Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Somewhere in France

Another day, another screenshot. This time with supersampling enabled, but still you can see that the power lines just as any sub-pixel size/width object when rendered are a bit of a problem - in principle such objects in the scene require massive supersampling or multisampling to alleviate aliasing artifacts.

Some 25 anonymous comments can be certainly expected that the truck is lacking the mirrors or visor, but you need to understand that the game is still very much in development. In the previous games, our truck models contained everything including accessories in them; they were not customizable by the player. In Euro Truck Simulator 2, trucks are going to be extensively customizable.

We already have several man-months of work invested into building models of many variants of customizable options, dozens of lights, horns, tyres, bars etc. etc. were built. So we should be able to offer for example rear view mirrors at the cheapest price as black plastic, or you can pick color matching the body paint, or even chrome. However, map designers who typically take these screenshots for use on the blog do not yet have access in their map editor to the truck customization interface, so all they are left it are default trucks stripped off all optional parts.


  1. This will be the best truck simulator ever.......until you release the next game after this;)

  2. racing with the skoda :))

  3. You realize, of course, that you gave a few heart-attacks to your fans with this post about customization. :D
    Really nice looking environment! Congratulations on your work! And don't worry about the keen eye of the gamer. Of course they'll see every missing bit, that's the whole fun of following these posts, but they're well intended! The pics look really great.
    A small thought: You could always decrease the number of wires on the poles, and make them thicker to improve overall looks. No one will ever notice the thickness of the wires ;)
    Nice to see bridge footings improvements and the sky seems only too real.
    About the truck, even if it's just a test mock-up, you could lower it just a fraction, so the wheels intersect the asphalt surface, to avoid the floating effect. Just a suggestion :D

  4. Another issue:
    Isn't it possible to upgrade the algorithm for generating vegetation, so it will prevent placing two or more identical vegetation items too close from each other? This picture is the prefect example, when you observe the trees in the middle and the small forest at the far left.
    You could, maybe, place them at a completely different angle, even if they are the same model, to avoid having to many different ones.

  5. cette photo est géniale, il faudrait mettre des photos d'autres camions que seulement scania et d'autres remorques

  6. Hey,I can't believe it man...
    I can customize my truck?!
    I hope it be true not just like the others...!

  7. Please add Romania.

  8. The vegetation is why it is always green? More variety of colors, please!

    Btw, nice job! The shading is the best!

  9. Very nice SCS,i love your games

  10. Highway in France ???

    More like a highway in Germany, wrong vangrails, wrong highway exits, wrong highway lines...

    This is what modders make in their custom maps, make every country exclusive lines and signs, but SCS refuses to do this. This means the same guardrails and lines all over europe and all over the countries. As well as the highway types..

    Will there be tollbooths in france anyway ? If not, this shouldnt be called a simulator imo.

    Sorry for the bad comments but we players dont want to see more pics about the multisampling, nobody really cares that much about graphics, it is realism we seek. Some signs in French like (Aire, sortie, attention) would be nice too. Sings in the language of the country you're passing trhough

  11. Very nice scs team

  12. Motorway Signs:


  13. great news Scs Many Thanks for taking the time to read comments :), doing a great job!

    Can't wait for the release of ETS2

  14. This picture is much better than the other one. Please add all the EU countries on the map so it will be more realistic.

    Regard, Danyiel

  15. I wouldn’t worry to much about the eye candy, even though the graphics look very nice, i would rather you at SCS spend more time creating a driver environment that’s like real life
    1 Being able to buy and store trailers for use on jobs
    2 Being able to see your hired drivers on the road
    3 Being able to have your own logo on your Cab and Trailers
    I know, I know dream on...........
    Keep up the good work SCS

  16. cool je vois que les autoroutes on 2 voies

  17. Please change the road textures something on realistic!

  18. Hi SCS!

    Thanks for the update! Picture looks good, and I'm very happy to hear about this extensive customization that will be possible in ETS2.


  19. Like the fact that the terrain is a bit flatter than in GTS or ETS. :)

  20. change the vegetation please, more variety, not only green color, and lot of signs, work on road for more difficulty, thanks scs.

