Friday, October 7, 2016

The lights of Paris are on the horizon

Our map design team has put huge effort into the new region of the game universe. We have lots of highly detailed places in the countryside that make the world interesting to drive through. We are doing our best to try to show France as it really is through the eyes of a truck driver. We hope that you will enjoy driving through "our" France as much as we do creating it.


We are mostly finished now with the new areas that we are building for DLC Vive la France! Our attention is now also focusing on re-touching some parts of the "old" of France that were already present in the base Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. At this stage of the project, there are still many weeks of work ahead of us - putting in finishing touches, testing everything thoroughly and making sure any problems we find are addressed, optimizing performance of critical spots, balancing the economy.

Lights of Paris
One of the decisions we made at the start of work on the new DLC was to concentrate on the "old" Paris in addition to building the new cities and roads. We have rebuilt whole new city from scratch, there is nothing left from the old version. We are serving a taste of the "new" Paris for you today. Welcome to Paris!

The city of Paris has been included in the base Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, together with partial map of France, ever since the game was released. But we felt that it deserves major improvement. This content, after undergoing the quality upgrade, of course remains available for all ETS2 players including those who do not plan to obtain the DLC Vive la France!


Francilienne and Périph
The most important element of the Paris transport structure are ring roads around and inside of Paris area. We focused mostly on the outside ring Francilienne and Boulevard Périphérique aka "Périph". Heavy goods vehicle traffic is being conducted for thoses bypasses and the inner Paris area does not intervene. Most important part of our work was to demonstrate the real feel of those city areas.


In addition to the road network we have built the tunnels which are integral part of Périph. The same applies for typical junctions that we built anew. For the rebuilding of Paris, we created a large and unique building asets that are all based on real landmarks. You will discover many of those unique locations on your way through Paris.


Smoothly running economy
An important part of each new town is its economy. We have built economic infrastructure, and you can look forward to new companies such as the airport or car factory and others. As a result, it was necessary to balance everything so that our new work is compatible with the global economy of the entire game.


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