Sunday, September 20, 2020

Iberia: Barcelona

With mountains on one side, the sea on the other, and an exciting urban hub in between, Barcelona offers so much to experience for tourists and residents alike; and the same goes for truckers too! Offering drivers sunshine, scenic views, and a large variety of industries to deliver to and from, this city seems to have it all. 

Attracting around 9.5 millions visitors in 2019, Barcelona never fails to impress with its rich history, which is visible in the surrounding architecture and culture. Truckers heading in to the city, in our upcoming Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, can expect a wide array of industries to accept job contracts from; including car factories, glass factories, truck dealerships, and even the local airport. 

We are sure that you will find yourself returning to the city of Barcelona frequently as you explore and discover its famous landmarks and hidden gems around the city. For the most authentic experience, we highly recommend cooking up a fresh plate of paella before your journey across Iberia. 

We hope you enjoyed taking your first look at Barcelona and we look forward to sharing even more images and development updates from this beautiful part of the world. ¿Est├ís emocionado por Iberia? You can help support the release of this upcoming DLC by adding it to your Steam Wishlist!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

ETS2: Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack

Have you been looking to freshen up your trucks paint job with an original and modern livery? Look no further! Introducing the Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack DLC, now available for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

These new unique and colourful designs have been hand-crafted by the talented artists here at SCS Software and chosen for their stylish look. This new pack includes six new paint jobs, which will be available for all current truck models and standard chassis options in ETS2. So how do they look? Here's your first preview of these new designs:

This will also be the very first paint job pack to feature predefined colour presets alongside a fully customizable colour palette, giving you, the driver, a wider array of options when customising your truck in the upgrade shop. Each of these colour presets have been created by our artists to suggest several alternate color combinations in addition to the default one upon choosing the paint job. 

We've been working on the colour presets feature for some time and we thought that there is no better way to introduce it than with the release of this new paint jobs pack. These new designs are among the first that can benefit from this new feature, offering having multiple predefined variations.

Since we didn't want to make this new feature exclusive to DLC owners, we have also created a few more colour presets for some of our existing base game paint jobs as well. We plan to add more of these colour presets to upcoming or already released paint jobs in the future.

We can't wait for you to get on the road and get creative with these new paint jobs. Be sure to share with us your first ride on the road, with the Super Stripes Paint Job Pack in ETS2, on our social media channels with the hashtag #SuperStripesDLC .  

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Colorado: Landmarks

From locations of historical importance to unique structures, the U.S state of Colorado offers a long list of amazing landmarks for visitors and residents alike to admire and vist. So what landmarks will you able to find in the upcoming Colorado DLC for American Truck Simulator? Here is a sample of what you can come across on your travels across this colorful state. 

Nicknamed the 'Switzerland of America' the city of Ouray is home to some of Colorado's most historical buildings which date back to the nineteenth century. Most of the architecture located in the downtown district are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a popular destination for many tourists.

If you're looking for a country escape, then Steamboat Springs is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Best known for its premier family-friendly ski resort, it has become a vacation destination for many. Much like Ouray, it also features a historic downtown area which includes the famous old town square, a must stop for any visitor or driver passing through.

Ever wanted to visit 4 states in 1 trip? well now you can! Located in the Navajo Nation Tribal Park, is the Four Corners Monument, the only place place in the U.S where four states meet. Visit Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah and admire the beautiful surrounding desert-like landscapes. 

These are just some of the areas of Colorado that feature prominent landmarks, but there are so many more which our team have replicated for drivers to admire or even stop for truck selfie. Do you recognise any of them? 

If you do, let us know where you think they might be located in the comments. If you can't wait to visit Colorado in American Truck Simulator, then add it to your Steam Wishlist! It really helps us spread the word about our upcoming DLC and notifies you of its release and other future sales. We appreciate your support and we can't wait to share more.