Tuesday, July 2, 2019

From Virtual To Real Trucks

Often we receive emails from our community who share their gratitude and stories of how our sim-games brought not only great fun but also in some cases, something extra. Our creations have become so inspiring that we have even influenced players real lives. In the past, we have shared one of these stories with you. Driver Dustin Kochara shared with us his story of how American Truck Simulator helped him to graduate in driving school.

Today we would like to mention Colin Taylor and how his path playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 led to much more. Colin sent us an email which we'd like to share with you:

Hi there.

I just felt the need to let you know this. Your games ETS2 and ATS made me get my Artic license and start lorry driving.

2 years ago I have had a screenshot of your Steam page, with your 10/10 rating and a mate said: “Dare you to get this and try it”. He was joking. A lorry simulator did seem kinda silly (sorry). But I took the challenge and got ETS2. Played it one night with a few rum and cokes. Then played it another night. Then added mods, and my own tunes etc. Then I got a steering wheel, which took it to another level. After maybe 20 sessions playing I had the crazy thought - Jeez, I could do this as I reckon. At the time I was a taxi driver, 20 years at the job. I wasn't unhappy at it, but having a drunk / smelly / cheeky / ignorant stranger beside you all day long had become very tiresome. Mentioned my funny thought about my wife, and she said: “Why don’t you go for it?”

Got my license Last August. Subbed via an agency for a freight company in Northern Ireland (I live close to Belfast) past 6 months, and just last week I got a full-time job with them. All because of your game. Complete career and life change. I didn't realize I was unhappy where I was in life until I discovered how happy I am with life now. My only gripe with the whole thing? I very rarely play your games anymore, cause, well, it is much like taking work home with me lol.

So anyway, a massive thanks to you from me, my wife, and my kids (they see more of me now). And massive well done on your fantastic creations. You deserve all the plaudits you get. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Colin, for sharing of your real-life story with us and congratulations on your success. We wish you thousands of safe kilometers on the road!

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