Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Euro Truck Simulator 2 roads and prefabs

We often hear complaints from you that the road lanes in our games are too wide, and questions why don't we adjust them to the correct width.

Actually, the people who complain the most about this problem are SCS Software's own artists and designers! Of course we know that our roads are wider than in reality, and it causes quite a lot problems with how the whole world is perceived, with sizes of elements along the road and in the world versus the vehicles etc. If only we could use realistic proportions for our roads, our life would be so much simpler...

Unfortunately, what we have now is a compromise that we will have to live with if we want to keep the game playable for majority of the customers. If everybody was playing our games with steering wheels or at least gamepads, with their smooth and precise control, it would be a no-brainer to use tighter road lanes. However, well over 90% of people playing our games are using keyboard only. We don't want to frustrate these players too much, and you must be aware that it's not really so simple to stay in the lane when steering using the arrow keys even with our current overly wide lanes.

It would get much worse if the lane width was only a bit over 3 meters as in reality. Bumping into AI cars in adjacent lines while driving through a curve or through an intersection would be far more frequent and way too frustrating. We just cannot afford to make our games only for a few thousand super-hardcore simulation fans, and upset everybody else. We need to keep frustration low to make the driving experience enjoyable to the widest possible audience, just to have a chance to stay in the business.

And now for your daily dose of visual treats, here are a few samples from newly created intersection prefabs. More pictures from this series have been placed into a new  Gallery on Euro Truck Simulator 2 facebook page.


  1. Thank you for changing the prefabs. Please add more realistic driving time features or a tachograph.

    Regards, Danyiel

  2. Very nice work......looks realy realistic thumbs up :)
    D e j v
    Greetings from Czech republic

  3. Im playing with keyboard and i wanted smaller lanes , but everybody cant be hardcore as SCS said :)

  4. SCS good day!

    Outstanding work ... It's very interesting what you have done for the game, and especially the players here who ask for something or give tips to improve your game. This blog is a great channel for communication, so congratulations for the initiative!

    The new prefabs are really cool! The game will be very good, I'm sure.

    One thing that I see many people asking and I always ask you are the double trailers. This is a formidable option for modders ... Please give some advice on about this!

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Praná - Brasil

  5. I expected this reason for lanes to be wider. I'd suggest you to make for future games different levels of difficulty, giving option to the player to choose between (other settings) wider lanes or narrower before first map loading. I uderstand that isn't worth spending time to a minority, but it satys as a suggestion.

    About the screens, im really excited! With AI improvements and a more complex road prefabs...
    It'll be very nice driving in ETS2!

    Good work SCS team!

  6. Very nice scs team

  7. Nothing is more easy then steering with the mouse;)
    Your prefabs look great! Is there a possability to create my own prefabs?

  8. Keep the info coming SCS, love it and can't wait for release.

  9. Very road new prefab???
    Renault Magnum and Premium interior screen??
    Logitech G25?
    New Tank trailer?
    Double trailer?
    I love you scsteam:-))))))

    sorry my english not good

  10. how long it is till the rellease of the game?

  11. They look very well new Prefabs congratulations!
    I wait for it very much/we wait for the game and I hope for it very much it'll be fun.
    Because of many new things that he's in (shade, physics...) and what there will be in him yet ! :) Great.
    We say thank you for your patience and good work to the additional ones.

    from Hungary. :)

  12. scs great work!

    But in your next post let the fans know about multiplayer?? that keeps poping up in forums, also will ETS2 support the Logitech G27 and G25 with gear changes etc. If RignRoll can do it with a 10year late game, Im sure SCS Software could with ease! PLEASE LET US ETS2 FANS KNOW WHATS HAPPENING!

    I think this is needed to be known now with all this amazing news!!

    Many Thanks

  13. Scs I play with steering wheel and it's more confortable that play with keyboard :) I bought that steering wheel only for play your games!

    Great job! Don't forget the SINGLE RODAS please, and put the multipleayer mod! PLEASE.


  14. Lol I would like to know where they did get those numbers. 90 % playing the game with keyboard is imo pure nonsense !

    Anyway nice new prefabs and nice highway exits...

    Looks more realistic in any way !

    Now work on environment so the game doesnt become boring after driving 2 rides and work on NEW ENGINE SOUNDS AND ENVIRONMENTAL SOUNDS SCS !

  15. keep it up great work

  16. We wont pedestrians and cyclist in ETS2.....

  17. Well, if even I have learned to properly steer with the mouse...

    But: give us a prefab editor - something you already considered before - and all ranting regarding the width of streets and crossings could stop. :-)

  18. Thank you for the daily dose ;-)

    These prefabs are excellent! They remind me of the prefabs in 18 WoS Across America, which I still play it! Good job! I will recommend this game to all of my friends!


