Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The power of the community

For several months, we have been trying to get in touch with Brazilian game distribution companies. We are well aware that our games have many fans in the country. After all it's not such a surprise - Brazil's transportation industry is huge, and it is a sure inspiration to find interest in games about trucks.

For a company our size, it is not easy to get noticed and get people to listen to us. Truck simulation games are truly a small niche in the eyes of the big publishing houses. Until now, we did not have any success in establishing contacts in Brazil. The language barrier makes things complicated, and sending e-mails to publicly available contact e-mails just did not bear any fruit.

Enter Brazilian fan community - you must have noticed them actively participating in the discussions on the blog lately. We were bombarded with messages and e-mails from fans urging us to act, and we thought to ask back for help - to help us identify the right publishers and their contact info. But it took even more - and we would like to thank Vinícius for making some phone calls to dig deep and persuade one of the Brazilian distributors that our games are worth paying attention.

So now we have a solid contact, and we started preliminary discussions already - hopefully our games will eventually find their way on the retail market in Brazil. Thanks Vinícius, we owe you at the very least a free game!