Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks for your suggestions

We really appreciate your suggestions for improving our future games in the discussions under the blog posts.

Rest assured that we read and note all the interesting ideas that we can collect. Your continuous feedback is very important for us - to help guiding us, to give us courage that certain features, even if hard to develop, are worth pursuing. Hearing your voice gives us strength to keep on going.

Many of the things are on our internal lists already - some of them as specific plans for the short- or mid-term, some on our own wish-list for things to achieve in the long run.

Just please keep in mind that as truck sims are really a small genre - these games will never be multi-million sellers - our ambitions need to be in line with their sales potential. We can only afford a small team to work on these games. Where AAA games like Grand Theft Auto series or Gran Turismo series have teams of hundreds of designers, artists and programmers working on a game, our projects like Euro Truck Simulator have been built with core teams of 5-7 people, and it takes us years to earn back even such relatively modest investment.

We would sure love to be able to pull off all the cool things suggested to us, but we need to pick carefully, to plan only what we can handle by the time we run out of money earned from our previous games. If you want to help us build bigger and better games in the future, frankly the best way is to help us make more money - recommend the game to a friend, start a fan page to promote truck sims, record a cool movie and place it on YouTube, discuss our game on your blog or facebook page, and last but not least, help us in our struggle against piracy - don't promote or use warez copies of our games.

Some of the suggestions seem to cover features that we have already addressed or at least paid some attention to in the generation of German Truck Simulator and UK Truck Simulator (and their latest patches). If you have only played the original Euro Truck Simulator, be sure to try out the newer games. They are rather different when it comes to gameplay, it's not just different geography in the games compared to ETS. Here are direct links: UK Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator (1-hour free trial, demos as of 1.32 version).

Finally, another behind the scenes peek - here is work in progress on a new driver model. Right now we are working on a guy, but based on input from our fan base, it seems that we should also create a female driver option for ETS2 as well.


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  2. Really nice SCS! Hope in near future you'll post images of Renault Interior! Keep up the excellent work!
    P.S. I hope you've putted Retarder into the game, because euro truck do not have jake brake like US trucks! :)


  3. Hey guys and girls (i don´t know)

    The screens look very good. I like the new Truck Driver that you create. I hope you will creat a Multiplayer that we can drive online with our friends.

    i look forward.

  4. Holy sh*t! Are we going to see hands on the steering wheel? 4pete

  5. Scs very good, highly detailed driver
    and do not forget to change the physics of the game
    All their games have always been many great
    only thing that spoiled it was the physical game
    with respect to changing gears and power brake truck and such
    I pray that by the release of the game you guys manage to change it
    earned the good work you guys

    Lucas Viegas
    Santa Catarina -Brasil

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  7. Hi scs team,Would be great if you create Truck from oldest to the newest in example C-class volvo will be Fh12 with old interior.B-class new,A-class newest fh 16 and like this all truck's classes.That would be greatest game ever Greetings from Lithuania truck fans!:) Good luck!

  8. @texas4 thats a great idea, i've already thaught about that!
    What to do with not much money, to get a great game:
    -make sure the the driving skills of the game will much better: a much slower acceleration and a realistic way of switch the gear.
    -Show your own trucks and trailers by the parking of your garage
    -you will be able to skin your trucks in company looks(to put your company names on the truck)
    and at least a realistic way of of driving for AI traffic.
    Greeting from Holland

  9. congratulations for all SCS team!

    one feature that you can put in the game is Double-Trailers

    please, put Double-Trailers in ETS 2

  10. Excelent work... SCS, this game is the best, keep it up

  11. place a donate butten on your blog, you never know

  12. We see, that you are able to pram good things, bust i have read so much wishes in ift you built in all these things, we are able to pay for a real trucksim game. Please let editable and addable cargos come back to gameplay.

