Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cool Liner almost done

A few extra hours of work, and the model nears completion...

Just as with the tractors, now that we'll have a few decent-looking models, it is time to approach the owners of the brands and try to persuade them to allow them being featured in our game.

Is it not a simple process - even just identifying the right person to talk to, and finding a way to present our case, reaching the ears of the decision makers, is a major hurdle.

We like to think that it can only be beneficial for the brands to appear in our simulations - after all there are many many fans of real trucks who play our games. The amount of free publicity focused at the right audience alone is something that money could hardly buy. But it is not so simple, for many people computer games are still too new media, often perceived as something controversial. So we need a little luck too usually - establishing the dialogue first and then meeting with somebody who is a bit of a computer games fan too, somebody who can appreciate the benefits versus risks, and trusts us enough to see it worth investing their time into work on a licensing arrangement. Sometimes, these negotiations take months and months, we go through highs and lows, sometimes a step forward is followed by two steps back. We are taking this very seriously, but we just cannot guarantee to you yet that all the brands and models that we are presenting here on the blog will eventually make it into the game in full glory.


  1. Looks good sofar.
    One good simulator should have people on the streets. Will be great if you manage to do that.

  2. Hi, SCS.
    Nice work).
    ...You have to singularize micromanagement from EXE to obtain the opportunity to load map’s management with loading a new map in each further game.
    For example no one will chuck in being able to load to GTS 1.32 Haulin’s maps. It is impossible for now, but you should strike for it :)
    This will only increase the sales as each new version will appear a huge patch with new features based on the game engine and equipped with new objects on the map. You should definitely buy it!)
    Besides it is high time to separate localization files for localized versions to appear at the same time and to make possible installation of patches from official site SCS on Russian versions of game (for example).
    By the way it will be good on you to change Russian distributor as Akella certainly doesn’t cope with.
    It’s very interesting what innovations will ETS2 management have except of roads with rental areas.
    Off course if it’s possible to take the wraps off)
    Any case, best wishes for SCS team!
    Your progress is evident you gladden your fans! Thanks a lot!
    //D., Russia. Sorry for English)

  3. Can you show Renault premium progress?

  4. Its nice to see all these new graphical updates, but please start sharing some infomation about new game play features. Multiplayer? :)

  5. you are on the right way scs!
    Please give us more informations about Map,Gameplay,Double Trailer,Multyplayer!
    can you show us screenshot from the map (F5)?

    well done scs!!!

  6. Really nice! I hope that there will be real logos

  7. I would to know what about multiplayer, too... please. Thanks! You're in the right way.

  8. Hello SCS so want a real logo and then a simulation without these brands? that it is difficult to resolve some miserable logos to put into the game? and another question is whether the physics of damage in the game? but then crashes as you want - no scratches, and the lights all integers. with RESPECT from RUSSIA!

  9. Good luck with the negotiations! Hope to see the real brands in-game, because these trailers just look plain awesome on the pictures. :)

  10. The trailer is really good! I hope you get success dealing the license with brands, tehy are really important to make the game even better.

    What about the secret project you've mentioned some time ago, huh? ^.-

    Good work SCS team!

  11. Good looking model you've made there! I still want to remember you to change the highway prefabs and add an acceleration lane. It's quite unpleasant to enter directly on the highway and it's not like that in the real life anyway.

    Regards, Danyiel

  12. Hello SCS.

    The trailer is really amazing!

    I was thinking it must be really difficult to combine work computer and the diplomat trying to get all the licenses, undoubtedly has to absorb a lot of energy.
    I do not judge your choice to produce a video game with lots of official licenses, but if the energy you need to get them sacrificed in some way some other segment of the game then, maybe I'm wrong, but I would leave the task to change the names (Scania - Volvo - Krone - etc. etc.) to the people of modders, because in this way each one could have without damaging the original brand and you may direct all forces in the production of a simulated game at 100%.
    ...that's just my idea of course.


  14. Add the sound of the refrigerator.

    It would be nice to be able to regulate the temperature in the trailer itself.

  15. Yo developers!

    OoOo really brilliant work on Coolliner you did, awesome, pleasure to see it! I have one big request to you, we are keep writing still same things but at all here are not replies from you to our questions so please i think that if this is BLOG so you should a bit more comunicate with us ;).

    Greetings from Michael K. CZE.

