Friday, August 24, 2018

World of Trucks - testing of new website internals

Testing and fixing of open betas for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator is in full swing, but there is even more happening behind the scenes. We would like to ask you to also take a quick test drive of updated World of Trucks; a new site update is in open beta starting today.

The World Of Trucks website is in the final stages of extensive internal restructuring. The new system should allow for easier iteration of new features, faster deployment of updates, and even localization, but also nice to have things like responsive layout. It should give us more precious time for development instead of spending it performing the old maintenance routines.

At this moment, our goal is to ensure that all of the existing web features on the testing site are operating exactly the same as the current live web.

If you are willing to take a look at the testing site, your help and feedback will be really appreciated. Head to, and begin testing it feature by feature, link by link, page by page. The look and feel of the open beta web should be identical to the live site at There are some minor layout improvements and better wrapping of some texts on various browsers in the new system, however, feature-wise they should be totally identical, and any difference is unintentional and worth reporting.

In case you'll find any inconsistency or bugs, please report them here on the Dedicated Section on the Forum. We are really grateful for your help!

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