Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Renault Trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2

It is time to display a little bit of optimism regarding presence of real Renault tractors in ETS2!

No formal agreement has been reached yet, but our dialogue continues well. Initial reluctance is a thing of the past, and now the fine people at Renault Trucks are even showing signs of support for allowing the presence of their vehicles in our game. If things turn out well, we would actually be encouraged to build not just Magnum, but also Premium tractor, including official paint-jobs!

We thought that we could try to use our blog as a communication platform with the community again, and see if you can voice your support for including Renault in our game as well... so that we could show your comments as a proof that we have a vibrant community of supporters.

It is precisely you, the loyal fans of our games, that we want to make happy with the presence of real brands in our game. In fact we are using you as our argument for why it is worth it from the point of view of truck manufacturers, too, to allow to have their brands portrayed in our game.

Please if you are supportive of the idea of including Renault Truck vehicles into Euro Truck Simulator 2, leave a comment below. Please let others in the community know of this call for support - it would be nice to be able to show a few hundred positive comments to Renault Trucks in a few days! It would certainly make a good impression...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Testing of 18 WoS Extreme Trucker 2 is in full swing

Beta testing has already started on the almost finished version of 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 last week. There are two new screenshots from the current build of the game below and several additional pictures in our facebook gallery.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zooming in on the dashboard

We thought it would be interesting to zoom in even closer on the in-development graphics - and show you what  the dashboard looks like while the artist is working on it. You can see we have made some progress on the FH16 interior compared to last week (this represents several days worth of work!). This is not a screenshot from the game, it's a screen grabbed from Maya (click the image for full resolution).

Friday, November 5, 2010

FH16 interior under construction

People keep asking to see the progress on the Volvo interior that we have shown untextured about a month ago, so we thought it is time to update you on the situation. As you can see, the interior is still not finished, but it's not so far from completion - we still need to do the dashboard and finalize a few little details.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mapping the fan community

Thank you for all of your suggestions!

We have compiled a list of recommended links based on your feedback to the previous blog post and we want to share it with you now. We tried to assign the sites to a system, organized by prevalent language used, so that it's easier for our international community to find sites easier for everybody to understand.

Any pages providing illegal content were not included in the list of course. We also did not include certain sites that seemed inactive, or closed forums with a very small amount of members. If you think that we were unfair in not listing your site, or if forgot or missed some interesting sites, please let us know again - we will periodically update this "map" of fan communities.

-> English

http://3dartpol.getphpbb.com/ (forum)
http://www.eurotrucksimulator.org/ (website, forum)
http://truckpol.proboards.com/ (forum)
http://www.eurofreaks.eu/ (forum)
http://www.crockettsetshouse.org.uk/ (website, forum)
http://truckmasters.forumotion.com/ (forum)
http://www.xfire.com/communities/scssoft (website)
http://www.drivingsims.com (website)
http://cdmc.webs.com/ (website)
http://danyielmods.wordpress.com/ (website)
http://se7enshouse.webs.com/ (website)
http://francr2009.createforumhosting.com/ (forum)
http://www.speedmaniacs.com/ (website)
http://scsmod.deside.org/ (website)
http://trucksimulatorsunited.webs.com/ (website)

-> German

http://www.euro-trucksimulator.de/ (forum)
http://www.trucksimsforum.de/ (forum)
http://schumi1331.de/ (blog)
http://eurotrucksimulator2.de/ (blog, forum)
http://www.germantruck-mods.de/ (website, forum)
http://www.dnl-paderborn.com/ (website)
http://ftwebsite.de/ (website)
http://www.gtsworld.de/ (forum)

-> Dutch

http://eurotrucksimulator2.blogspot.com/ (blog)
http://www.trucksimulators.nl/ (forum)

-> Russian

http://autogames-portal.ru/ (forum)
http://playtrucksims.ru/ (forum)

-> Portuguese

http://amocaminhoes.wordpress.com/ (website)

-> Italian

http://virtualtrucker.mastertopforum.com/ (forum)
http://trucksimulators.forumfree.it/ (forum)
http://www.calabriatransport.mastertopforum.com/ (forum)

-> Romanian

http://truckstopeurope.ro/(website, forum)
http://www.eurotrucks.forumfree.it/ (forum)

-> French

http://18woset-mod.xooit.com/ (forum)
http://www.ets-addons.eu/ (forum)
http://ets.quezz.com/ (forum)
http://truckingpassion.xooit.fr/portal.php (forum)

-> Polish

http://hardtrucksite.pl/ (website, forum)
http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.pl/ (blog)
http://www.polish-gts.pl/ (forum)
http://goldentruck.eev.pl/ (forum)
http://www.trucksite.pl/ (forum)

-> Czech

http://truckmag.4fan.cz/ (website, forum)
http://svetets.webnode.cz/ (website)
http://svet-gts.webnode.cz/ (website)
http://eurotrucksimulator.ic.cz/ (website)
http://svetsim.funsite.cz/ (website)
http://www.truckgames.eu/ (forum, website)

-> Finnish

http://etsfin.foorumit.fi/ (forum)

-> Hungarian

http://kamionszim.hu/ (website)
http://huntruckers.xooit.com/ (forum)
http://www.sg.hu/listazas.php3?id=1229195576 (GTS forum)
http://www.sg.hu/listazas.php3?id=1191504504 (ETS forum)
http://www.sg.hu/listazas.php3?id=1276682501 (ETS2 forum)
http://hungarian-t-s.szunyi.com/hts/ (forum)

-> Indonesian

http://18woshaulin-americanlonghaulindo.blogspot.com/ (blog)

-> Greek

http://www.greektruckers.freeforums.org/ (forum)

-> Bulgarian

http://trucker.darkbb.com/ (forum)

-> Turkish

http://www.oyunmods.com/ (website)
http://ets-turkiye.ucoz.com/ (website, forum)
http://www.forum-merkezi.com/ (forum)
http://www.hardtracktr.com/ (forum)

-> Spanish

http://www.vtc-tea.com/ (website, forum)