    I am owner of an virtual forwarding company and we just play euro truck simulator 1 because we can edit our own cargoes. We block that nice and better made Games like german Truck simulator because we are NOT able to dispatch at our own. So we wish to made own cargoes. But a truck simulation game needs gadgets like double function, oder better a triple function, then things like roundabouts on a map and countries in whole europe. Europe is not just 8 countries. Europe is bigger, we neeed scandinavia and the balcanic states. Great Britain is not only england. Great britain are 5 countries, like ireland, scotland, wales Northern ireland. We all need not much cities, we will going on to build own cities.

    I am a mapper too, and i thing that the map area is normally to small to built an useful map.

    I want to appeal to you, if u make a large map with all european countries, an double function, Nice trucks with better interiors ( u are working at, looks very nice ), make cargoes editable and let game be able to dispatch, and all other wishes from the users like online playing for example. Read the wishes at and all other forums around the world and take more time to realize and program it, and i am SURE, people would pay around ten to twenty euros more for a good trucksim game. try to make a real good game. The era of a very good trucksim game has just begun. IF u do that, you will be able to have mor programmers and designers to make that game better. Your functions like radio and mp3 play function are very good. next coming up is that glimpses of the interiors and the new drivers. You guys are on the right way.

    We will look on the development and are patient that you made best of ETS 2.

    Daniel (dprnet)
    Owner of a virtual freight forwarding company in germany


  13. able to PROGRAM good things i mean.. :)

  14. Wow! If you're reading this Pavel... thank you for listening to the Community and keeping in touch with it! Keep up the great work!

  15. keep up scs,keep will always have our support in whatever you do...!!!!!! i am sure that you will never let us down...!!!!!

  16. you starting to gain my respect SCS and thats a rear thing...

    i just remember one more thing that would be nice to see in ETS2.. adjustable interior mirrors! there was something like that in Pedal To The Metal (it wasn't actually interior mirrors but still, i was able to adjust them)

    i don't know if anyone said this before but..
    FIX AI Traffic!! the biggest bug is if i turn on hazard lights AI cars just stops and don't overtakes me....

    another thing.. you made that we can listen to mp3 songs in game and thats great (although i use foobar2000 but thats not the point..)

    now look i have 50+GB of music..i'm not going to copy/paste it all to game music folder... thats just stupid.. what i'm trying to say is why you just don't make that people can put shortcuts of there songs in game music folder? its going to take much less space!

    Most important is:
    Don't leave small game bugs!

    i'm surprised that you released so many patches for GTS/UKTS but still.. Swift/Scania top lamps don't it so hard to fix them?

    oh btw..almost forgot.. you want to make money right? so make ETS2 easy to mod!! the more easy its to mode the more mods will come out the more awesome videos will be on youtube the more people will see your game the more they buy it!
    Am i wrong?

    Now it's all up to you.

  17. Very nice, as Andreq said, it will be much real to make a seat belt too ;)
    Good luck!

  18. @CDMC That's true to the every word!!! I agree with you 100%.
    Keep it up SCS!!!

  19. new R,actros MPIII,axor and the other actual truck models and functional map models,i want in ets2

  20. I heard that ETS2 is going to support multi core CPU's. Is this true?

  21. Finally, a new driver!. Thanks for posting.

    About the suggestions for the game, I've got some that I don't think are too hard to develop, and would be greatly appreciated by the players:

    - A button to save current camera position. Basically, if I like my interior camera to be looking a bit to left, I just push a button and the position gets saved, so every time I switch to interior camera I get to that exact position. I missed this option in GTS because I liked the view to be a bit to the right, to see my cab, but everytime I looked left or right, the position was lost.

    - A new option in settings that allows us to select the amount of traffic to spawn: very low, low, medium, high, extreme. This way every user can set it according to his hardware. Right now in ETS and GTS I miss the amount of traffic I used to see in Haulin, with jams on highways, cities, etc.. Roads are, literally, deserted.

