Friday, October 13, 2017

New World of Trucks Event: Double-trailer Logistics

American Truck Simulator players deserve their own dedicated event on World of Trucks, and we are launching one just now...

Of all internal projects in SCS Software's production pipeline, the New Mexico DLC for ATS is closest to the finish line. Our team of map designers, QA specialists, and programmers, in cooperation with our volunteer community testers, is in the final stretch of bug fixing and optimizing of the content to make it ready for release. As the saying goes, they are doubling down on their work. The word "doubling" or "double" happens to be our inspiration for the upcoming event.

What if, rather then building the digital rendition of New Mexico in the comfort of our office, we have really been working out there, on the roads, in the fields, towns, or real cities? We would need to double the amount of raw material, tools, parts, and supplies delivered across the economy network so that it can eventually reach all the builders, roadmakers, gardeners, vegetation planters, and everyone involved in building New Mexico and help them work even faster. And that's where our player community comes to play, this gives us the motive for the next World of Trucks event... we hope for your support. Actually, double support!

Let's use "doubles" to double the amount of cargo on the roads! However, we wonder, do we have enough skilled drivers for such a task? Can you answer the call of 'double trailer' duty and haul some supplies to various places around American Truck Simulator?

Now straight to the rules of this new World of Trucks event.

What we need you to do:

Transport a total of 300.000 lb of cargo using only Double Trailers. Do so with jobs connected to World of Trucks, while playing American Truck Simulator, of course. For every delivery, the destination city must be different. Only deliveries with planned trip distance over 100 miles are eligible. We want to give you plenty of time, so we set the deadline to December 3, 2017.

What is the reward:

A new main-menu scene for American Truck Simulator - atmospheric sunset background for your truck. This scene will be delivered to your game as a Steam inventory item on completion of the event assignment. Also, a unique World of Trucks achievement.

See you on the road!

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