  19. Excelent work SCS . You amaze me with this so far . I will buy it now ! Do me a favor guys . DO NOT REMOVE the mouse driving setting . I steer with my mouse . Please do not remove this option ! Respect for your work guys :)

  20. yeah, i play it with a g25 and i sure would like to use for example clutch pedal, or even better H-gearbox (gears 1-4 then N, push some button to get higher gears and shift 5-8, every gear could have reduced gear etc...)

  21. I play with an XBOX controller and tbh i think the roads could actually do with being slightly wider. If the roads were made smaller you would definatly need to address the size of corners on high speed roads such as motorways.

    On a positive note the new slip road is looking great :)

  22. I don`t agree at 100% with you. Most players are playing with keyboard because the sterring with mouse in previous versions was not realistic and made some strange things. I was playing with mouse since PTTM and it's no problem to keep the truck btw the lines. So what I'm saying is: make the lines just like in real world, but improve a lot the stering with mouse. That way much more people will play with it and can keep the truck btw lines!

  23. Looks good SCS!
    But I even hope to see a prefab editor when the game is released :)

  24. For those who dont have steering wheel, steering with MOUSE is very easy and precise !

    Btw SCS, you have already made great job with this game. Intersection prefabs looks great, much better then before.

  25. scs please use a TomTom on the trucks as we look where we drive then first na map then look where we are please use him in the trucks
    GR Holland

  26. its the best game over the world i swear

  27. looks pretty good.

    please dont forget german highway exits like this


  28. Get rid of those ugly unrealistic arrows


  29. nice work SCS
    but please add gigaliners like

  30. its very very nice scs i can not wait for the game release

  31. Nice job SCS!

    Here is a little inspirations for more prefabs:

    Please check it out!

    Btw, what about motorway signs?!

    Look at these links!

    European motorway signs:

    Motorway pictures and forum:

    I hope these will useful for you!

    Greetings from Hungary!

  32. Looks awesome, people talking, walking, cycling etc etc... keep really great job also thanks for Poland map! My suggestion give higher priority to this project than others like 18WOS ET2..

    Greets from Poland

  33. I would like to suggest new delivery options for example you can get a load from a fuel farm and deliver it to a a truckstop but the delivery will take about an hour once you park then you would take the empty tank back to the fuel farm. Also deliveries to job sites that will appear at random to give you a new and varied set of challenges.

  34. IT IS VERY VERY NICE SCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!

    But can you make the highway exits longer?

    so, i have more chance to drive to highway, without to take the brake!


  35. Excellent, beautiful textures, great job, congratulations from Venezuela ....

  36. SCS you said that this will be a hardcore game right?? where is the hardcore in that??? This is no solution you should try to peace up the both sizes. Make large roads and tight roads.It's more work but you don't disrespect the hardcore fans in that way. I hope to find the winining formula.

  37. Please guys add CLOUCH! It's dream for me and I think for much othere people, and DON'T remove the MOUSE stering but improve it.

  38. Great pictures! :)

    Also, I agree with the clutch.

  39. Hi SCS!

    As a simulation gamer I can understand that we are the minority, so the fact that you have to do compromises with the road width is understandable. Any addition to realism that you can put into the game is always welcomed, but I'm sure your game will be great despite making compromises.

    One thing you could do for the sim gamers would be to have full support of Logitech G25 and G27 racing wheels. Most importantly working clutch pedal. As a great bonus it would be nice to be able to use the 7-gear H-shifter on these wheels (6 + reverse). With a buttons to select "low gears" and "high gears", these 6 forward speeds could be converted to 12 easily.

    If this would be doable with reasonable resources, please think about it. If you don't have Logitech G25/G27 controller at the SCS, I'm happy to volunteer as beta tester with my Logitech G27 for this functionality.


  40. Couldn't agree more with you guys about the lane width. Keep it that way, they're not such a big problem as all these "show-offs" say. Actually, I and many like me don't find anything wrong with them. I play using a mouse for most of the time, to avoid the automatic return of the steering wheel, which makes the whole truck balance like crazy.
    Since we talk about controllers, might I suggest you make it possible to toggle between GPS map sizes and right mirror with the scroll? I tried setting it but to no use. Also, for keyboard driving, try adapting the speed at which the steering wheel returns to the speed of the truck!
    About the pictures, they look great! One question though, is that a full prefab (pic 2), or the cross in the middle and four forks?
    The first picture kinda gives you a hint to where did the highway sign was inspired from, isn't it? That is a common highway exit, but the original ones were OK, too.
    Thumbs up!

