Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Texas - Water Tanks

What if we told you there is a massive structure type in The Lone Star State with a fairly underrated meaning and purpose that might just go over your head (literally) from time to time? Today, we will draw attention to the local Water Tanks featured in Texas DLC, so you will always remember to look upwards when passing them by on your trucking journey throughout this wonderful state.

The reason why we have labeled water tanks as "underrated" is that you might think to yourself that they are simply massive storage tanks located at the edge of cities. It is, however, precisely due to their placement within the town area that quite often gives them a purpose of welcome signs as well. This means that they serve as sort of beacons of status and displays of pride in cities and their local citizens. After all, the names are usually written in big, bold letters, so you are always perfectly aware of where exactly you are at that moment.

And if you were wondering why these structures are built so high above the ground (from 100ft/30m to 200ft/60m in the map expansion), it has a very logical and practical explanation. The height makes good use of gravity in order to provide a pressurized flow of water to the buildings in their surroundings. With some of the tanks dating back more than half a century ago, this is quite a well-thought-out system.

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