Thursday, July 4, 2019

American Truck Simulator - Utah

Many of you beelieved it when we told you that there's another map expansion coming to American Truck Simulator later this year, and most of you guessed the right one!

We couldn't think of a more appropriate time to announce that Utah will become the seventh state in our game than on Independence Day!

And why the Bee teaser? Because Utah is nicknamed the Beehive state, as the Beehive represents hard work and industry. It is also connected to the early pioneer Mormon settlers in the region.

Today, Utah has a population of more than 3 million spread across on 84,899 square miles and features a dry, semi-arid to a desert climate. Utah's many mountains also guarantee a large variety of climates creating a very specific atmosphere with which we tried our best to recreate.

Coming of Utah will also break the "hockey stick" or "L-shape" as you, our community, nicknamed the actual game map. This will allow for a better variety in routes between your destinations and hopefully, bring a richer variety behind the wheel. You will also find new cargoes available since Utah is the center to many different industries.

From now, until the release of this map expansion later this year, you can look forward to more blog posts and articles dedicated to Utah, accompanied with screenshots mapping the development progress.

Meanwhile, why don't you add American Truck Simulator - Utah to your Steam wishlist?

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