few shots model DAF XF and CF.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. - good
    Profile -

  62. Hello friends!
    Needless to say that the photos leave me speechless!
    In my own opinion you are going in the right direction.
    What should be created through the game is just that feeling of actually being on the road driving a truck, for example: when stopping at a rest area and from the window will look the other vehicles to pass ...

    I never tire of repeating it considered the possibility of implementing the use of a manual gearbox with the help of the clutch and six-speed gearbox ! ! !

  63. Very good news. I missed those elements :)

  64. Finally we can rest anywhere were this is legal ;)

    Great job SCS
    small details but very important

    Greetings from Poland ;)

  65. Very very nice, keep it up!

  66. Thats sounds good!

    It's very nice job, keep it up SCS!


    Please talk to us in the next post about roads, prefabs, signs and road markings, advertising signs, and NEW vegetation, because these have not yet had a specific entry!

    For example will be AI buses?


  67. Brilliant shots SCS! I'm sure everyone enjoyed the progress and your work to make it as real as possible. It's cool to see the cargo not occupating the whole trailer and the tank dirty.
    The second picture shows the details in the dashboard texture and the grass between hexagons (road). REally impressive!

    I can barely wait till release!
    Keep up with the good work :)

  68. Hallo SCS Software,
    I'm a big fan of Euro Truck, i did enjoy and still enjoy ETS, and was a huge fan like me, sometimes i playing and see the erros you got in the cab, and i took you that you will fix it in the new ETS 2, but i see that you didn't.
    The interior of the Scania still missing the visor, and that's very importance, cuz makes the interior more real!
    Please try to now forget to fix those error.

    Keep on truckin'

  69. wawo!!! good job scs, please show us some video next time please. thanks

  70. At the entrances of businesses, should have ordinances, and barriers

  71. In the first image, I've noticed a small detail I had not seen in previous trailers I liked it in the back of the blue Scania trailer mudguards are more large than in previous images, and that makes it much more real, I love it.

  72. Absolutely amazing screenshots. I am getting a new PC soon just to be able to play ETS2.
    I can't wait till release. You are doing a fantastic work SCS Software team and you should be proud of your splendid achievements.


  74. fantastic scs!!!! You guys are doing an amazing work and I cant explain how happy I get every time I see a new post!! THIS PICS LOOKS AMAZING!!!

    I have some suggestions for ets2 wish would be great to have in the game:
    Dirty roads and a window washer
    Traffic jams on the motorway

    This things would make the game more realistic and harder!

  75. More Picture the truck's pls. Man TGX?!?!

  76. Functional grade crossing? This is something what I dream about for years. You made my day again! Also situation on second picture looks realistic. Very good job! No doubt that ETS2 will be bets trucking game ever.

  77. Hey SCS guys!

    Euro Truck Spezial: Rangier Simulator ?!
    Is this the SECRET PROJECT ?!

    Release date: 17.06.2011 from Rondomedia?

    Pictures is here:

    Is this indeed the famous secret project?

  78. Simply Awesome....I am dreaming about ETS2 these days.. :)

    - A fan from India

  79. please make for the netherlands dutch railroad crossings.
    like this one:

    and maken this dutch train:

    it would be great if you make for every country their own railroad crossings, trains and catenary.

    greetings from a train freak and fan of your games!

    you're work is great so keep it up SCS!!!

    sorry for my english.. i'm dutch so my english is not really good.

  80. Very good progress is being made, I kind of miss the immersion you get by the interactivity of animated railroadcrossings etc, last game I played that had trains along the road was NFS4 from 98/99.

  81. I love what I see! Good job. Keep on improving with things from real life and this game will be a succes. Another ideea I have, is to add a tachograph and driving time features to the game.

    Reagrds, Danyiel

  82. That scania looks great and so does the railroad!!
    can we see some more images of the different lorries and there interior. your doing a great job developing the trailers. For the heavy hauls will the be a Nooteboom low loader for the construction machines. also in the game will you have to buy your own trailer to haul the loads instead of hooking up to the companies. so if you have your own trailer you have to reverse up to the loading bay, load up haul it and then unload it again.

    apart from all that your doing a great job!!!

