Thursday, June 4, 2020

World of Trucks Event: Operation Genoa Bridge

For the last twelve months, the Italian city of Genoa has been focused on constructing a new state-of-the-art bridge. Local civil, structural, design, electrical and mechanical engineers, construction workers, logisticians, and city planners have all been working around the clock to build a bridge across the Polcevera river valley that will reconnect the city with France, the port, and surrounding areas. Their work is almost done, but there is plenty still to do.

We think that it would be fantastic to help out in our own way. The heroic people of Genoa are trying to mend more than a critical city artery, and we would like to salute their effort and dedication. We would like to give our incredible game community a chance to get this beautiful new Italian bridge built into the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2!

We're asking the community to come together and help by delivering materials, fuel, and vehicles to the construction site by way of its two depots, one at either end of the bridge. We also need to collect excavated rubble and waste, along with used vehicles from the depots and transport them back to their respective collection points.

Needless to say, times are difficult for many these days so let's provide a helping hand as best we can, let's pull together as one and help out as a part of our in-game Operation Genoa Bridge event.


Using external contracts with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the community is to make deliveries of construction materials, fuel, equipment, and waste either to or from two new temporary depots. Each depot requires 500,000 deliveries and can be found at either end of the new bridge construction site in Genoa, Italy.

To complete your Personal Goal, complete at least 12 deliveries, 6 to/from the East Depot and 6 to/from the West Depot.

The depots are owned by the Costruzione di Edifici company (CDE for short) and are called:
  • EAST bridge depot - CDE EST
  • WEST bridge depot - CDE OVEST

Deliveries to be made:

1,000,000 deliveries have to be equally divided between each depot. The community must help make:
  • 500,000 deliveries to/from EAST bridge depot - CDE EST
  • 500,000 deliveries to/from WEST bridge depot - CDE OVEST

Locations offering cargo to the depots:
  • Turin
  • Milan
  • Verona
  • Suzzara
  • Parma
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Livorno
Note: Genoa City itself will accept waste cargo but will not offer cargo to the depots.


Personal goal: Individual player contributions of at least 6 deliveries to/from each depot will gain that player a personal World of Trucks Achievement and a terrific new ETS2 truck Terra Constructor paint job Steam inventory item.

Community goal: Build the bridge! Once the community goal of 500,000 deliveries to/from each depot is met, we will update the game with the new bridge. So long as the player has also achieved their personal goal, they will receive a little extra gift - a hanging Plush Terra Road Roller Steam inventory item.

We look forward to seeing how our community will work together to complete this important project for Italy. The end of this event will be completely down to how quickly the goals set are achieved. However, we may allow for some extra-buffer time at the end of the event for those with a little less driving time on their hands.

For new players of Euro Truck Simulator 2, remember to join our World of Trucks platform and connect your profile by registering at this link, which will be necessary to generate external contracts.

For a limited time, we have also made available an Operation Genoa Bridge Steam Bundle which will include a copy of Euro Truck Simulator 2 with DLCs Italia, Italian Paint Jobs Pack, and the Window Flags DLC. This bundle is especially suited for new drivers who would like to assist in this event, it will be available only for a limited time. We have set up the event so that is is possible to complete it with only the base game, but it is certainly more enjoyable for owners of the Italia DLC and with more types of cargo to choose from.

Be sure to share any screenshots or videos with us from this event on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the dedicated hashtag #OperationGenoaBridge.

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