Monday, March 21, 2011

Trucks & Trailers

We thought we still had a bit more time to prepare before publishing the information about our new small game, but it looks like our German publishing partner - rondomedia - has started the PR machine a bit earlier than we expected, and so we can no longer keep this secret.

For several months, a small group of people at SCS Software has been working on a skunkworks project that we call Trucks & Trailers. We used the project to develop and test new graphics technology and new concepts. But our ambition was also to evolve the gameplay prototype into a complete game. A game that would not be as complex and full featured as our bigger simulator series, yet provide enough fun. A game concentrating on one specific skill that every truck driver needs to master - navigating tight spaces with the tractor-trailer. It's a very straightforward concept - no company management, not even point A to point B cargo delivery, just pure game of skill. Initially we viewed in narrowly as a game packed with park-this-truck-here types of challenges, but over time we have expanded the view to include also drive against the clock through various obstacle courses.

The game is not finished yet, we still have a few short months ahead of us to wrap it up. But Trucks & Trailers should be on the store shelves much sooner than Euro Truck Simulator 2, and at a much cheaper price point, so we hope that you will find it a worthwhile appetizer. Trucks & Trailers borrows some things from our older games, but there are also a lot of new models, assets and features in it that are developed for Euro Truck Simulator 2. So you should get a great preview of the technology changes, the new shading system, and also you should be able to drive some of the new tractors that are being built for ETS2. We think it's a perfect little game to help you keep yourselves entertained while waiting for Euro Truck Simulator 2 to be released!

The movies below do not represent the final game, they are not official trailers. The videos are showing work-in-progress state of the game, actually they are both several weeks old, and were originally created for our private discussions about the game with the distributors. We plan to publish new screens and better movies in the upcoming days and weeks.