Saturday, December 29, 2012

ETS2 Game of The Year!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been announced as PC Gamer's Simulation Game of the Year 2012!

Few moments working in the games industry are as gratifying as receiving such an award by a prestigious games publication, except perhaps when reading praise straight from you, our fans! ;-)

Looks like our UK publisher Excalibur Publishing is already celebrating this fact in their nice video introducing the game to sim newbies...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!

So what are we up to? No doubt many of our fans are very curious about what is coming from SCS Software in 2013. Let me pour some fuel on the bonfire of speculation!

As we hinted in a previous blog post, based on the massive amount of input from our fan base, we are contemplating moving into several areas at once. To understand what it would take to run several projects in parallel - the resources it would take and the amount of work ahead of us, we have split up the company into several mini-teams. Each group is tasked with research, pre-production analysis and tentative planning.

The strategic goal is clear - we don't want to spend two or three years again working on a single big game, having little to offer to our fans until it's finished. Instead, we'll be exploring different ways of doing projects with different business models to be able to give you more stuff to play and more often.

One thing is for sure - we are going to continue adding features and extending Euro Truck Simulator 2. In addition to normal updates, this will most likely include optional paid map-expanding DLC(s). We are already working on one such extension - early next year we are thinking of approaching the public and our fans through, in order to get very important feedback on viability of such game extensions.

For this paragraph, we are moving into areas of what-ifs and maybes. We have purchased (at no small cost) several domains which we think will be important for the projects we are considering for the next year:,, and We are not ready to reveal features sets or release time-frames, but you now see in the open what we are thinking about.

SCS Software's Forums membership is approaching 400, look like we have a slow start so far. Maybe discussing the opportunities offered by our tentative 2013 plans is a good reason to join in!

Thank you very much for staying loyal to us through the years, let's work together to make the years to come even more exciting!

Pavel Sebor
CEO, SCS Software

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Driving on ice

Here is a video recorded earlier this December on another of our truck engine sound recording sessions. Looks like we are going to welcome Volvo brand into ETS2 with properly sounding truck engine. ;)

We happened to pick a freezing cold day to perform the recording, but it was a great opportunity to experience how the vehicle behaves on ice. You can tell we had quite some fun!

The past two months since the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2 have been very busy; we are not resting on our laurels after the great start for Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the market. SCS Software is currently split into four groups pushing in four different directions! This video represents the effort of the one group working on improvements for Euro Truck Simulator 2, but we are looking forward to sharing with you our plans for the other three projects we have in pre-production now.

We should not forget to mention that if you go to, you will find a place to discuss SCS games related stuff. We are launching without much fanfare, consider this a trial by fire, we still need to finalize the structure of the forums and beef up the moderator team of the message boards.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We have to make a few trips to the post office

We are returning to regular programming at last on the blog after a bit of a pause. I was chasing new business opportunities lately and the blog got a bit neglected, sorry. There are a lot of very interesting topics to cover over upcoming blog updates, but for today, here is a glimpse at what we are doing now.

In the photo below is a fraction of parcels we are sending out these days to people from our fan community who have helped us the most with Euro Truck Simulator 2, either with translation of the game on or in our per-invite beta testing group. The power of the community is incredible, and we felt that we need to try to express our gratitude for the help.

This is a unique edition of the game, "Developer" edition which nobody can buy in stores (only a few hundred were manufactured and they are not for sale). Inside is the same game, only he packaging is different, and in this case it is sent out with signatures of the ETS2 team members to turn it into a truly collectible item. :-)

Thanks to everybody who contributed with their time, knowledge, suggestions, tips and critique! Our fan community is a critically important extension of our small team. With your continuing help and support, we can get much farther, ETS2 is only a milestone on the road towards the ultimate truck simulator...

Your sincerely,


Pavel Sebor
CEO, SCS Software