  41. beautiful! i hope the AI can use them properly. The prefab junctions in previous SCS games were always a bit generic and basic. How about some better city junctions too? The ones we have now are way too big and open and lack proper turning lanes and road markings. Speed bumps would also be cool, and motorway exits with roundabouts at each end (common in the UK). I also like the 'proper' slip roads rather than just lanes that turn off, and the arrows to warn you where you are about to go!

  42. SCS Team !
    You should make the steering with keyboard like in OMSI !
    So if (for example) you press right once the steering wheel turns 1° stays in that position and if you press left the steering wheel return to normal position. And if you press continously the button it turns continously

    1. This game is looking very good,beautiful! i hope the AI can use them properly. I also like the 'proper' slip roads rather than just lanes that turn off, and the arrows to warn you where you are about to go!
      codes psn gratuit

  43. This game is looking very good, but one thing worries me, frame rates. My middle of the road system does not run GTS or UKTS that well, mainly due to the way GTS and UKTS loads scenery up to far in front. With all the new polygons included in the new trucks and trailers and new building and prefabs will this not require a super computer to run it? Extreme Trucker and Extreme Trucker 2 run without any problems, please remember that not everyone has or is able to afford a very fast system, but would still like to use this game.


  45. Yo,

    greatly looking develop, much better road´s system than in previous games and mainly, there are connecting lanes! AWESOME, finally!!! So i hope that what about map there will be everywhere long connecting lanes, .. included tank stations cause they are really terrible in actually look.
    Keep doing the same way, it looking gr8 so far.

    Grtz Michael K. CZE.

  46. Width of the road so good, because not everyone has the money to the government.
    2011 Year of the ETS2 game.

  47. The new prefabs look awesome and very realistic!!!. I completely agreed with you!!! I love your Facebook page!! Good work! Does the Scania Lowline in T&T mean that you will also add the Daf CF, the Mercedes Axor, the Man TGA, etc? Thanks!!! SCS Software ROCKS!! Also, I LOVE the fact that the entrance bridge on the highway goes over the highway, not under!!

  48. Winding mountain roads!
    Nice tunnels.
    Windows as well.
    The rest of the long tunnel.

  49. enfin, des échangeurs réalistes
    super boulot à vous
    continuez comme ça

  50. What an advance! Prefabs in ETS/GTS looked - well, let's say not bad, but sometimes as a toy. These new pieces are outstanding. I only hope that there will be large number of them, because driving on same prefabs again and again was one of most boring things.

    About width of lanes: it was always ok to me, but this explanation was important. Guys who disagree, it's like this, believe it or not. Because, to be frank, major part of SCS's players aren't part of our community. They are casual players, they don't visit forums, they just buy some not so expensive game in Tesco or Wal-mart time to time. So although we don't hear them, they simply exists. It's fully understable why lanes are wider then in a reality.

  51. That is a great improvement
    Well done !

  52. - Traffic must go through all possible bands (as well as our truck).
    - Make a lane for acceleration and deceleration is longer.
    - Remove barriers in some places (on the slopes / lift).
    - Prefab in the game should be very much and they should be varied.

  53. Beautiful photos of the various intersections, give me the impression that the map once you have finished you will be pleasantly complex.

    I find it reasonable that your comments about the width of the lanes, i understand the expectations of fans of simulation stark but honestly one of the many things you could improve in the game, narrowing the lane is at the bottom of the list, indeed it is less frustrating for almost everyone.

    I'm really impressed, however, the fact that 90% of your customers use the keyboard to play! But how can we? Bha! At least a gamepad!

    Personally, i have decided to invest around € 300 when purchasing a steering wheel and can not deny that i did in good part to play your games in the best possible way (free to believe or not), and when i set 540 degrees of rotation i get the maximum control on the road :-)

    Keep it up and not disappoint anyone ... or almost.

  54. P.S.: I totally agree with - Osmo Finland -

    " One thing you could do for the sim gamers would be to have full support of Logitech G25 and G27 racing wheels. Most importantly working clutch pedal. As a great bonus it would be nice to be able to use the 7-gear H-shifter on these wheels (6 + reverse). With a buttons to select "low gears" and "high gears", these 6 forward speeds could be converted to 12 easily."

    luckily I'm not alone!

  55. the roads is not a problem, but in the future would be, so keep doing another improvements like adding clucth for the logitech G25/27 or other steering wheels. Capite?