    - Speed limiter. Same that you allow "automatic" or "manual" transmission in game settings, just put a checkbox to enable or disable speed limiter. Some of us enjoy to drive realistically, so being unable to drive more than 90km/h would be appreciated.

    Here are some things that maybe are not so easy to develop, but don't sound too hard either:

    - Resting mode optional: Don't force us to sleep when the game says it. Allow our imagination to do it (like we did in Haulin). Either put an option to enable/disable it, or just allow the config file to set it to "0", for those of us who like to stop our trucks at 22.00pm on a gas station and "sleep" until next morning to keep trucking.

    - A bit more realism on truck weight and speeds. Even "A" trucks from real life have hard times accelerating on some uphills. A "C" truck should be able to go 90km/h on a normal road, but only 30-40 on a heavy uphill (and not even low gears should allow to accelerate more). An "A" truck shouln't be able to go more than 70-80 on that same uphill. They are too powerfull right now, not realistic.

    And finally, a suggestion that I think is more difficult to develop, but could be appreciated:

    - Allow us to adjust mirrors individually. Some players could set the small deformed mirror to see the trailer while backing (like some real truckers do), while some others may want to point it to the bottom of the cab, to see vehicles near them.

    Thanks and keep the good work.

  22. @katixa the last suggestion with adjust the mirrors was be able in pttm, so i dont believe that it is more or most difficult

  23. I wish there could be more things to do inside the truck. Headlights should be in separated buttons. One button for the short light, and another for the long (road) lights (sorry I don't know how to name them). Driver should press the button for air for trailer. There could be also a heater for foggy windows when it's rainy. Generally all the things in the cabin (+ cabin light) should be working and have own buttons to use them like in real life.

  24. Thank you for the updates, we are very grateful for any new piece of information on upcoming games!

    Keep on truckin, looking forward to the next game with much anticipation :)

  25. please make bus driver and the games of trucks for xbox 360, i like bus driver

  26. realy nice! if think those hair's could by better. (sry for my english)

  27. This game is beautiful, but like others, one big think is missing: we want more difficult parking zones, small streets/neighborhoods, smalls factories parking, we like to maneuver our trucks, not spend most of the time driving in highway, sorry my English!!

  28. Great job SCS! Here's a suggestion: it would be nice if the cargo & trailer text files were structured as in extreme trucker. Then we could set which trucks can haul a particular type of cargo, have rigid trucks, far more variants for trailers, and maybe double trailers as well.As well as much more flexibility for modding the game.

    Hope you can include it; it's something that has been done before.

  29. Dear SCS!

    Thanks to you now I want to be a Trucker, and hopefully i will be :) .
    I like your trucking games but it could be better with these (in my opinion)

    +2 mirrors to the right side just like in the reality

    -Accelerate and Top Speed
    Trucks should accelerate slower and the top speed should be 90km/h

    Brakes, that is my biggest problem.
    The brakes should be stronger.
    In German Truck Simulator my truck (without trailer) needed 2 seconds to stop from 20km/h

    I would be happy if these could be in the game :)


  30. Thanks SCS, for new images...

    Rafael Brusque
    Paraná, Brazil!

  31. Very nice! What about driver customization(change hair, head, shirt, etc)? This option will be available? And roadtrains(doubles)? Another thing that should be nice is brake problems, broken steering wheel, sound of the driver changing gear... I know this ideas will be analised, but things like that would be REALLY NICE!

    Gabriel Righi
    Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  32. The front and right side mirrors should point to the truck! When I'm parking on GTS I can't see if I'm too close or too away (hope you understand, I don't know what to use here!) from the sidewalk, and I can't see how next from the front car I am, if I want to get really in his back on red lights xD

    Gabriel Righi
    Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  33. Glad to hear about the update and that you're taking suggestions! I have a few recommendations for the sound:

    Road Noise - the biggest noise I hear usually when passing trucks is from the tires. The faster we go, the louder the road noise should get. Plus, maybe have different sounds depending on the terrain (like PTTM with the gravel/dirt roads)

    Turbo simulation - the only game I know of now that simulates the truck turbo is Rigs of Rods, an open source sim. It would be awesome if you could simulate the turbo, depending on the load on the engine (such as going uphill, flooring it down the highway :) ).

