Monday, December 13, 2021

Krone Trailers DLC Update

Today, we are happy to surprise you with the announcement that we've just released a small update for the KRONE Trailer Pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. 

Manufacturing practical and robust safety features for drivers and their trailers has always been a top priority for KRONE, and today we will be bringing one of their newest production additions to our game. 

In March, Krone started equipping their trailers with a newly designed rear underrun guard, which significantly increases the safety of drivers on the road. This new bumper is designed to protect the driver of vehicles traveling behind the trailer if there was to be sudden braking that could lead to a potential vehicle collision. The introduction of the new rear underrun guard was requested specifically by the European Union and is mandatory for all commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe as of September 1st, 2021. 

We are happy to cooperate with KRONE to bring this very new and realistic option to their trailers in ETS2, as well as keep our content as close to reality as possible. However, that is not all. 

We also used this opportunity to revisit the KRONE Trailer Pack DLC to bring an additional accessory for your cab. You will now have the option to display a toy figure of Harald Schäfer, the face of KRONE TV on YouTube and other social media channels, and a recent special guest on our live stream for the 25th Anniversary of the Cool Liner trailer! 

We hope you enjoy this small but realistic addition and update to the KRONE Trailer Pack DLC. Be sure to share with us and Krone Trailers your first journey with the new safety bumper under the hashtag #KroneSafeTrailers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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