  21. the landscapes always look the same, the highway does not look in france, it will also give people on the streets in the cities? "I hope so
    operation of the service stations, long day and night cycle, seasons

  22. Hi SCS, good work
    Can you make that ai had customized trucks too.
    And please add baltic countries like lithuania latvia estonia

    Sorry for bad english :)

  23. Another day, another cool pic.

    Good job!

  24. SCC Software you need to fix the reefer trailer back it's too much up it needs to come down more it's looks ugly, Plz fix it.

    Se this pic for compare the default one and fixed one

  25. This is torture. I can stand up to the appearance?

    Great job SCS!

    From Hungary

  26. Scs Software, change the vegetation, not only green, SINGLE ROADS AND MULTIPLAYER OPTION PLEASE.

    Good Work :-)

  27. Single Roads in France:


  28. The landscapes always look the same, the vegetation always green, please change it, more variety of colors!

  29. I just don't understand people who complain about vegetation ? You r driving a truck in this game, not combine, tractor or something else...Vegetation is not the main thing here.

    SCS very good pic. Can't wait to costumize my truck ;)


  30. Thank you for the job of reading our comments. And I know are many.

    Congratulations on the job. I see the customization system is fantastic.

    Keep it up and always update the blog.

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  31. make sure the side line of the auto route in france is broken in lines from about 10 metres every time, it give it more realism

  32. so we can tune too interior too?

    example "classic steering wheel"


  33. Excellent screenshot. Keep up the amazing work SCS Software team.

  34. this game would be amazing even if it was without the customization but even more amazing with them
    keep up the good work scs :D

    Krzysztof from birmigham

  35. please use a old scania 143 whit this steering wheel,r:6,s:0&tx=70&ty=65

  36. SCS maybe you just should disable the comment option and just post your update-info and pics instead, because this blog is just packed with folks that are going to find something wrong whatever your update is going to be.

    What a bunch of whiners... Never seen anything like it.

    But thank's for another interesting update, looking forward to the next one...

  37. Nice work SCS!!

    Can be seen the designated route on the small map! (GPS)

  38. what do you think this option is mean for?
    to say it's nicee??
    to give them some more hints
    to give them some more inspiration
    anyway to make this game better
    anyway I have to say to the people which switch from topic, like add that country they wanted.. don't say anything then

  39. SCS,nice work.I like the idea of customization a truck.I`t would be very nice to be able to put different types of bumpers,mirrors,wheels,ESP,ASR,radio,navigation,steering wheel(with/without steering wheel controls for radio,tempomat,....),air conditions(manual,automatic or none),different colors of interior,and the most important,the mechanical parts,like different engines,gearboxes and options like retarder.
    Customization truck with all this would be great! :D
    And ofcourse used truck dealers,with different prices for trucks with different equipment.

  40. Hi,

    Waoo ! This game will be magnificent and very realistic !! Very good job !
    Also, I think you have made a serious and hard progress since Haulin, but what about the engine transmission? Your reefer Krone trailers are very accurates but I think that they are much height on rear. Do you incorporate rear flaps??

  41. Also you can customize the trailers?
    Beautiful images.

  42. please give us our own combination (trailer + truck) because in real live you don't switch any trailer so much! place some company names on the trucks too! like in real!!
    Keep up the good work ;)

  43. Great job SCS. I really surprised about your team work.
    SCS improuve AI TRAFFIC with more cars. Not that car were i can see in: ETS1, GTS....

    SUGESTION: make the emergency option more realistical.
    Example: wait 1-2 or more minutes to come the trowing truck and resolve the problem (accident, mechanicals defects..), and waith more time to resolve the problem.
    In most trucks in cabin is a bed.. make some to sleep in that bed.. To do realistical make the "hunger meter".

    This is my opinion for that game to make real.

    @Indomable - is not necesary, because you get the trailer to point A and deliver to point B, and i think is waste of money. On the roads i don't see any trailer customized.

    Ciprian from ROmania

  44. Some people here are saying that some are complaining about all things, that's not true.

    I complain only about things they dont want to fix in their latest 5 games.

    SCS has to understand that realism is far more important than multisampling or truckcustomization..

    Basic things like the roadlines, and REALISTIC highway exits are simple things to ask, because they are even made by the Polish modders who make the polish map for SCS games every time.

    I hope they finally realize it, because if they do and if they fix these things, the game would get far more popular and get better socres as being a realistic simulator.