  83. bonjour scs bon travail...

    pourriez vous mettre plusieurs couleur d'intérieur

  84. Hi SCS team,

    I would like to know if there will be a weather manager set up ( wind strengh , snow , rain ,etc....) and map editor also in the game please ?

    you do very excellent work ,congratullations!
    Thanks a lot SCS team

  85. Nicklas SöderströmMarch 19, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    Excellent ! and i like the idea of parking and sleep there's it legal

    Greetnings from Sweden

  86. very good scs! i call it revolution part 2!! yeah i like you more than 100%!

  87. your ideas are fantastic with the new parking and the railroads... scs you are unbelievable...

  88. Nice Work! In a game that is essentally about driving around on roads, it is important to get the roads as interesting, varied, challenging and realistic is possible. I hope you incorporate different train and barrier models for each country, as well as road signs, marking etc. In UKTS alot of the signs were used in a european way and were incorrect for the UK. Maybe if you take a trip to each country to get a feel for what the roads are really like?

  89. WOW! I'm speechless SCS.
    By the way here are some pictures of german railroad crossings.
    Typical old eastern germany railroad crossing:
    typical modern german railroad crossing:

    I even hope to see some german doubledecker trains and ICE's.

    Greetings from Germany

  90. SCS, is it possible to make AI trucks to drive and park on these parkings?
    Also it would be cool and much more realistic, if AI trucks could drive into loading depots, take and unload trailers. It's kinda boring when only player actually delivers cargo from depot to depot.

  91. Are u going to add balcan counties like Greece , Bulgaria , Serbija , Fyron , Romania , Bosna & Herzegovina ?

  92. This looks EXCELLENT!!! Remember to change the way time passes in the parking lots, at the border parking lots, and at the railroad crossings(slower than on the motorways and singles road; make time pass like in the cities). Thanks. SCS Software ROCKS!!!!

  93. **Sorry for double posting, I forgot something**

    Could you please add some buildings in the parking lots, to make it more realistic? You know, some toilets, a vending machine or two. Thanks!! SCS Software ROCKS!!!!

  94. it is so great....hope u will add Serbia,Bosnia&Hercegovina,Croatia,Slovenia and wishes.... :D

  95. Will map the European part of Russia? and the police and will then air these fines are taking?

  96. is really nice to know that you're listening to our demands, these new additions are great, congratulations!

  97. Will there be scania v8 sound? or straight pipes sound? that would be awesome thanks scs software

  98. is there going to be DAF trucks in the game likde the daf c version would be like the DAFcf

  99. Scs pls put in the interior the visor

  100. NICE!

    please :)

  101. Renaul Magnum And Premium screen please scs team

    New tank trailer model?
    Turkey map(Istanbul,Edirne)?

  102. It would be cool if you could include a passenger camera and some window washers at the parking lot!!! SCS Software ROCKS!!!

  103. This is fantastic, SCS, I am very, very impressed ! This makes me want to give up on being a real lorry driver and just stay at home with ETS 2 ! :P

    I really think that the rest place is great, however, I think that the ability to rest anywhere would be much better (like Schumi1331 said, with legal and illegal areas), and maybe an updated tachograph system to the one in Haulin'. I did really appreciate that function !

    Just a quick question - If this is in Europe, will you include the UK too, and include R.H.D. trucks ? I'd love to be able to do realistic loads from UK to (for example) France and so on !

    Everything here looks incredible: The trucks, the scenery, the trailer, the interior... Everything ! I am most impressed and I'm sure I speak for all of the virtual trucking community when I say how grateful we are that you are listening to what we say and taking the time and effort to make this game everything we hope for !

    Thanks SCS !

    - JETLogistics.

  104. Must do best make for W.EU and N.EU

    want for real seaports

  105. Beautiful SCS, Beautiful :) Finally train crossing :)

  106. Wow, amazing work, SCS! I love the shadows + Interiors! and the trucks and trailer are nice, too! But i hope the System Requirements arent to high, because i want play this game with Modifications. i mean for example: Trucks (build in Zmodeler by Member from It will very nice! Thank you SCS

  107. Fair play SCS, this game is looking brilliant :)

    A quick request - can we have more traffic (UKTS is too quiet) and traffic jams / roads closed etc. making it more realistic as you have to figure out an alternative route on the spot.