  16. It is been that embarrassing to each of the news appeared repetitive comments like "DOUBLETRAILER", "MULTIPLAYER", "SINGLEROAD" etc.... SCS have already read it, so there is no reason to happen again. Guys, be reasonable, and cherish the fact that SCS releasing new information as often. It deserves repekt and not constantly spamming.

    SCS, good job and a wonderful trailer ;) I like it!

    (And sorry for my bad english)

  17. Very nice trailer.

    From here I wanted to make a request to all users of the game to support SCS with respect to real brands, to see how many people want companies to be included in the game, which will rentanbles for everyone to have the real brands, the players in the game will have real brands, advertising companies will have him in the game and SCS will have more benefits to having more real things in the game.

    Keep up the good, and if they can make more trailers of various brands, the more you do better.

    Translated with Google translator.

  18. Looks amazing. Can't wait till release.
    Keep up the fantastic work SCS Software team.

  19. Hello SCS Team, Looks amazing. Can't wait till release.

  20. nice work scs, a question: the trailer will have sound(as real reffer trailer)?

    Salu2 from Chile

  21. Looking good! ;-)

    Really hope you succeed in getting licenses for all vehicles! :-)


  22. I support the idea of adding sound to the trailer - refrigerator. It will look more realistic.

    SCS recommend you see a video for the illustrative example:
    Sound reefer trailer.

    Brrr, cold. =) =) =)

  23. Take alook at this video for inspiration for the Truck and Trailer physics:

  24. Folks do a good job and I want to say already no longer have patience until the appearance of the game but I want to give you and if you have a suggestion that the garages could be purchased if you can jump to what you can sell after close his business VAM wrote say so ... but do not know if once you got to read because of the large number of requests and opinions so I'll write again enhancing efficiency with which you could play ... if you possible that sudden braking and cornering to leave marks on the asphalt trailer as you have managed to do in 18 WOS PTTM and ADR and low loader truck to be able to equip cars with flashing lights and accompanying especially those oversized ... and try to play the maps that will include Romania put the road map and they're not very good with the few highways that we have ... I hope to have taken me and me and demand to implement in the game are a hardcore fan of the games I played all you truck out on the market ... until then you much success and expect further progress ......

  25. Excellent! About the map, don't forget the SINGLE ROADS PLEASE!

  26. Add the sound of the refrigerator please

  27. vobjours vous fete du vraiment enorme boulot surper bien fait en + mais j'ai 2 question avait vous une date de sorti et aussi vous avait une idéé de la configuration ?? car sur le 1 on a du male merci d'avance

  28. It is always interesting to observe how real companies accedes to videogames. One could say it's great commercial for them. But it's always hard. One one hand, they're afraid of controversity, because "it's videogame - there are drugs, sex and crime!" and on the other hand, when you'll say that this is pure driving arcade or simulation, they're afraid, because "game like this must be boring and this is nothing for our cool company".

    But what the hell are games developed directly for marketing? I know lots and lots of driving (mostly racing) games, which are boring after five minutes, or, in some cases, when main screen is loaded. :-D And alomst every automobile company published one or more games like this: giants like BMW or Volvo as well as smaller companies like Skoda. Common sign is, there is no damage model, as in SCS's games - it is obvious that damage is missing because of marketing reasons. They are so poor when it comes to driving model, it's always arcade and nothing more. But what the heck with damage or driving model, there is no other thing which could compel me to play game like this again (and to see brands and logos again). In your games, I can continue to grow my virtual business or at least to collect achievments (growing business is better, anyway), I can discover really huge world, which is always incomparable with other driving games - simply lot of fun (to be honest, older 18WoS were even much more funnier then euro series, but I believe ETS2 will be so playable as your golden classics - AA, PTTM or Haulin).

    What I'm trying to say - peaceful games are nothing new in marketing sphere. So why these evasions? Why are companies still afraid? Is it because they simply don't believe that independent developer can treat their brand correctly? Is it because that there is a possibility they will be not the only one representant of their sphere of business? Hard to say, but I wish you to meet more people like those from MAN - whether you're finding people from automobile or trasport business.

  29. We Want this,1176004709,2/stock-photo-articulated-semi-truck-twin-trailer-3033535.jpg

  30. No we don`t that is Australian example. European are different. SCS the double trailers in europe could be semi trailer atached to the tractor and then trailer atached to the semi trailer. Or tractor for cargo and after it with dolly atached a semi trailer. For me the most beautiful is the second one.

    Pleas don't make to many visual effect of ambients. Care more for physics and handling with mouse.