    Now the game looks the same all over the map, so whats the thing in Putting 70 cities in the game if they all have like 5 streets and measure 5 km²...

    If they cant make that amount of large cities then go focus on 1 or 2 countries and make them realistic as possible.

    My comment has nothing to do with whining or whatever, I just ask them to implent more realism in their game so we dont throw it away after playing it for 30 minutes because it gets too boring after 2 jobs...

    These things can be provided by modders of 15-16 years who do this as a hobby, so why not by a professional studio who gets money for their games ???

  45. @wesNL

    This blog is for to keep you updated on the ongoing progress of the game, if you think something else it's up to you.

    But sure, some suggestion from the fans of ETS can't be overlooked when you want to build a good Game. But i have serious doubt that any ideas that's posted here is going to be inserted into the game, since the progress of the game has been going on for a long time. But if you still must add your ideas, then it should be a proper and realistic suggestion, instead of this constant whining.

    You agree with that?

  46. You guys are still doing an awesome job. Gives you guys one tip too: don't rush this stuff. It's now going very well, you have limited manpower and resources I think, so don't also add a lot of rushing into it. Quality > quick release (although you shouldn't attempt to brake Duke Nukem Forever's record xD)

  47. SCS,

    Great job. I am so excited to hear that you guy's added a feature in the game to customize your own truck. That's awesome.

    The screen shot looks great. Keep up the great job. I cant wait for the game to come out.

  48. SCS ref my comment on last blog, you confirm i can customise my truck that makes me very happy. Will the gameplay be similar to ets1 where i can keep my truck all the time ? Can you give us an idea what the game play will be?

  49. @March 30, 2011 6:57 PM
    Jes I do,
    I posted a idea to:
    make sure the side line of the auto route in france is broken in lines from about 10 metres every time, it give it more realism.
    I think this idea is a realistic suggestion?
    When they added my idea in their game it give the autoroute in france his own character!

  50. hello, greetings from Italy I'm fond of simulation games, I see that eurotruck 2 will be very interesting and evolved, but I would give to the staff of Cruising scs software, I think the game would be even more nice if the road during the drive sees signs of advertising works, speed limit, in short, the map is full of different things and different that really looks like a real game! thanks and greetings from Italy

  51. Have Norway on the map! :-)

  52. Where are traffic signs? :>

  53. Nice shot, and thanks for posting the information about the customization. It sounds good.

    And now that we're at it, I would like to add something.

    First, one thing I didn't like on previous games was the wiper movement. It was very unrealistic. It bounced instantly and moved too fast, instead of having that sweet, smooth, elegant movement that they use to have.

    In these 5 seconds of video you can see what I mean (it's a bus, but to give you an idea):

    Notice how it stops for a moment at each side and also has like decceleration and acceleration.

    Second, I would like to talk about the maps, trying not to make it too long. In a truck *simulator* that pretends to simulate full Europe, both distances and traveling time should be realistic. I don't blame you because you did a good job and wanted a good game, but for the next release maybe you should think a bit about this.

    Me, and probably most of the players, will rather play a smaller map, with more realistic sizes, than a whole Europe map with traveling distances of 5 minutes between tows that in reality are 5 hours away. Yeah it's good to play and say "hey, I went from Paris to Berlin, yay!".. but not if you do it in 7 mins and do it once, and again, and again.. in one afternoon.

    So, my idea is the following (not for ETS2, but maybe ETS3): Make a map of an area, let's say some part of Belgium. Take a real map and create part of the main highway network, some small roads, cities, towns and companies here and there. If the map takes 30 mins from side to side, it's enough, as long as it has more realistic roads, highway entrances/exists, etc...

    Now, you can create add-on maps with other areas, buyable. I would buy them, and I'm sure more people would too. Creating a systema like Extreme Trucker where you can pick a map when loading could do this.

    And also, as you get more and more add-on maps, you could travel between them driving. Here comes my fantasy / dream part. It's doable but maybe requires a lot of work.

    My idea is a random / automatic map generator. You just place vector points, and set road variables like mountain, plains with trees, city at right, city at left, etc.. and then as we drive, the map generates itself.

