Thursday, June 16, 2022

SCS On The Road - DAF CZ/SK International Driver Challenge

This Saturday, (June 18th) a small team from our SCS On The Road crew along with one of our 4D Motion Sim will participate in an event hosted by DAF Trucks CZ at the Brno Circuit near the city of Brno, Czechia.

This event is going to be very interesting, as DAF Trucks CZ and DAF Trucks SK are going to discover the best CZ/SK professional truck driver from the 15 finalists that made it to the final round of the DAF Trucks International Driver Challenge. To determine a winner, these talented truck drivers will be tested in multiple challenges created by DAF Trucks at a local racing circuit near Brno. 

We have been invited as honourable guests to join this amazing event and to bring fun for the public audience who are attending this special competition. We'll have a small booth there, along with one of our motion rigs which will be manned by mr.cenda and Nemiro, both who are very excited and ready to meet with all our local fans. 

Other than the main competition to find the best of the best truck drivers and our booth, you can also look forward to having lots of great food and drinks, the opportunity to check out and drive in the newest DAF Trucks vehicles and so much more! 

If you do find yourself near the Brno Circuit this Saturday, please come and say hi to us as we'll be there the whole day. Entry is free of charge and no doubt it will be a day full of fun and amazing trucking things to witness. We hope to see some of the familiar faces from our local fanbase there too!

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