Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Somewhere in France

Another day, another screenshot. This time with supersampling enabled, but still you can see that the power lines just as any sub-pixel size/width object when rendered are a bit of a problem - in principle such objects in the scene require massive supersampling or multisampling to alleviate aliasing artifacts.

Some 25 anonymous comments can be certainly expected that the truck is lacking the mirrors or visor, but you need to understand that the game is still very much in development. In the previous games, our truck models contained everything including accessories in them; they were not customizable by the player. In Euro Truck Simulator 2, trucks are going to be extensively customizable.

We already have several man-months of work invested into building models of many variants of customizable options, dozens of lights, horns, tyres, bars etc. etc. were built. So we should be able to offer for example rear view mirrors at the cheapest price as black plastic, or you can pick color matching the body paint, or even chrome. However, map designers who typically take these screenshots for use on the blog do not yet have access in their map editor to the truck customization interface, so all they are left it are default trucks stripped off all optional parts.