    Why this? Well, so you can create a road fast, so let's say we have the Paris add-on map. I could travel from the Belgium map to Paris map, on an automatically generated road, for maybe 2 hours. And I wouldn't mind, believe me... stay there on the highway, while listenign to music, watching HUGE amount of traffic around me (not just a few cars), and driving on a highway while I drive next to towns, cities, etc... all automatically generated, without you needing to create a map manually. Just place vectors, set the surroundings look and let the game generate it.

    Right now you have to configure barriers, tree amount/distance, mountain heigh/distance, add houses, lamps, etc. manually... if you create a system where you just say: "2 lanes, mountain, tree", "3 lanes, plains", or "2 lanes, small town on right".. then the system could auto-create all the lamps, barriers, sound-barriers when needed (towns, etc.).. and we could drive between the manually created maps with realistic traveling times.

    ANd how to change between maps? Well... a tunnel could do it.. or maybe a gas station where you are forced to stop so the system can load the next area.

    I don't even know if you read all, but in case you did, thanks for reading. I know it's a bit.. to dream, but I really hope my dream comes true some day. And in case you would want me to extend this idea or even give some more details, just drop me an email to: katixa at katixa dot com.


  54. im sorry but i dont agree :( I hate extreme trucker!!!

    its shit!

  55. I have to agree with you extreme trucker ended up being a retarded game after all.

  56. Hi,

    Every day I think the game is more like what I'm thinking that I would like to see in the game.

    I would also see truck´s with 4 axles and trailers with 4 and 5 axles for special transport.

    In this site you can take many ideas about large loads:

    Where you can see trucks with 4 axles:

    Also could be like the ETS2 was GTS and ALH where we have the possibility to create and manage our company.

    And a like see the game sell in stores of Portugal. I never see any game of SCS selling in Portugal :(

    Until de game have finish I hope see in this blog, news about this I have write.

    Thanks SCS to make games about trucks as one.

    P.S. sorry my English but I´m Portuguese.

  57. Hello Boys
    The screenshot is so beautiful that looks like a postcard! :-)

    Great news!
    Finally, we can customize our trucks. WELL DONE!
    I recommend it to tap into all the fantasy as possible in choosing the custom option.

    Are increasingly anxious to leave for my first trip to ETS2.

  58. The Best ETS!Well done SCS!Please add GREECE!

  59. The mirrors should not be a customizable thing. Any transport vehicle, especially a truck, doesn't have the rights to move without mirrors at all.

  60. Hello SCS Soft guys!

    It's very nice job!

    And yeah, well done that we can customize our trucks! Keep it up!

    I think the most important things in ETS2 the physics, support clutch and G25/G27/TrackIR, and realistic driving feeling!!

    The other things is secondary! The vegetation is important too, but the first aspect the physics!

    Greetings from Hungary!

  61. Pretty nice, scs. I have two suggestions, though!

    1)Work on the wires
    2) The vegetation on the lower right corner of the screen needs some work, it does not look good.

    But the truck and trailer look phenomenal.

    Please add a wider variety of AI cars, like buses, small to medium box trucks, more regular sedans (cars) more SUV's, etc. Also, add more to the scenery, such as a wider variety of trees.

  62. Everything is beautiful so far!

    I've just started playing German Truck Simulator and am eagerly anticipating ETS 2!

    As many have been posting their suggestions I will voice my small wish of what to see in this or further upcoming truck sims: more realistic weather (more rain, fog, snow where appropriate) with proper effects on driving (limited visibility in harsh weather or fog, and reduced traction for wet or icy road conditions.)

    Keep up the great work!

  63. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!

  64. this is the 1st time tht the producer is involving actual user in i m sure tht its gona be a gr8 success...keep it up! and some ppl r absent minded, after mentioning clearly to neglect the finish work stil they commment on it...neglect them...and last but not least tht i m really enjoying this blog.

  65. Sometimes one has to admit that satisfying everyone is a foolish endeavor. This game (as any game) will be a compromise between realism, computing power and time. No company can be expected to create a 100% realistic representation of the world. The goal is to achieve the closest look with average hardware, otherwise no one will be able to use it. So, @Katixa, think of the amount of computing power needed to generate a complete town in milliseconds, as your truck drives by, whether you intend to stop or not!
    About the comments on this blog, maybe you should ask for a name, at least, so we can easily address amongst us, not that "Anonymous" confusing alias.

  66. If someone can translate me in english plz:

    Ce jeux s'annonce bien, beaucoup de gens esperent une sorte de "gran turismo" du camion. La customisation ne devrait pas être une priorité!