  31. Thank you for improving the texture of the rear wheel behind you pointed out.
    Good luck with SCS!


  33. well done scs
    will there be any rigids ?
    doing a great job

  34. Map screen please!!

  35. A really appealling add-on for the player would be fully costomizable vehicle, made easy for the average gamer.
    Implementing real brands adds to the realistic look, but, after the initial excitement of seeing real brands in the game, the player will still want to mould it to his/her like.
    The simplest way is to provide the player with a default folder in (let's say) mod folder, named Custom, for example.
    All you have to do is allow the player to place in that folder a bunch of images, in the specified format (png, jpeg, something widely available) and with a specific name and size.
    Example: customizable container
    Side of trailer - ContainerRight_NAME.png and ContainerLeft_NAME.png
    Backend of trailer - ContainerBack_NAME.png
    The "ContainerRight_", "ContainerLeft_" and "ContainerBack_" will be mandatory, in the name of the file, also the *.png extension. The "NAME" would be at the discretion of the gamer, to easily identify his/her custom image. You will tell the player that the side images have to be a certain WidthxHeight, the back image with its own values. If these are corectly followed, in the game, the player will be able to access a menu where he/she can select from the list of detected images, the ones he/she has previously put in the respective "mod/Custom" folder, and get their own fully customized trailer, with an editable name at his discretion. Maybe he/she could also save his/her creation to share it and bragg amongst other players. The same procedure could be used for applying decals on the truck cabin, along with interior customizable colors. This would be a huge leap in the attractivity of the game. No more elaborate editing of image files or need for weird software to edit 3d files or textures. Everyone, with minimal computer skills, will be able to let their imagination flow and I can guarantee you will see extraordinary art on your trucks and trailers. Every driver likes to customize his vehicle, and in the world of truckers that's become a must! Give that to your clients and they'll be more satisfied with it than with any default, hard laboured and, probably hard payed, looks you can provide.

  36. Hint:

    Put "target=_blank" inside the "a href" tag of these images you post, so they would open in a new window.


  37. Very nice, but can you update us on truck interiors. Will there be right hand drive interiors, or will people from the UK be left out just like they where in first ETS ? I understand that you can not tell us exactly what will be in the game, but surley you decide from the start what cities, trucks and interiors you will use in the game.

  38. Hi SCS!

    Good job with the trailer. It looks great. Here is an idea about the real brand names for the game: First use some effort to get the real brand in the game, and if it doesn't succeed, then go for plan B or plan C.

    Plan B would be to replace those brands which you didn't get contract with, with some fake brand names to the released game, and then "leak" the already made models and graphics of the real brand to the modding community. After all, you have had the hard work to implement them so it would be nice if the gaming community could enjoy them.

    Or even better, do the Plan C, which is that after releasing the game, you (SCS) make a "Real Brand Names Mod" for the community, which replaces all fake brand names with real ones and the real textures that you have worked so hard on. This mod could be of course released "unofficially" to the community in the modding websites. This way the community will be able to play the game the way you (SCS) meant it originally, even if you don't manage to get all of the brand names to the official release of the game.

    The reason I recommend Plan C is because someone is going to do this kind of mod anyways, so the best would be if this mod would be done by SCS with the top quality work that you have already used hours to work on.


  39. et s'il vous plait modifié les bugs ou les remorque rentre dans les camion

  40. Every season, invite you have switched?
    If the winter, the snow and rain.
    Good luck! !
    EUROTruck I hope to be released! Waiting for the fun!

  41. Hello SCS,

    Great work! Can't wait to play ETS2. Could you please make more variety in road textures? Normally roads are not that clean and fine.

    Thanks and good luck!

  42. please scs show renault magnum interior

  43. very very nice,but i want double trailers

  44. SCS very good job!

    A function that would be interesting for the game are the sounds of the trailer, like brakes, suspension groans of the engine drive refrigeration trailer, and, as already added the option to drive the truck cab, it would be nice to have these moves in cargo, as the cars on top of a car trailer. Also the option to double trailer!

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  45. Very good modelsss!!!!I hope that we 'll have the real brands and logos!

  46. Let me give you some tips branded the European level over can accept this proposal.

    _ BENALU
    _ INVEPE
    _ SAMRO
    _ METACO
    _ KAISER

    I have helped in something.

  47. I will leave here a suggestion why not make such a ruling, with roadblocks at entrances to businesses

  48. ordinance and a clear

  49. Trailer looks great, so good luck with the negotiations!

  50. Perfect SCS!Greetings from Greece!


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