Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kansas DLC Release

Get ready to rev up your engines and start an exciting journey as the Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator is releasing today. Explore breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities in this latest expansion!

Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator is released!

Start a big adventure with the Kansas map expansion. Take your time and enjoy every moment as you discover these features:

  • Deliver to 14 explorable cities including Kansas City, Wichita, or Topeka
  • See several landmarks unique to Kansas such as the historic Dodge City, Monument Rocks, and Mount Sunflower
  • Become a trucker transporting goods for Kansas' key industries - Salt Mine, Food Factory, Car Factory, Building Material Factory, and Battery Factory
  • Deliver cargo to Aerosystem, playing a key role in Wichita's aerospace industry
  • Visit Hutchinson and admire the world's largest silos
  • Play a crucial role in one of America's major agricultural states. Transport goods that sustain Kansas' farming legacy
  • Enjoy trucking through several scenic towns (settlements)
  • Drive through expansive prairies, providing unforgettable views

Transforming from its agricultural origins, Kansas has developed into a bustling industrial center, enticing major enterprises with its strategic placement and well-organized logistics. 

Truckers can contribute to and experience a range of industries, spanning from the flourishing aviation domain, and agricultural depots to automobile manufacturing, the famed salt mine, and more.

The Kansas DLC is also a part of The Great Plains Calling! bundle on Steam. It's a convenient way to fill in the gaps in your DLC collection for American Truck Simulator. Dive into the diverse landscapes of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and now Kansas - all part of the package we've crafted. 

This bundle operates on a "Complete the set" basis, ensuring you only pay for the DLCs that are not already in your library!

Cruising Kansas Event

Starting with the release, there will be a special #CruisingKansas World of Trucks event, where you can earn unique rewards. We are asking our #BestCommunityEver to achieve the community goal of driving 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) while delivering cargo to or from any city in Kansas. You can read more about this event in the dedicated blog post.

We also have a unique gift for you. If you take any External Contract or External Market job TO or FROM the city of Topeka, you'll earn the Tiger Salamander Plush, which can be used as a cabin accessory. Kansas is the home to salamanders so you should definitely consider inviting one to ride along with you during long journeys.

Farm Machinery DLC

Along with the Kansas DLC, we are also releasing the Farm Machinery DLC. This DLC presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the agricultural landscape, especially in the newly added Kansas, where agriculture takes center stage. Haul everything from tractors to spreaders with two in-game brands Owl & Greenler and don't forget to decorate your cabin with special accessories. Read more about this DLC in the dedicated blog post.

Special Transport DLC Update

With the Kansas expansion, you'll be able to haul special cargo on 6 new routes, of which 4 are located within the state, but two of them will be a bit more special, as they start in Pueblo (CO) and lead to either Marysville (707 miles) or Dodge City (313 miles). You will also be able to transport the newly added 39-meter-long (over 129 feet) wind turbine blade and a massive articulated hauler. Find out more about the update here.

Release Live Stream

Catch our special reveal stream on our official Twitch or Youtube channel at 4:00 PM CET. Get a sneak peek of what's coming up in Kansas, along with exclusive insights and chats with the developers!

We are excited to have you hit the roads of Kansas! Share your initial adventures with us by using #CruisingKansas. Stay tuned for more updates by following our social media channels (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok). And don't forget, the Sunflower State has surprises beyond the surface - your next fantastic journey might be just around the corner. See you on the road!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

American Truck Simulator - Farm Machinery DLC

Rev up your virtual engines, because on November 30th, American Truck Simulator is introducing the Farm Machinery DLC alongside the release of the Kansas DLC. Get ready to swap highways for harvests as farming takes center stage in this exciting new update.

Navigate virtual landscapes while hauling everything from tractors to spreaders. With two in-game brands, Owl & Greenler, transport unique cargos and a range of trailers to agriculture industries across the states. And don't hit the road without decking out your cabin with themed accessories!

