Saturday, April 30, 2011

The power of the community #2

Within 12 hours of launching the Trucks & Trailers community translation project, 4 languages were already completed. Now 3 more hours later, we are up to 6 completed languages, and every minute some 10 more strings are translated across the mix of 20+ languages. All this was happening on Friday evening and night (at least for European participants). If anything is a clear indicator of the dedication and strength of the truck sim fan community, this must be it. Amazing!

The work is not quite done yet, even for the languages that the system reports as 100% done the review process is still under way. People can vote for the best translation if there are several competing variants, or still suggest alternatives and improvements. It is still worth it to join in and help.

The initial list of languages entered by SCS seems to have been extended by people offering help with even more languages. However it seems that there is now also a bit a mess being created, for example we had "Turkish (Turkey)" as one of the choices, but in parallel somebody started "Turkish" sub-project, so now it's very likely that some of the effort is lost as the Turkish contributors are split into two uncooperative groups. Please concentrate just on the more-completed variant.