    Other than that, PLEASE fix the acceleration!! (without reducing drag). We're driving huge semi's here, they take forever to get rolling and they're hard to coast to a stop. Inertia!

    I'm loving these games so far, keep it up SCS!

  34. Here's my suggestion, you could do the game on the online servers so we can create a your server, also would be nice to create new kinds of sounds, and game time as the the actual computer time

  35. Est ce qu'il aura un mode carrière ?
    avec au début un camion 19 tonnes et en suite pouvoir acheter une remorque ainsi de suite
    une véritable carrière, et je suis d'accord avec Daniel, faites une vraie Europe avec plus de nationales, pas seulement des Autoroutes

  36. CDMC:
    everything you say is OK except the think you said about moddelling,the ets/gts and all the truck games from scs are easy to mod..the program they use(Zmod) is the easiest that exists from its kind..all others(3dsmax,that i personally use,c4d etc etc)are proffesional programs and they got so many choices and functions that is able to remember them all..
    nvm,scs,great job,just in my opinion you should move the scania mirrors(cambine camera) a little bit up.
    you could also adjuct more functions,such as open/close windows.Or some other realistic add-ons,like real cables when the trailer is attached to the truck like in real life,i dont know if u understand me,but i mean red blue yellow cables from the back of truck that connect the trailer in front for brakes,lights of trailer etc,so that all these can work from the battery of the truck..
    finally just fix some problems like ai traffic,when we use the blinkers ai stops like we block them etc etc..

  37. super work!also try to put nice truck sounds and realistic ones :D v8 of scania would be so cool (:

  38. GPS should be at the dashboard , and there should be a laptop, so we shouldn't need to push N for notebook just click on it while you can still look around

  39. Dear SCS Software,
    we are an italian fan group and first of all we thank you for this fantastic truck simulator that you are developing for us.
    So, we would like to suggest you some improvements and our hopes to make this software a perfect truck simulator.
    - a more detailed european map, also with small roads.
    - real time and real distances. So, one minute in game will be one minute in the real life. And if in the real life it is necessary to drive one hour to go in a destination, it will be necessary one hour also in the game.
    - Trucks more real, with gear and transmission liek the real one and not like those of F1 car! ;-))) So, slower truck, mainly in the acceleration and steering.
    - Highway tollbooths.
    - More intelligent AI traffic
    - Trucks / cars lights switched on also in the hours of sunshine, at least in the highway.

    Thank you for you time to read our desires, we salute you!

  40. The truck genre might not be able to rack in all the votes, but it surely makes up for it with determination and graphics, so dont count yourselves out just yet... everyone here is behind you one 100%

  41. First, I congratulate you for the work you do.

    and I have some suggestions to improve the game

    for national roads.
    - Realistic national road, with signs like real life.
    - Railways on small roads with barriers.
    - Shortcuts between the roads, with more difficulty as the cornering, damaged roads, etc. ...
    - Work on the roads.
    - Some big rest areas.
    - The possibility of passing cars.

    for highways
    - Adding toll booths.
    - Entries and exits highway for small road.

    for the decorations
    - See animals on the roads, birds, fields ...
    - Animated Cities
    - Traffic circle in the cities.

    for trucks
    -Ability to see the damage caused by accidents.

    for traffic
    - More intelligent AI traffic.

    and finally the possibility to choose its own logo for his company and see its cargo on the roads when his company becomes larger.

  42. it's great to see the advancements you have made over the years that i've been in the community. as of now i can only think of a few touches that will make the game more realistic. you've already tended to the mirrors and reflections and i have to say they look outstanding.

    - you should be able to change your driving position. at least give us a choice of raising the seat up or down. you could make the seat a part of the driver animation so the driver moves up or down with the seat.

