Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fonogame mod competition results

On behalf of fonogame, the Polish distributor of our truck sims, we are happy to report that the results of their mod competition were just announced on their website. Very solid works were submitted, it is amazing how much creativity you guys can show consistently in mods created for fun in your spare time.

We promised the fonogame people to post the names of the winners here on our blog to give them bragging rights for being acknowledged by SCS Software. Great work guys!

1st place: Norbert87
2nd place: Maciej_Trans_Port
3rd place: TomBaka
4th place: ModsBuilder
5th place: Ropasiak

1st place gets the money prize, 2nd place tech stuff + games, 3rd-5th place gets game prizes. All of the five awarded also get unique posters signed by the original team that created Euro Truck Simulator at SCS Software. The posters are a truly limited series created just for this purpose.


  1. Can we see them ? :)

  2. Yes, it would be nice to see their work - at least on screenshots. Unfortunately there is no more info on fonogame's website, in fact report here on blog is more comprehensive. :-D

    Anyway, congratulations to winners! :-)

  3. scs, What do you think about adding dirt to your games? I mean this dirt:
    this is a Spin Truck game project
    some information here
    bottom of the page there is even a source code
    demo version here

  4. It would be desirable to learn, for what mod of a distance of a place to winners :)

  5. they are probably puting it into the next version of euro truck so I guess they wont show it to public before that ;p grats to the winners

  6. you better don't show screens cuz we will see too much stolen parts ^^

  7. Yes... But why you can't show their works?


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