Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mid-America Trucking Show Impressions

If you follow this blog or SCS Software's Twitter closely, you may remember that back in April we mentioned that a bunch of guys from SCS Software were going to visit the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

While there we took thousands of reference photos every day for use in future projects - but aside from the occasional random photo we posted straight from the show floor, we didn't do much detailed reporting on what was really a very exciting trip for us.

Although everyone was very busy after returning to Prague, we always thought that it would be nice to sift through the footage and make a wrap-up report from our time at MATS, but there was always some higher priority task to handle first.  Finally though, with the help of some friends, we managed to create a short compilation of video footage from the trip:

Now we're asking - would you be interested in seeing more from the show floor?  This may not be the best platform for it but we could definitely select a hundred or two interesting photos from the trip and publish them, for example, on the American Truck Simulator facebook page.  Let us know!

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