    - add a realistic method of connecting to your trailer. a proper way would have to be to back under the trailer within a few inches of the kingpin and it should auto lock itself.

    - focus on better physics and road systems first and foremost. 3 pivot points would be an ideal baseline for modders so everyone can be satified. the gear changes are extremely unrealistic. the engine physics need to be completely replaced with a more sophisticated system. there should be torquecurves and horsepower curves as well as boost psi. the g25 wheel has been out for a few years now and it should be the time to incorporate it's functions because a truck driver has to change gears and use a clutch. it's an everyday manditory asset to the industry, you have to be able to change gear.

    - my final suggestion would have to be in the area of vehicle sounds. tire roar should be a factor that progressively changes as you go faster.

    over all you have done outstanding but there are a few grey areas that need to be filled in.

  43. Hello friends!

    I was very happy to hear news about the new ETS 2. The new images show a fantastic game. I have some suggestions that may further increase the pleasures of play: (1) Include bank loans to help upgrade the trucks (as exists in Americam Long Haul). (2) Create a larger map to allow more hours of gameplay. (3) works include roads, potholes and surprises on the way to allow for greater interaction with the scenery and the handling of the game. (4) Include trucks and loads of other countries such as Brazil, since it is a country of continental dimensions and has a huge fleet.
    I am passionate about trucks! I'm looking forward to the launch of this new game. I wish you success in developing this great game!


    Mufa Maia (
    Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

  44. Olá pessaol da scs, gostaria de dar uma sugestão à vcs, adicionar lombadas e buracos na pista nos jogos de caminhão, porque no Brasil tem lombadas e muitos buracos também por todo quanto é canto do país. Obrigado.
    Primavera do leste.
    Mato Grosso.

  45. what a lot of us would realy like to see is the c class trucks in ETS2 to be older IE like the old DAF 2800 or the DAF 3300 and the volvo c class could be the opld F10 and the volvo b class could be the old Volvo FL10 and so on with the a class being the new trucks. also another good thing to see would be 6x2 trucks not just 4x2 as most of the EU trucks are 6x2 so they can carry the most waight they can

  46. more trucks + older trucks and 6x2 and 6x4 trucks as well as the 4x2

  47. Make car haulers!! And it would be nice that we could not replace trucks, but add. Then we could have not 21 truck, but alot more!

  48. yea more lorries would be grate and older ones sound grate to :) pluse a bigger map and more roads in England and right hand drive lorries as well as left hand drive and be able to buy trailers like we could in haulin!!!!!

  49. i would pay for a pach for UK truck sim if SCS added older trucks in to the game like the DAF 2800 with a incab of the 2800 as well same for EURO truck sim 1 and 2

  50. as with 5 post above me older lorries would be grate but maybe as 2nd hand trucks

  51. rigded trucks not just artics

  52. Nice going SCS!!

    A small suggestion would be to add Buses to the AI traffic..

  53. not only Buses to the AI traffic but more AI traffic full stop

  54. Friends of SCS,
    A heartfelt thanks for your work, you are great!
    Demonstrated progress and improving year after year despite the difficulty of working in a relatively niche product.

    We all know that to enjoy a driving simulation should use a steering wheel ( and 900 degrees of rotation make a difference! )

    So: give the possibility to use the clutch and gearbox H freely give an incredible touch of realism, I bet that many fans would be delighted to use their dusty gear H!

    Of course I would be content as a part of gaming but then the purpose of a simulation is just to recreate the reality as possible, right?
    Think about if you believe that you can implement on budget!

    Finally reading the previous posts about the different drive position, etc. without advertising that is not my goal, i would say that all simulations of SCS implement very well ( and for that I thank you SCS ) a system through a device that allows you to buy separately move the internal view through the movement of the head and i guarantee you it works great, very very GREAT!
    I would say that it is essential!!

