Saturday, April 29, 2023

California Rework: The Golden State #1

A couple of months ago we officially announced phase 3 of our ongoing California Rework project and we are really excited to bring you some more news today. Focused mainly on the eastern part of the state, check out the screenshots and information below on what changes you can experience once this phase will be fully ready for you to get your hands on it.

Eastern California is reminiscent of Nevada due to its similar desert landscapes, dry climate, and geology. It’s important to know this as there is a fair amount of work being done in this entire area, which will see changes not only to the environment but also to the US-395 and US-6 roads. Additionally, there will be a brand new road to journey across - the CA-120. We hope these changes will further improve your enjoyment of driving through this area of The Golden State.

You may be familiar with the Agricultural Inspection Stations which we’ve added in the previous phases. This time around even more will be added at the border checks at US-50, US-395, and US-6. These enhanced checks are meant to simulate the real-world agricultural inspections that take place at border crossings and we hope it will add a new level of realism to the game.

As you can see, there’s also a small tease in the last screenshot but that’s a story for another day (feel free to guess what it is though!). For now, let us know how you like our progress so far, and make sure to follow our social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to stay in touch with more updates and news in the future.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Kansas - Guess Where We Are

It’s time to test your knowledge and attention to detail in another edition of "Guess Where We Are"! Today, we’ll share with you some screenshots from the upcoming Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator. Will you step up to the challenge and correctly identify these locations?

These images showcase a variety of places, including cities, highways, and more. While this mini-game can turn out to be quite a difficult task, we’re sure those with a keen eye will notice any possible hint in the screenshots and overcome any issues. And since hard work should always be rewarded, we will eventually randomly select a few users from the comments with most places discovered that will receive the DLC for free once it will be available!

There’s no time to lose so turn your "Sherlock mode" on and do your best to guess all the places in the screenshots. However, one more thing before you do that - make sure to add the Kansas DLC to your Steam Wishlist and follow our social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to always be up to date with any news and updates.

Monday, April 24, 2023

West Balkans: Albania - Oil Well

The oil industry in Albania has a long history, dating back to the early 1900s when the country began commercial oil production. Today, Albania has a relatively small oil industry compared to other countries in the region, but it remains an important contributor to the country's economy.

The town of Fier, located in southwest, is one of the main centres of oil production in the country; which we've recreated in our upcoming West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Here, drivers will be able to take on delivery contracts from the oil well, which is the first of its kind in ETS2.

Our team have paid particular attention to detail to this industry, which features a completely new depot with new assets which have been custom made. The surrounding area has also been built around this new industry, bringing players a more true to life experience when delivery from this area.

The oil extracted from these wells are transported to refineries and storage facilities located elsewhere in the country; so be assured there will be plenty of opportunities to haul from here and across the West Balkans region. 

We look forward to sharing more in-depth development blogs in the future which will feature local industries and more. Like what you see? Consider adding the West Balkans DLC to your Steam Wishlist, it really helps support our studio and we thank those that have done so already!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Germany Rework - Travemünde

While we have just released one phase of our rework of German cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the 1.47 update, it’s already time to look ahead and see what the future holds for this project. So, without further ado, let us show you a look at the changes coming to the city of Travemünde in the nearest update!

Travemünde is a historic seaside town located in the north of Germany, situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Due to this, the area is currently represented in the game mainly with a port without any option of driving through the city itself. This will all change, however, as we’ve completely rebuilt the location from the ground up adding a brand-new passage through the urban area.

Moreover, we’ve enhanced the seaside aspect as well, as there will be a new ferry to take your mighty truck across the bay. If you will be curious about visiting this fascinating seaside town with a rich history for a bit more than hauling cargo and completing a job, this experience might just be the missing piece to convince you to give it a chance!

We hope you’ll pay the reworked Travemünde a visit and that the fresh look will blow some fresh wind in your sails on your trip. There is much more work being done on this project and we can’t wait to tell you more about it, so follow our social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to stay in touch with any latest announcements.