Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Iberia: Sound Recording Trip

Sound plays an incredibly important role in our simulator titles, especially in making the in-game world feel alive. With the implementation of  F-MOD, we have been adding new sounds to ETS2 & ATS with each new update to make the most of this powerful sound engine. However, some of the ambient sounds we have previously implemented in-game have become a bit dated.

So how do we bring new sounds to our games? By sending our sound experts out into real-world of course! Recently two members of our team, Matej & Irenej, travelled to Spain & Portugal for the main purpose of recording new sounds for the upcoming ETS2 DLC release of Iberia. These new sound recordings will also be used for future DLCs and we will refresh some older sounds that are currently being used in our sim.

So where exactly have they been and what have they recorded? We won't spoil everything in this update, but here is just a small glimpse of what our team of two has been up to.

Some of the locations visited include busy sea ports, cities, highways and rest stops to bring new and fresh sounds to their virtual in-game counterparts. They also visited near some of the more commonly found industries to capture some of the ambiance and sounds that these workplaces produce, some of these locations included power plants and local farms.

Just as important as capturing the sounds of the cities and industries are the sounds of nature. From the subtle sound of wind through the valleys to the tweeting of birds, these sounds play an important role in immersing players in their virtual surroundings.

The little details all make a difference and we cannot wait to implement these newly recorded sounds into our simulators in the future. We hope you enjoyed this brief update on the development of our current trucking titles and we look forward to sharing more with you in the near future! And don't worry, both Matej & Irenej have returned healthy and safe!

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