Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Euro Truck Simulator 2 first DLC sneak peek (Part 2)

Hi there,

While developing the DLC, we realized that we were bumping the limits of our technology and tool chain. In order to be able to continue growing the map for this add-on and beyond, we had to do a huge rework of the map editing code and back-end. We divided the map into manageable separate sectors, instead having the map as a single chunk.

For us, the huge upside of this enterprise us that once things click into place, we will be able to grow the map faster then before, with multiple people working on sections of the map in parallel. For map MODs potential, this effort is a start of a direction with really huge potential.

The downside was that we literally have to re-test the game from scratch, to catch all bugs appearing in the newly processed and stored map. Unfortunately, the implications of such deep change is that it takes us longer time to pull it off and come up with the planned game updates.

Please enjoy the 2nd part of country-scenery from the upcoming DLC:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Euro Truck Simulator 2 first DLC sneak peek (Part 1)

Our first DLC came a long way to be, as a polished product, as ETS 2 was. There are still quite a few bugs to fix, but we believe soon we'd be able to tell you the release day.

Today we would like to share the first batch of shots of new countryside landmarks scenery with you, which soon you'd be able to experience yourselves.

As you may already know, the DLC will contain the rest of Poland, Slovakia and a part of Hungary including Budapest and Debrecen. We are trying to push more fidelity to the map: more objects, new objects, improved forests with larger density, to name a few, while improving game speed on average machines. Without further ado, check it out:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goodies from Logitech, still working on ETS2 patch

We have received a very cool offer from Logitech for closer cooperation. We are getting access to developer SDKs, allowing us to take better advantage of the capabilities of their input devices. We were also kindly provided with a heap of hardware to try out and develop on.

Here is another picture from the hardware test lab as we are putting the steering wheels, gamepads, gaming keyboards and mice to good use:

Having so much cool hardware around gave us an idea - we can do some sort of a competition related to Euro Truck Simulator 2 with really great prizes! Good quality steering wheel with pedals and gear stick makes a huge difference when playing our simulators, so hopefully we will make a few of you really happy.

We will need to wait a bit more though until the next ETS2 update is finally available. No doubt we are testing the limits of patience of many of you; taking so long with the patch. Big things are brewing, both for the next update and for the overall vision of future evolution of ETS2 and our truck sims in general. Unfortunately big changes in technology take time to develop and test properly, we cannot release them half-done. We are now mostly done with the changes planned for the game update, so please bear with us, the wait is almost over (though not quite, we are talking probably weeks, not days, before it's all fine-tuned for release).

You may be curios what it is that we are cooking it for so long. To satisfy this curiousity, for once let us open up the kimono and show you unedited release notes which were sent to our beta testing group yesterday along with a new game update 1.3.51. As you can tell just from the version number, we have been though a ton of internal builds with incremental changes and improvements over the past months, the release notes only cover changes from previous  1.3.38 internal build.


Finally, after long time, we have a new testable build.

Patch from 1.3.38

Full install

We did several significant changes so unfortunately it did take long
time to get things back to a usable state. It is possible that there are
still some bugs related to them. Note that profiles and saves written
by this build can not be loaded by older version so you should keep a
backup copy of them in case there is some problem or if you want to
switch to the previous version.

The first major change is change of the map format from single file to
set of sectors. This change allows several people to simultaneously work
in distinct parts of the map and might allow coexistence of mods which
independently extend various distinct parts of the map. We also changed
format of several definition files to improve coexistence of some types
of mods. Existing maps in older formats need to be loaded in the editor
and re-saved before they can be used.

The second major change is addition of asynchronous loading.
Significant portion of the data is now loaded asynchronously to avoid
temporary pauses during the game. Note that currently there are still
things, mostly related to AI traffic, which do not support the
asynchronous loading so the pauses might still happen.

As side effect of work on multi-monitor support (still experimental),
the non-ui portions of the game now do not use letterboxing for
non-widescreen resolutions and instead they expand the vertical FOV.
Note that the advisor/on-hud mirrors are currently still positioned on
theirs letterboxed positions.

Known issues:
*) Some new texts are still in english and the build was currently not
updated from GetLoc.
*) The map contains parts which will connect to DLC. They are currently
not marked as unreachable so they are visible in the map and it is not
possible to get 100% exploration of the map.
*) Signs in new parts of the map are not finished yet.
*) When loading older save, the console will contain error messages
about various quarry objects. This is expected.

Additional changes
*) Improved resistance to missing data to some degree
*) It is possible to change length of transition area for clutch pedal
using g_pedal_clutch_range cvar
*) The engine now consumes fuel when left idle.
*) Various fixes and improvements of truck dashboard indicators and
backlight intensity
*) Various physics tweaks + even stronger clutch
*) Support for output of truck telemetry information for use by
third-parties (still work in progress)
*) Force feedback parameters were extracted to definition file so they
can be tweaked by mods
*) Fixed AI curves on UK bus stops
*) Added rumble-stripes to some prefabs
*) Fixed electro poll in the Sawmill
*) Fixed floating lines in recruitment agency
*) Tweaked "give road" sign
*) Fixed hole in forest mountain
*) Fixed missing light above 3rd door in garage
*) Magnum: Adjusted paintjobs, narrowed fenders
*) Fixed various bus stations
*) Fixed pavement in Bremen
*) Fixed alpha sorting for tunnel signs
*) Added stop lines to various prefabs
*) Fixed direction of arrows on roundabout signs
*) Adjusted curves on some crossroads to prevent AI crashes
*) Fixed shadows of some accessories
*) Fixed intensity of small light accessory
*) Fixed positions of accessories on frontgrills
*) Volvo: Fixed interior animations
*) Scania: Paintjob fixes
*) Various other map fixes

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ETS 2 & Oculus Rift

We have been experimenting with Oculus Rift for a few days, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now mostly working correctly with it.

Looking around the cabin freely is incredible, it almost feels like being in there!

The experience cannot be really presented with a screenshot, you have to wear the device to actually appreciate how revolutionary it is. It's not perfect, but it's a promise of great things to come for sure.