    Brazil - England

  56. Thanks for the explanation on wide roads, appreciated. I'm one of those users who complains it a lot about that topic (and it seems I will still do :P ).

    For GTS I released a modified map with realistic road width, and while I agree it's hard to play on keyboard, it also makes the driving a lot more enjoyable.

    If you heard about the OMSI bus simulator, or even tried it, you'll see that lanes there are done like real ones. The bus barely fits on them, And they have roundabouts too. And yes, lots of people plays on keyboard.

    I understand your point about trying not to frustrate the people, but I also see that this is a simulator (or at least it includes that word on the game title). For instance, Flight Simulator can be played with keyboard, but of course it's much more enjoyable and playable with a proper joystick. I think that driving games are designed for wheels, and eventually more and more people has one (it's not so rare as it was many years ago). So maybe instead of designing games for keyboard-players, they could be make realistically and adjust keyboard controls to make them playable on keyboard (with soft turning, acceleration, braking, etc. instead of just full-power when pushing a key).

    I'm just curious about where you got that 90% keyboard players number from. Basically because personally I would not count all the pirate-kids that download the game from somewhere to just install their tuned Scania-mods and post videos on YouTube. I would love to know the real % of customers (paying) who buy the game and enjoy the driving with a steering wheel.

    In any case, I understand your explanation and see your point, but I still have hopes that this changes in a future game.

    Thanks and keep the good work.

  57. It would be really nice to have this for a console (XBox360 or PS3) Because I could imagine that this game would need an all new PC for me. (Maybe also for others)


    mfG Dan

  58. Hello SCS Soft guys!

    It's very nice!

    I have some questions:

    How will be modding friendly the ETS2?
    Can you say a few words about the fans in the next entry?
    And tell to us some info about Ai vehicles, that will be buses, trains, ships, van, etc?

    Please write on them too!


  59. Hello, very good work, just that the curves are very dangerous and tight. It would have to be less tightly to avoid accidents.

    Excused my English. Greetings from France
    Translation by Google

  60. Great job! Don't forget multiplayer PLEASE????????????

  61. I'm a truck driver in real life and I play the game with a steering wheel but it never bothered me that the lanes are wider than in real life. So don't worry too much about this, ETS2 is going to be awesome anyway!

    Thanks for sharing some more pictures.

  62. SCS: What you say is partially true, but not entirely. Are you catering to a specific age? because if you're not, a challenge is what gaming is all about. When people want a simulator, they want it realistic, no matter how hard it is. As long as there is mouse steering available you will have no complaints from the majority of people. I mean, TOO wide is TOO wide, then there is average, then there is skinny. All roads should be average width, because there's no fun if you can swerve all over the place without any danger of hitting anything. That just makes the game boring.

  63. Amazing pictures. Looking forward to the release very much.


    we wont to see this

  65. Please !! do not delete mouse steering ! i love to handle the steering wheel with the mouse + my settings (click left = acceleration , click right = brake, middle click = motor brake .

  66. Over 90% really? I would have guessed the opposite.
    10% using keyboard - and then the majority, let's say 70% using a gamepad (as myself) and the rest a steering wheel.

    I'm surprised by the numbers, to say the least.

  67. Napadlo mě že by SCS mohli udělat na to sklo GPS a když se stiskne M jako , že si chci zapnout mapu tak by se zapla ta GPS a v ní na tom display ba byla ta mapa.

    Je to jen nápad ale vypadalo by to hezky .


    It occurred to me that the SCS could do it GPS and glass when M is pressed, that I want to turn the map would be paid the GPS and display it on the map was indeed.

    It's just an idea but it would look nice.

  68. Zdravím ty trucky vypadají dost dobře i hra samotná vypadá velmi kvalitně.Jen bych chtěl aby jste udělali do ETS 2 double trailer mod. Bylo by to užitečné pro nás , kteří si chtějí vyrobit přívěs , který je na obrázku níže bez toho, aby jsme museli pořád přepisovat definition před každou jízdou. Díky moc

    Hi the trucks looks very good and game too.But I've got one wish.Can u make a double trailer mod? It would be useful for us modders who want to make a trailer that u can see on the picture below.I don't want to overwrite the definition before every ride.Thx lot

  69. I forgot to place the picture. So here it is

  70. Yes, please make double trailers, so you have by some loads 2 options, for example Frozen food single trailer and frozen food double trailer. That would be nice. Please make also single roads in the game, because I hate highways. And make that the traffic is driving 90 on the single roads.

  71. There's no pleasing half you retards is there?

  72. you must add the daf xf 105 in the garage!!! please there's mercedes scania volvo renault but not daf please add it....