    Thank you all for your attention!
    Have a good trip at all.
    Genoa Italy


  56. layby's on the side of the roads

  57. older truck / more trucks and BIGGER MAP as well as a bigger UK map :) more traffic and better speeds as lorries dont pull off as fast as they do in these games

  58. hi scs
    it would be amazing if you could customize your own truck by buying stuff like;
    kelsa light bars,
    roof beacons,
    air spoiler kits,
    They should also have sat nav in the cab
    you should be able to buy a lot more lorries inc older ones like other people have been saying that would be amazing
    We should ahve rigids aswell as artics in the game
    You should be able to sleep where ever you like and they should have normal lay bys ao you can just pull in 2 sleep
    You should be able to make up your own company name and buy a piece of land or yard that would be ure depot
    you should be able to buy trailers and use them

    sorry i know this is a big ask but could you at least try to put all these in the game , then it actually would be absolutely AMAZING

  59. it would be also good if you could get out of the cab and walk about into the depot or company building to get your load or the keys to your truck
    they should also make it easier to mod
    thank you again

  60. hi i agree with everything that mikeyman97 has said :) as well as right hand drive lorries as well as left hand drive

  61. It would be so nice if there where more countries... we are missing eastern europe and scandinavia. The truck sound should be more real to, and trucks with 6x2 6x4. There is also a need for the possibillety of starting your own company somthing like in GTS. Ohh yeah last but not least roof beacons and smoke from the exhaust. I also agree with what mikeyman97 road on the December 1, 2010 8:17 PM.

  62. Ohh yeah and it wold really be cool if there was a multiplayer section to. I road the post before to.


  63. hi all, hi SCS i dont have time to look after if somebody palready posted this, but a multiplayer would be nice:)) like some servers, not only co-op mode or something like this. and thanks for all the cool games!

  64. I think the suggestions have been great and knowing that you guys want to come through on most of them is brilliant.

    But for now some suggestions and ideas..
    -The map.
    I've played silent hunter 4, and that game has what people here want too, i set out from pearl harbour and left myself sailing with a course already set out. I'm still going. it is basically the entire worlds oceans, at the players finger tips.
    - I know that doing every single road would take a while, but think about it, we don't need all of them, just a map the size of europe, and a hell of an increase in road numbers.

    Not just highways, but single roads, country roads, villages, and towns, Ports, services, container terminals and Ferries, Also euro tunnel.
    - went with my dad the other day in uk, where i live and we came turned onto this road that was very narrow, about 30cm clearence on each side, after that we came to our first delivery, on a yard that was filled with parked trucks, loads of loading bays, and endless amounts of pallets and a single lane that went around the entire yard that we had to follow.
    These are the things i want to see done to the map.

    - Also, What about laoding bay, They are to open. i want to have to easy my truck into a tight spot rather than speed in and out in less then ten seconds.
    I want tight, hard to navigate areas all over the map. i want to have enter a warehouse and navigate a small narrow route through all the products and crates to get to a loading area.
    I want to see animations like Forklift trucks and other trucks.

    - Services.
    They are way to small and even the big ones aren't that great. i want to have a narrow road leading to them, once there i want to have to fill up by waiting inline, or find a parking space and ease myself in, no truck stop is ever as dead as the game ones, i want trucks coming and going, filling up and a great deal sleeping.
    And i don't want it to be perfect, have them parked along the road, or jamming up the parking zones, wheres all the car areas and stuff.

    - and last but no least, places i want to see in game -

    .Top 10 roads to drive before you die
    .Mont blanc
    .Container terminals
    .Several ports, and ferries
    .Countries i'd like to see -
    .United kingdom
    .Czech Rep

  65. I would like to see more done to the map as a whole.

    - I want the distance to be real, and maybe take a while to get there, i'm sick of driving across the map in less than 2hrs. its pathetic.

    - I want the roads to be realistic, have you ever known every road in the world to be dead smooth, or perfectly done
    I want narrow lanes, country lanes, single dual carriage ways, highways, i can't take any more highways, it's boring, i want scenic routes, off the beaten track, i want fun roads to drive on.

