Friday, September 27, 2019

Utah: Landmarks

A truck driver's journey through Utah isn't all desert and dust. Some of nature's greatest landmarks are found across this mountainous and populated state. One the best-known group of rock formations, Monument Valley can be seen towering over some of the nearby highways at well over 1,000 feet tall. That is just one of the many stunning landmarks that nature has to offer.

Many other landmarks come in the form of historical or religious buildings found in many of the surrounding towns and cities. Historical temples and places of worship can be found in almost every town, alongside many other landmarks such as museums or city halls.

Occasionally, you might just see something quite out of the ordinary. There is always a story behind these unique landmarks that you can discover; we highly recommend that you do so!

So, remember to always keep your eyes peeled as you will never know what you might find on your next journey. Make sure to add Utah for American Truck Simulator to your Steam Wishlist to be the first to be notified of its release!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Renault Trucks T Range

Everyone probably knows what's coming - at least everyone who saw any part of our hint and tease campaign on social media coordinated with Renault Trucks. So let's say it out loud - the wait is over! There were many hurdles to overcome to get here, but from this moment on, the Renault Trucks T Range is officially available in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

We absolutely loved your reactions since the first teaser post and we'd like to confirm that, as many of you had wished, the T Range in the game has a wide variety of configuration options. It comes with 2 cabins, 6 chassis, 6 engines, 7 transmissions, 5 interiors and a load of accessories! The T Range will be the third member of the Renault Trucks family in our game. Just as it is a true game-changer in the real-world, we foresee many Renault Trucks fans making the T Range their primary truck right away!

The T Range comes as a free addition for every owner of the game; if you update the game on Steam (which may or may not require a restart for some users), it will automatically be downloaded. Be sure to opt-out of any beta branches first!

The screenshots and video here are just appetizers for those who can't play right away, as we're sure that those who can will be sitting in their very own brand-new T Range pretty soon! Those still not persuaded to try it out should watch our stream (on Twitch and Steam) with Alex (LondonLad) and Oscar at 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) and they'll change your minds!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Recording Truck Sounds in the USA

This summer there were multiple SCS Software teams traveling the globe to attend various events, meet the community, or explore new options for the company. As of today, another crew just appeared in the US to record the sounds of as many trucks as possible! They're going to spend a week in Allentown, PA and move to Lisle, IL next, but they are thinking of improvising further to visit more locations if needed.

We have some solid arrangements to record and photograph several trucks, but we thought it may be a good idea to consult additional options with the fan community. Do you have access to a truck on the list below? Would you be willing to spend a day with our recording team? Or do you know anyone who would? Or any other way to get access to a truck for a day? Then contact our manager Miroslav Zubina ( please, and let him fill you in on the details of what we are looking for and when we may be around!

These are the configuration we'd like to get for recording:

Mack Anthem
Engines: MP7 - 11 litres/ MP8 - 13 litres
Exhaust: Under Frame/ Dual Vertical
International LoneStar
Engines: Cummins X15 engine
International 9900i
International LT
New Volvo VNL
Freightliner New Cascadia
Engines: DD13/ DD16/ Cummins X15
Exhaust: Dual Vertical/ Under Frame (at least those with vertical exhausts)

And besides the above, we want to record ANY truck which can be found on American roads, if time allows it - you never know when these sounds might come in handy! So write to Miroslav if you have got one and think we can meet.

Keep in mind that this isn't meant as any kind of assurance of what comes next; when and in what order. But at least you know we're working hard to get more trucks for both of our games - so next time someone says we're giving more love to one of them, you'll know better!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Road to the Black Sea: Turkish Cities

From cities filled with culture, industries, and history to tiny villages nestled in the mountains. The Trakya region of Turkey is the gateway to Istanbul, is Europe's largest city by population, and also the largest city among our sim-games. As you travel towards the city you will begin to see a mix of past and present infrastructure, such as historical landmarks found near rising modern apartment buildings.

With people comes the need for work and industry. With manufacturing being one of the country's biggest economies, you will be sure to find a range of interesting and unique deliveries to and from these cities.

We are excited to bring these new regions to the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2 for you to explore. Make sure to add 'Road to the Black Sea' to your Steam wishlist to be the first to know when it releases! But until then yolunuz açık olsun.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Utah: Scenic Viewpoints

The Beehive State is approaching fast, and while we showed you some of its delivery points, truckstops, and general overview, we have a little something for all the romantic souls today!

There are quite a lot of wonderful viewpoints, vistas and stunning landscapes in Utah. And while many aren't visible from a road, we're giving you a chunk of those that are, at least in American Truck Simulator's next expansion!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Road to the Black Sea: Bulgarian Cities

We'd like to focus on another region of our upcoming Road to the Black Sea map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Bulgaria. The new DLC will provide you with scenic routes through the countryside, cities, industrial areas, and large seaports that Bulgaria is well known for.

We can’t wait to show you the next update, but until then, why not see if you can recognise some of the places and businesses shown here today, we’d love to hear your thoughts!