    Keep up the good work SCS, its looking good... :)

  108. Absolutely agree with JETLogistic - yes, we're very grateful that you guys showing us progress on games (as well as telling us other news) and asking for our opinios. Making blog for these purposes was brilliant idea.

  109. Please, SCS answer to my question. Is in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Slovakia ? Thanks for answer :)

  110. great work on cabines,i love them!
    but i think driving simulation and graphics can be much more better!

  111. super jeu bien réaliser mais je voudrais vraiment savoire quel sort t'il ??

  112. Awesome work the Czech roads looking good but can u make a double trailer mod for this trailer for example

    Thanks for this game.... ;)
    Your fan from CZE....

  113. Avait vous une date de sorti ??

  114. It's really beautiful ... I hope a dream come true!
    Between tolls and now it's really lively track foot!
    Is it possible to have a little more info on the progress of the roadmap, please?

    You're really doing a good job .. SCS !
    I will be one of the first to buy the game!

    More photo card and the main news (scenery, roads, stations ..). I drool so it's huge!

    Good continuations at all!
    I wish you good luck.

    Sorry for my english, I'm French.

  115. SCS team! Fuckin' nice!! Really a good idea the train crossing!! But a suggestion: please, add something which looks a real train. 'Cos, some games i played... it was so far from a train. Please, again - add multiplayer, 8x4 tractors, trailers differnt configurations of axles and a big and different variety of trailers. Guys... this game will be awesmoe!! One last advice: improvements on Map editor and rain!!

  116. Wow !
    Wonderful Good jod SCS

    Real entrepot please :,r:0,s:60&tx=128&ty=87&biw=1920&bih=989

    Thank you SCS !
    Best simulator ever
    ( From france )

  117. Will you add greece too in map? i think that is goo idea

  118. Guys, add the possibility to have a proper trailer and just use it to make all deliveries. So it happens in real life;)

  119. nice note 9 included in game map of romania ?

  120. SCS change publisher in Russia. Akella shit!

  121. hi scs can you make a laptop or a gps sistem ,vignettes inside for mor realistic
    it will be greate if you do that

  122. That is looking very good. The Scania Interior is perfect, will there be a right hand drive version ????? Will the UK be included ?????

  123. The scania looks great Scs! will there be a rigid version of every truck and if the uk is included left/ right hand drive lorries. o and by the way hows the renault premium coming along

  124. Railway crossings and rest areas on highways?

    AWWW YEAH, SCS! ;)

  125. Really cool. I think this is the kind of stuff you should post in the blog. Not just focus on new information, new stuff, or revealing things you're not sure if you have to. In my opinion it's just cool if you post random screenshots.

    That picture from the interior of the Scania is lovely, no need to add compromising comments or talk about features you're not sure if you're going to deliver. I think we all appreciate pictures of the game we are willing to play in the following months.

    And now I'll add a couple comments. I could pretend to ask waiting for an answer, but I'll just post my thoughts even if they have been said before by someone else:

    1- I like the idea about rail crossings.

    2- I like the feature that allows us to rest anywhere, but I also hope you add a variable to enable or disable it on the config, so those of us who like to drive on sandbox (just drive here and there) don't get forced to rest, and we choose when to rest by ourselves. For example in 18WoS Haulin I used to stop my truck at around 20.00 and rest until 8.00, and also stop for lunch... no need for the game to tell me when I have to rest. I just pick a cargo, drive, and deliver it, and I rest when I feel I have to rest. I do my job without hurries, forced rests, etc...

    3- I don't know how you did that Scania interior shot, but you should enable the player to switch seats. In RailWorks 2 (train sim) you can change from left side to right side just pushing a key. It would be cool if you could allow that, so we could do it when resting, just to change seats and enjoy the view while doing nothing. Even having some different interior views would be cool, like: driver seat, copilot seat, bed view, and stand up view (between the two seats, like when you organize things on the truck).