    Also i want something added if possible, gps, or something instead of having to bring up the map, i wan't to be able to take my time delivering, and i want to be able to cross bridges, go through tunnel systems and massive container terminals that are jam packed with trucks and always hard to manoeuvre around.

    I want major traffic jams on random roads and highways, i want obstructions like accidents and searches. i want to be able to drive into a realistic services and have to search for a free parking space. i want the services to be packed and lively at least.

    I want cargo loading times, for different cargos, i want to have multi-drop cargos and cargos that go to uk and ireland.

    I want to be able to change my camera angles and save them as i like to look at my cab and i want to be able to sleep where i choose to, also the ability to remove sleeping all together.

    I also want to be able to change the colour of my grills, wheels, trailers, add lights and mud flaps, horns and antennas and also have the option between 4x2 and 6x2.

    I've want to request that the acceleration be adjusted. the trucks hit 60 in a few sec ffs, it's beyond ridiculous.

    Also the suspension on the cabs isn't there on the outside view, usually you see them rise and bounce around a little but it's not there at all on the previous games

    Also i want to have the option between career and free roam and have stand alone trailers to hook up too. Also i want curtainsiders, boxed trailers, flat beds, double and more, also the ability to add lights, our own paint jobs and stuff like that

  66. older trucks that are 6x2 aswell as 4x2 :)

  67. CZ:SCS jsem váš velký fanoušek a věřím že fanoušků toho typu žánru bude jen a jen přibývat. Je skvělé že vytváříte ETS 2,bude to určitě velký trhák. Hraju vaše kamionové hry skoro od začátku a každá nová hra přinesla spoustu vymožeností a překvapení .Ale chtěl bych podotknout u ETS,GTS,ATS kamionovou třídu A. nejsilnější kamion (jezdí jak osobák a to i když mám zapřáhnutý návěs) , přijde mi to nereálné a myslím si že to trochu kazí hru .Je to simulace a toho by se mělo trochu držet. Jinak dost kritiky ( vím že mužem být rádi že nějaká kamionová simulace vůbec je ),je to jen takový malí detail. Stejně před vaším celím týmem klobouk dolů, udělali jste veliký pokrok. Ceníme si vás a chtěl bych popřát ať se daří, máte hodně úspěchů…..jen tak dál 

  68. used truks dealer, Ability to see the damage caused by accidents i want to drive from turkey in england our trailers to buy contracts and gps

  69. the_euro_truck_simulator_kingMay 31, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    wow,amazing!i am sure that you make a good job.again.

  70. le multijoueur serait super pour ets 2 sinon c du beau travaille 19,5/20 pour ets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. I really like the games that SCS Soft releases, I'm looking forward to ETS2. But one thing that I've never had and that i "miss", is some improvement of the city driving, Why not make just a few larger cities, Where you can drive just in the city, For example, Picking up a cargo and then deliver pieces of the load to diffrent resturants etc (Yes, I tought of McDonald's =D) Maybe that's not suitable for ETS2, But maybe in the future in an upcoming game! Larger cities with "mini assignments!"

  72. I think a good idea is for looking in cabin and to a sides of driver by tracking nose by webcam or some other static part of face, becouse its not realistic and uncomfortable when i have to push a buttons for looking to sides when i need it ;) please SCS read this and make you opinion abou this idea, but i think its not very hard to do but its very elegant :)

  73. Nice additions:

    -add the posibility of AI cars to overtake you or let you overtake by signaling right and going toward the side of the road

    -also if let's say a car is driving slower, other cars should overtake not waiting in line and go 50 km/h which would create an impossible line to overtake with your truck

    -we don't need a bigger map, we need more routes to the same place. let's say i want to go from A to B and I have the highway and two more national roads to choose from. that'll be nice

    Thanks for reading, you are doing a great job.


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