Wednesday, August 26, 2020

SCS Merch Shop: The End Of A Chapter

Back in 2017, after meeting a lot of fans during our #SCSOnTheRoad travels and listening to their ideas about official merchandise, we gave the idea of an official e-shop a try.

After three years of service and effort, we have come to the conclusion that we need to move and shift our focus to other areas.

Over the years, we have sold thousands of articles, and we believe we have made a lot of our fans happy. While we did not expect the merch sales to become a massive profit generator for us, unfortunately, the volume of merch was never large enough to sustain full-time staff; but always high enough to occupy too much time of our part-time bandwidth that we could dedicate to preparing and shipping parcels and all the paperwork.

Ultimately, factoring in all the hard work and long hours we need to pour into our e-shop, we realized that this is not the best investment of our time. So it is with a heavy heart that we announce:

The Official SCS Software E-Shop will close on November 30th at 23:59 UTC. Any orders made after this date will not be accepted or completed. 

However, on a more positive note, up until that time, we will be hosting multiple clearance sales and specials across our entire range of ETS2, ATS, and SCS Software merchandise. From hoodies to coffee mugs, everything must go! So be sure to check often to view the latest deal. It will be your last chance to own a piece of SCS merchandise for yourself (unless you meet us on the road!), so make sure to place your orders before it is too late.

Actually, as you may have noticed, some of these clearance sales and special discount offers already took place and are live now!

If you don't make an order in time, then don't panic! This is not the definite end of our merch. We still plan to produce new T-shirt designs, new mugs, and caps, and more. The SCS team here is proud to wear our stuff, and we would produce new designs for our own team needs.

We still want and expect to surprise our volunteer community beta testers and our most active community translators with occasional surprise packages. But rather than going through all the hassle of selling our merch online, we will be limiting ourselves to using it, occasionally, as rewards for online competitions and events, or as freebies to give away to fans visiting us as we travel the world and visit gaming industry and transportation industry events. Hopefully such a time will come back again next year once the world is safe again from Covid-19.

We thank you all for your continued support and we thank you for understanding.

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