    4- Roads still look to wide... According to the scales shown on the 1-2.jpg picture, looks like each lane is 4.5m wide (around 7m with shoulder) and that's too much. Normal roads are 7m including both lanes, so around 3 or 3.5m each lane. That makes the driving a bit more challenging. We're driving a vehicle that is 2.5m wide here, so it doesn't have to look like a car.

    As an example of what I mean, check this picture:

    And compare it with the 1-2.jpg, where both trucks look a bit like... toys, on that road (or basically, where the road is too big).

  126. Please, please!! Add not only rain, but too snow in the countries which it's common, like Russia, Finland, Sweden, etc.

  127. Really nice scs!
    But it would be very nice if you could drive in scandinavia and even if you could drive some swedish/Finnish combinations like 24 meter or 25,25

  128. I saw in the pictures the most of trucks have three axles.Usually they have two axles.
    My suggestion is the companies will have a specifically working time(for ex. from 8 a.m till 5 p.m)

  129. We would Snow PLEASE !!! :(

  130. SCS you're doing excellent job keep up,i would like to see more control of the truck for excample be able to use the air suspension system and ajust it depending the cargo and the wight,that would be great !!!!!

  131. Wonderful! Guys you're seriously doing amazing work!

  132. As i posted in an earlier thread, i don't think this game's map are going to include more than central/eastern europe.

    Check out the details on the map from Poland, and then fit in around 60 cities and you soon realise, that it's going to be near impossible to include for instance Scandinavia or even UK in to the map.

    Maybe i'm wrong? But i doubt it.

    Anyway, really nice work SCN, every posted update brings something new and intresting to the game, keep it up.

    And now when i got myself a brand new pc, i don't need to concern my self of graphic limitations either.
    ETS 1 became an almost brand new game ;)

    Can't wait for the release.

    Greets from Sweden.

  133. It seems to be good. But I must be serious if you want to make a good game take your time and make it good. For me it isn't important if it is finished in 1 year or 2 years but the game must be perfect.

    But keep it up it's very very good at the moment ;)

  134. Great jobs guys, really nice work and im really happy that you are actually reading our comments and try to include us into the development of the game!

    Keep up the good work, and we are all looking forward to the game!

  135. you must have with Norway. with bad mountain roads and snow. you have to make bader roads, and not just the highway's

  136. Very nice, keep up the good work and ETS2 will definetely be a hit!

  137. More, more, more village, little village, city, little city, single road's on the ETS2. Pls SCS!!!

  138. Give these plugs,1418637,3286,r:16,s:0&biw=1360&bih=542

  139. Give the police,19462,Elblaska-drogowka-dostala-Ambulans-Pogotowia-Ruchu-Drogowego.html

    and give the cameras,w,Wielkiej,Brytanii,zagrozeniem,dla,obcokrajowcow,11590.html&usg=__qKXfhG1OQ0J9G-qvCMqKKF0qRhI=&h=244&w=250&sz=21&hl=pl&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=9pHvinCWgdXpWM:&tbnh=143&tbnw=154&ei=BOKITempG8SCOu2RhKkN&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dfotoradary%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dpl%26sa%3DN%26rlz%3D1B3GGLL_plPL397PL397%26biw%3D1360%26bih%3D542%26tbs%3Disch:1&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=811&vpy=221&dur=44&hovh=195&hovw=200&tx=116&ty=112&oei=BOKITempG8SCOu2RhKkN&page=1&ndsp=19&ved=1t:429,r:10,s:0,88542,5629520,Komorka_ostrzeze_Cie_przed_fotoradarem.html

  140. This is really looking good now. Especially with all the features around.
    If this becomes as what I read now this game is worth more than €20,- this time.
    I hope you guys you can find enough quality gamers to keep this great quality with your future series.

  141. VERY,VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!! ;) Keep it up! :)

  142. Really Nice, Would you have a video showing us the Railroad crossings and how AI traffic and Players would react and interact.

  143. hej, tak zastanawiam sie kiedy ta gra pojawi się w Polskich sklepach? Wie ktoś może coś na ten temat?
    Z góry dziękuję.

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