This DLC includes:


    Crawler Tractor
    Forage Harvester
    Fertilizer Spreader
    Grain Trailer
    Autonomous Tractor
    Hay Baler
    Seeding Unit
    Disc Harrow

Cabin Accessories:

    Lunch Kit
    Straw Hat
    Plush Autonomous Tractor
    Harvester Toy

Get ready to transport a diverse array of essential farming equipment, including sprayers and crawlers from two in-game brands, Owl & Greenler. This DLC presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the agricultural landscape, especially in the newly added Kansas DLC, where agriculture takes center stage.

Experience the pulse of the heartland as you haul these vital tools, transforming your trucking adventure into a journey that echoes the rhythm of American farming - a connection between your cargo and the fertile fields it serves.

Oh, and don't forget to enhance your journey by adding a touch of charm to your cabin. Personalize your space with cabin accessories like the Lunch Kit, Scarecrow, Straw Hat, Plush Autonomous Tractor, and Harvester Toy, turning your truck into a rolling reflection of your unique style.

We hope this blog post has sparked enough excitement for you to explore the new farming cargo to haul! Stay tuned for more updates by following our social media channels (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) and you will never miss out on any important information. We’ll see you on the road!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Euro Truck Simulator 2: 1.49 Update Release

We are happy to announce that the 1.49 update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been released and is now available on Steam. This update contains bug fixes, changes and new content, which are featured below, so we recommend having a read! 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated, provided their feedback, and made bug reports during the Open Beta period. Your valuable input helped us make tweaks, changes and squash some bugs we may have missed the first time around. We hope you can now begin to fully enjoy the fruits of your work.

HDR Skyboxes, Moon and New Weather Effects

First and foremost, after many requests, we've added the Moon (back) to our night sky! It's a subtle but remarkable touch that adds an extra layer of realism and wonder to your virtual trucking adventures. Curiously, it's worth mentioning that what might appear as a simple addition – the Moon – has posed some significant challenges for some time. Integrating the Moon into the night sky has required casting, rendering and calculating lunar light, proper phases, managing reflections in water bodies, dealing with wet roads, and addressing mirror effects, among other things.

In addition to that, we've also reimagined the night sky, introducing dynamic stars that gently twinkle, enhancing the overall authenticity of the night-time experience. 

We are also happy to share that skyboxes will now be High Dynamic Range (HDR), which means that there will be richer, more vibrant colors in the skies and our weather visual effects have also received an upgrade. Thunderstorms now include visible lightning, offering a more immersive experience. And make sure to keep an eye on the night sky in certain regions, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you will notice.

To sum it all up, we’ve also prepared a special video for you showcasing all of these changes. It’s definitely worth checking it out along with the dedicated blog post we published previously!

Used Truck Dealers

We're also happy to introduce another highly requested feature. Used Trucks will be now available immediately in the main menu taking you to a selection of trucks that are more budget-friendly compared to brand new vehicles. However, these used trucks come with some mileage and wear, which is indicated by their star rating and a separate window that provides a detailed breakdown of the damage to various parts.

One of the most significant changes coming along with this feature is the enhanced damage and repair system. In the past, our approach was very simplistic - individual parts would accumulate damage, represented as a percentage, and you could repair them, resetting the percentage to zero. However, with the 1.49 update, parts will accumulate three types of damage

  • Damage: This type of damage can be fixed by standard repairs, just as before.
  • Parts Wear: When components accumulate significant wear and tear, you'll want to replace them.
  • Permanent Wear: The permanent wear represents systemic aging and wear across the whole vehicle. It can only be nullified by Total Restoration of the entire vehicle. This is a more expensive procedure, but it's the only way to bring your truck and trailer back to pristine condition.

With the improved damage system comes enhanced control over vehicle maintenance. You can now make informed choices about which parts to repair or replace based on your judgment. Alternatively, you have the option to seek professional advice for the best repair strategy for your truck or trailer.

Happy (used) trucking! 

Keybind Modifiers 

Another highly requested feature coming with 1.49 is the introduction of Keybind Modifiers! When previously creating a new bind in the menu, you could only assign a single key for an action. With the 1.49 update, you will now have the option to use a combination of the key and modifiers to bind an action. For example, you can now assign Shift + L to turn your lights if you so wish! 