    Ce que pas mal de joueurs attendent surtout c'est une carte tres détaillée, des distances réaliste, accessoirement un mode MultiPlayer avec possibilité de creer des serveurs dédié!

    La possibilitée d'acheter ses propres remorques, travailler pour 1 seule société ou être en "freelance" et donc prendre des contrats ou l'on veu.

    Si multiplayer il y a, avoir la possibilitée de creer des compagnies virtuel.

    En Bonus: Faire un systeme de "permis" pour apprendre à manoeuvrer un camion, Que les radars soient visible dans des voitures de police par exemple. Avoir la possibilitée de mettre la progression temporelle à "1" (1min reel = 1min inGame)...

    Je suis conscient qu'un jeux est long à creer, que beaucoup de nouvelles choses vont être apportées. Les screens montrent que beaucoups de travail a déjà été fait! Ne laché rien, gardez la motivation.


  67. @Spyper
    Ce que vous proposez est une combinaison de GTS / DOTA / Counter Strike serveur application, le "Holy Graal", mais ça impliquerait un complètement nouveau "game engine". N'oublie pas le caractère financier!
    Pour l'instant, quelques caractéristiques suggérées par vous sont disponible dans German Truck Simulator, avec les plusieurs garages et chauffeurs employées.
    Mais la progression temporelle est difficile, car il faudrait développer une carte immense.

  68. salut, toujours du bon travail ! En effet la végétation est pas assée variée à mon goût !
    J'espère que ma suggestion est prise en compte !
    Bonne journée !!

  69. how can I save the contents of console to a text file? is there a command to do that? the eurotrucks.log doesn't appear anymore!!! thank you

  70. I could stop to talk to other traffic, police, and talk about the weather and other things...

  71. Please SCS add Romania map or just Bucharest!PLEASE!!!!!

  72. Mountains should be, and snowy mountain peaks into ETS2.,%20Tirol.jpg

  73. best game (truck simulator) of the world!!

    i have one question, what about the international license plates? and also stickers?

  74. The most important things in ETS2 the physics, support clutch, G25, G27, TrackIR, aaaaand realistic driving feeling!!

  75. Blinker in mirrors. Please!

  76. Animal transport trailer!

  77. Please add monte bianco!!! :D
    with the extreme curves; look on google maps :). and a parking on the top for the frigo's... and on the ground a parking for freight-traffic were they can see if you got frigo or not, if you got frigo you must wait on the top... untill there are a couple of frigos... than you drive true the tunnel in convoy for the safety.
    here more info :)

  78. Scs i was thinking that if you want a amazing game which I must say you are on the right truck, anyway back to the point, I brought a game about 2 weeks ago and it was Omsi Bus Simulator, I was very impressed with the detail they put in to the game.

    I mean the maps was not the best, but the features in the bus was unbelievable, I mean pretty every button in the bus worked, it had rain on all windows when i rain, you have a button wich you push if you want the wipers on slow or fast. It also had screen wash, you push shit and W and you have screen wash going over the screen it was amazing, you had a full beam button with you pushed and you would get a flash from your full beam lights, It was a real simulator so I hope you could look at this game and use it in ETS2 or future game from you (Scs Software) I could go on and on but im not because you are doing a great job and you have work to do!

    But if any member gets a bit of free time, Please have ago on this Omsi- Bus Simulator It will help you developers alot!

    Many Thanks in advance

  79. bonjour la photo n ressemble pas au route francaise

  80. voila un site qui pourrait vous aidez a réaliser les autoroutes je pense pouvoir convaincre les francais qui voudrons jouer a euro truck simulator ...

    se site bien faits pour décrire les autoroutes ,les sortir ,les ponts rond point.....

  81. site pour toutes les autoroutes de certains pays européen france,belgique espagne,allemand,hollande

    avec des nouvelles sortir d'autoroutes,entrée d'autoroutes,panneau de signalisation,de direction...etc...


    vous remarquerez que c'est un bus mais je trouve l'environnement trés bien...

  83. il faudrait mettre beaucoup plus de voitures ainsi que des autocars

    je trouve qu'il y a trop de champs sur les autoroute il faudrait mettre plus d'agglomération si possible...

    bon travail...

  84. for you scs!


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