Friday, April 8, 2011

Another cabin interior under construction

Even if it's still untextured, it is most likely very easy for you to guess which truck this belongs to!

We are now in the review stage of geometry submission for this new 3D asset. Already, there are several man-weeks spent on the work; between research and actual 3D model construction. Still some more weeks ahead of us to finalize everything. In the end, a truck interior may take up to two solid months of a senior 3D artist's effort to build the model, animate the levers and dials, and texture the cabin.


  1. Very good looking model. Please try to change the sounds and add realistic driving time features.

    Regards, Danyiel

  2. Very nice Mercedes actros interior

  3. Oh wow! This is something amazing!

    Please SCS, make the retarder for trucks. You see that lever on the right side of the steering column? That's the retarder. So please animate it and make use of it. Please!

    Keep up the astonishing work SCS.

    P.S. Hoping soon to see textured version! ;-)


  4. Renault magnum and premium screen please


  5. mercedes actros...le camion que j'attends ..bon travail scs hate de jouer a ets 2

  6. Looking good, just sat in a new Actros this week. Nicely done so far. Hope the textures will work out just as good as the model

  7. Really nice scs team please renault magnum and premium screen I love you scs team

  8. Very detailed!! It's the Actros interior, isn't it?
    Will you change the sounds in ETS2?
    Anyway, ETS2=Best game of 2011!!!
    SCS Software ROCKS! Thanks for posting so often. It is a great treat to open your blog and see so many beautiful and detailed things. Great job!! You seem to be progressing a a phenominal rate!!!

  9. Excellent! From Argentina

  10. Excellent work SCS front Venezuela....

  11. SCS Wonderful!

    The interior looks very real! Congratulations to the geniuses of 3D modeling!

    Keep it up!

    And always show us more ...

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  12. Super!
    I take this opportunity to ask you to change the internal sounds. In the real life the interior sound is very similar to a noise ... I leave you a video for better understanding:

  13. absolutely a very good job !
    well.. if we are in the topic of the interiors why wouldn't you let us to get ingame much more interior views,why only one? just like in the Rignroll game.. what do you say?

    Have a nice day !


  15. great job. but we wanna Steering Wheel tune too

    thank you

  16. ETS2-be container port, which can be transported in containers.
    To forest and dirt road, which can be delivered to the stump.
    And keep the mine out of the GTS. PLEASE!

  17. Superb screen beautiful work!

    Ah, when a screen or a magnum renault premium?

    Good works scs

  18. what about a RHD version for the UK?

  19. nice! hey, give to us an editor for anim, please! You gave an editor for Duke Nukem: MP - a Prism3D editor

  20. Looking fantastic.
    Keep up the amazing work SCS Software team.

  21. SCS Team !

    -Please make the transmission to change gear around 900-1000 RPM And max at 1500 RMP.

    -Make the trucks accelerate slower (as real ones)and not like F1 cars .

    -C-B category trucks should get 90 km/h too!

    -A menu option, or service option to Enable/Disable 90 km/h limit

    -Real Driving times, slower clock :) ( You CAN do this because the Map got Bigger so roads are longer so you can make the clock nearly Life-Like)

    -Make Retarder :)

    -Real Brake power (Better brakes without trailer, trucks stops faster)

    -And i hope you will leave the look back from the cab view. :)

    PLS SCS Read this and think about these possibilities ! :/ PLS

    Thank you!
    David from Hungary !

  22. Will we see gear sticks and peddals?

  23. the 3d art you are showing is good but the engine should equalise the real ones then the game looks more realestic i hope you will do better and all the best to you,great work.

  24. Is there already some more news you can share on how licensing-talks are going? :)

  25. Impressive the amount of work you're doing, keep it up :)

  26. Pls scs put this option in wheel on/off option.
    I don't see the wheel.
    sry for my english.

  27. SCS can you pleace post a video where you play ETS 2, I recement you that you drive a Scania R-serie truck. Like the one you posted th 13 february.
    sry for my english

  28. You could try putting hands on that steering wheel and legs beneath. They could move around and have different random animation, like one hand resting on the knee, from time to time, or operating the switches. Just a thought, since we're talking about months and months of work here :D
    How about posting some pictures of those senior and junior 3D artists? It'll be really nice to "meet" you guys!
    Keep it up!

  29. PS. what cad software do you use?

  30. what about right hand drive interiors for us in the UK

  31. SCS please make that if you will start game in UK whell would be on right side Not like in ETS that is it on left side :)

  32. nice work, but still to much time on the graphics, show us more about physics(where you guys are poor). Keep up the good work any way.