This opens up a whole new world of key bind combinations for you to use, allowing for more binding options, but that's not all! You will also now have the options to bind short press and long press key. Holding the key down will be recognised as a long press, and pressing a button as normal will be seen as a short press. 

Keyboards aren't the only peripheral taking advantage of this change. Controllers will also be able use this new feature!

Automatic Headlights

Another new feature which we are happy to introduce to this update is the option of Automatic Headlights. It is a relatively straightforward feature, that turns on your headlights when the ambient light around the truck falls bellow a certain threshold.

If the option is toggled, your light switch position for parking lights is replaced by automatic lights, so you can still turn your lights off or force your headlights on with the other switch positions.

We have also introduced the addition of Automatic High Beams. This feature will temporally disable your high beams when there is a vehicle in front of you (both in your lane or oncoming) and turns them back on when the vehicle is far enough away.

These automatic high beams are enabled if you flip the high beam switch and either your automatic headlights are turned on or you turned your headlights on manually (in case of automatic headlights option toggled off, high beams only work when headlights are manually enabled). We hope you enjoy this simple, yet useful feature for when you are travelling on the road!



  • HDR Skyboxes, Moon and New Weather Effects


  • Automatic Headlights


  • Used Truck Dealers
  • Keybind Modifiers

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Get Ready for Cruising Kansas World of Trucks Event

Celebrate the release of our new Kansas DLC on Thursday, the 30th of November, by taking part in our World of Trucks event - Cruising Kansas! Discover and explore the diverse landscapes of the Sunflower State, where distinct ecological regions of beauty await, all while you're on the job. Kansas offers incredibly beautiful nature, native grasslands, winding streams and seemingly endless blue skies, all entwined with a rich history.

We are asking our #BestCommunityEver to achieve the community goal of driving 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Kansas.

While #CruisingKansas, you'll enjoy state parks and expansive prairies, providing unforgettable views. Kansas is also the home to wildlife such as deer, coyotes, raccoons, salamanders, and the iconic American bison, not to mention a multitude of birds, such as the Western Meadowlark, making pit stops during the trip south.

Emerging from its agricultural roots, Kansas has evolved into a vibrant industrial hub, attracting large businesses with its central location and efficient logistics infrastructure. Truckers can support and enjoy various industries, from the thriving aviation sector to car factories or the renowned salt mine and beyond.

During your travels through Kansas, you can look forward to many spectacular views and highlights such as:

  • Dodge City, known for its history as a frontier town of the Wild West
  • Monument Rocks, landmark of ancient chalk formations
  • Kansas City, largest metropolitan area in Kansas
  • Mount Sunflower, highest natural point in Kansas

As with past cruising events, you can use your own trailer and experience all these in the external market!

Kansas DLC is offering 14 amazing new cities to explore, and we have a special reward for completing your personal goal, which will require you to deliver a job to or from all of them. All jobs for the event need to be 100 miles each (161 km) or more.

Get ready for a fabulous trip with our latest addition to American Truck Simulator. Enjoy stunning views, beautiful landscapes and ecological regions while contributing to the state's thriving economy along the way.


Using External Contracts or External Market, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in American Truck Simulator, the community goal is to drive 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Kansas.

When a player completes a delivery to or from 14 different Kansas cities, they will achieve their personal goal.

All jobs for the event need to be at least 100 miles each (161 km), or more.

You can check if your recent deliveries met these conditions using your Log Book in your World of Trucks profile.


Personal: Players that deliver cargo to or from 14 Kansas cities will earn a personal World of Trucks Achievement and a Sunflower themed ATS truck paint job Steam inventory item.

Community: When the community goal of driving 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) during deliveries to or from any city in Kansas is met, and if the player has also achieved their personal goal, then they will receive an Amber Sunflower hanging ornament Steam inventory item.

The event will be concluded on Sunday, the 28th of January at 23:59 UTC.

We wait with great anticipation to hear from you about your travels, with loads of deliveries and sights to see. We truly believe you'll love cruising the beautiful Sunflower State and we look forward to seeing all your photos! So, please share your screenshots and videos with us using the hashtag #CruisingKansas on our Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram profiles and we will share our favorite ones (we may even feature some of them in a future blog post!).