Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Event: Goodyear Roll-Out!

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre companies and well known for its premium brand. For over 120 years Goodyear has pushed the envelope with new innovations in tyres and ‘beyond tyres’ setting the standard in the industry. Building on over 120 years of innovation, Goodyear just launched a full advanced range of on-road truck tyres. With the latest technologies on-board, the new KMAX GEN-2 and FUELMAX GEN-2 tyres deliver enhanced mileage and fuel-efficiency performance, while being able to cope with all kinds of weather conditions.

To celebrate their recently released new truck tyre designs along with a brand facelift that looks great; we are proud to announce that Goodyear tyres will be coming soon to Euro Truck Simulator 2!

However, distributing these new tyres to all of the garages and showrooms across Euro Truck Simulator 2 requires the help of our awesome community in our Goodyear Roll-Out event.

With this event, you will have the opportunity to receive a free activation key for the DLC (even before it is available on the Steam Store), if your own personal goal and the community goal is achieved.

Be advised that the deliveries might be of long-distance, and owning a variety of map DLCs will be a crucial factor in succeeding.

Let’s meet our community delivery goal! The sooner we achieve the goal, the sooner we can bring the Goodyear Tyres Pack DLC to you - available for purchase when the event closes.

The rules of the event

Using external contracts in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on a World of Trucks-connected profile, the community must reach 300,000 deliveries of Goodyear tyres using the provided Goodyear trailer.

To complete your personal goal, you must make 10 or more deliveries of Goodyear tyres using external contracts on a World of Trucks-connected profile on Euro Truck Simulator 2.

One or more of the following map DLCs are required (DLCs are on sale during the first 2 days of the event):


Personal goal: Individual player contributions of 10 or more deliveries of Goodyear tyres will be rewarded with a World of Trucks Achievement and a hanging Goodyear blimp cabin accessory.

Community goal: Once the community goal of 300,000 deliveries of Goodyear tyres is met, and if the player has also achieved their personal goal then they will receive a Steam code to unlock our new Goodyear Tyres Pack DLC, for free!

Get ready to roll out with Goodyear! We would love to see your photos and videos from the event, so no matter how you are taking part, make sure to share your progress on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #GoodyearRollOut and tagging of our and Goodyear's official profiles.

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