  73. Bonsoir SCS,

    Je vous félicite vraiment pour le travail que vous effectuez ! C'est vraiment génial ! Je suis très impatient.

    Il sont vraiment super ces nouvelles routes et préfabs ! Personnellement, je joue au clavier mais je trouve que les routes sont très bien dimensionnées comme ça, je n'y vois aucun inconvénient. Continuez dans cette voie, c'est parfait !

    J'ai vue sur certaines images du jeux " Camion & Remorque " qu'il y aura des piétons, est-ce qu'ils passeront sur des passages piéton ? Sa serait beaucoup plus réaliste !

    J'espère qu'il y aura des travaux sur les routes dans le futur ETS. Et qu'il y aura aussi des doubles remorque.

    Je vous souhaite bon courage ! C'est vraiment énorme ce que vous faites !!

    Bonne continuation de la France.

    Translate of google translate in english:

    Goodnight SCS,

    I really commend you for your work! It's really great! I'm very impatient.

    There are really great these new roads and prefabs! Personally, I play keyboard but I find that the roads are very well sized like that, I see no problem. Continue in this way is perfect!

    I saw some pictures of the games "Truck & Trailer" there will be pedestrians, do they spend on pedestrian crossings? His would be much more realistic!

    I hope there will work on roads in the future ETS. And there will also double trailer.

    I wish you good luck! It's really great what you do!

    Good continuation of France.


  74. please, make (show us) some more prefabs for single roads, too
    And make some road work, if possible with traffic lights.

    very nice work, scs

  75. gizmosellschickensMarch 25, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    Use the old prefabs from Haulin or ALH to allow flexbility to build roads, and create complex flyover interchanges. The lanes are fine if your using a gamepad not precise like a steering wheel, but I think the road surfaces should effect the truck handing and tires blow out all of sudden. Also, make the game easier to mod to create are our maps and models etc. AI should be adusted to time of day or night, and cyclists people like to ride bikes in town are common.



  78. please, make more prefabs for single roads

    very good work scs

  79. ETS2 Elevated overpass Hope to correspond to reality?

    ETS1 Elevated overpass too single, simple!!!

  80. 18 wos prefabs More ambitious

  81. Please,Please SCS people make Eurotruck2 playable for keyboard+mouse and weelsteering I could not drive those trucks on arrows-keyboard or I would been driving on the bush.

    Thank you I am looking forward for all that driving around europe.
    Cheers from Australia

  82. Please Do playable to drive with JOYSTICK too
    really the lot some like to drive with steering weel or mouse+keyboard
    Cheers from Sydney

  83. Good work guys,i can not wait the release date ,congratzz too

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  87. what about drivers?they pick gargos of their own or we manage them?and the tires dont be for life ,after few thousands km must be replaced for handling,and one other in the begin when you buy your own truck to make and incurance[pay for it] for the the borders must stop for check and check the weight of the truck and the driver[if he is driving many hours and sleeping[i do that few times]what about cb so we can talk in the road[for trafic,police e.t.c]that s for now cheers from Greece[Greek Transporter VOLVO FH POWER]

  88. Will this have support for more than 1 controller?

    I use G-25 and pedals direct to PC with Leobodnar cable, will i be able to use this 2?

  89. Please SCS, please add the following signs into the game.
    I really missed the signs at GTS and ETS.

    Please ADD THIS:

    AND A LOT MORE, there are from this website:

  90. This is really an intersted blog......Thanks for sharing with us. Car dealer websites

  91. Use mouse steering please ! Please SCS make mouse steering in ets2.
    For a driving sim Its vital to have this feature. Mouse steering Is closest thing you can get to a wheel. I know you tried this before but It didnt work all that well and I just used other programs to emulate mouse to steer, programs such "ppjoy".

    I've been racing in many hardcore racing sim's for past 5-6 years using a mouse and from my experience It is next best thing to a racing wheel If get the controls right. Best example Is "Live For Speed" many top guys in there use mouse (including my self). I sincerely suggest to look up to that.

    I Just want to add, that I am handicapped, two years back I broke my neck and lost functionality from waist below and my hands/fingers.
    And If I can use mouse with precise everyone can, jk ;]
    The point Im trying to make is, Dont dumb down your game, stick to your principles, be unique. Gaming world need this.

    Im hopping that terrible English is understandible.

    Good luck and best wishes ;]

  92. why do people drive with the arrow keys when everybody can drive with the mouse?

  93. what is the difference between euro truck simulator and euro truck simulator 2


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