  33. Great. Make a lot of traffic. Accidents near big cityes. And brake for some time!

  34. SCS,

    Great job. I hope the trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 have more realistic handling then the once in previous games.

  35. Excelent!Greetings from GREECE

  36. The Steering wheel is on the wrong side.UK drivers being left out of ETS 2,just like we were with ETS?

  37. Nice work! I am sure it will come out good!

    I have a question: Can you guys make the steering of trucks like Rig N Roll? Make it so that if you have a steering wheel and pedals, if you turn your wheel only a little bit, the truck's wheel only turns a little, not like it does in GTS. But don't worry about the horrible physics of Rig N Roll. You guys had that mastered more than 5 years ago. Why I am saying this is because I just finished playing the game, and I was so dissapointed.

    That company has nothin on you!

  38. Nice, thanks for sharing.

  39. *
    SCS, please, make the ability to switch the camera in the cabin for several positions as it is in the game Rig'n'roll - view of passenger location, view from behind the seats, in the form of a sleeping compartment!

  40. SCS, please make some tandem trucks like MAN TGX, iveco stralis, and lowdecks, like MAn TGX, DAF XF and lot of others.

    Greeting from Czech Republic

  41. would be nice to have for the station and talk to others on the road, weather, police and be as real
    Please we need station to talk.....

  42. SCS, please make as many bridges as you can on the highway, a few suspension, a few cable-stayed, a few arch, and a few truss. Also, can you use a similar physics engine to Extreme Trucker 2? Make it so that there are actually bumps on the road, and the truck shows that, by going up and down.

    Thank You!

  43. [quote]
    Anonymous said:

    The Steering wheel is on the wrong side.UK drivers being left out of ETS 2,just like we were with ETS?
    April 9, 2011 12:49 AM

    No, it is on the correct side, but you Brits drive on the wrong side. But it would be nice to have an opportunity to get a truck with the steering wheel on the right, if the UK will be included in the game. But only if so. There is no need for that if you are going to drive only in the continental Europe. Unless you got an opportunity to buy a Japanese truck from the shop, lmao.


  45. Actually, UK drivers got a royal treatment with UK Truck Simulator! Not only have you got the steering wheel on the proper side, but also a whole game focused just on the country.
    There is no going back, Euro Truck Simulator 2 will include the UK, so we need to give the players a choice of steering wheel position when buying trucks.

  46. GREAT NEWS! thats amazing
    will cars be able to overtake in single roads?

  47. Umm ....

    "Unless you got an opportunity to buy a Japanese truck from the shop, lmao."

    How long has japan been in europe ?

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Beautiful work guys it is great!


  51. ***R E A L T I M E , P*L*E*A*S*E***
    Euro truck simulator:
    sleeping, sleeping, sleeping ... craze
    please in ETS2-REAL TIME, Please, I like Fatigure in the Game but 20 min driving and I must go sleep. I dont want off fatigure. You are as programed I accept, as it dont off fatigure. :)
    I want game with fatigure but not as quickly as in ETS1.
    Sorry :-)

    Second: 0-80 km/h per 3 second is not Truck, please Change please a lot.
    Excuse me my english.

    Third: random crash cars on road (interest for gamer, and with lighting Medical car, and fire car :)

    Differnt surranding, snow, because so it is boredom.

    I know that change year seasons is a lot of working, ok, but real time, random crash and different surranding be would SUPER on reduction boring (boredom-nudy).

  52. Real time = BIG MAP

    I understand but you make only Czech Republic not All Country Europe
    Second editions next year you publish country e.g.: Germany
    Next year Game eg Sweden, etc.

  53. You have no ideea how much I can wait for the ETS2. I love it and I am very happy to way that ill we be a great game. Make it the best.

  54. Tractors good for the game :
    Daf Cf, Daf Xf
    Iveco Stralis
    Mercedes Benz Actros, Mercedes Benz Axor
    Man Tgx
    Renault Magnum, Renault Premium
    Scania R series
    Volvo Fh, Volvo Fm.
    I think that with theese trucks on the game it will be perfect

  55. eu so peso uma coisa so o som do mercedes bens axor tem que ser original pra ser mais real e chuva pra ser bem real ok

  56. Hey SCS....I have a VERY VERY exellent wish ( In my opinion)...Could you try to make a button to raise/lower the boggie on the 6*2 trucks?? It would be much more realistic...and much less wobbly when not driving with the boggie up:)

    Im sure that there are many people that shares my opinion:) Greetings from Norway:)


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